You Suck At Visualizing and Here Is Why

You Suck At Visualizing and Here Is Why

Have you ever stopped to rate your visualization ability? How do you know if you are good at visualizing or not? What do you have to compare it with? You have probability never taken the time to rate your ability to visualize and neither are you aware that not everyone has the same ability.

None of us have the ability to jump inside anyone’s head to see what they see but there has been research done, surveys and questionnaires which help us get an understanding of the qualities of a good visualization.


Here Are 3 Qualities Of Good Visualization Abilities

Being in Touch –
If you are one of those people who either see darkness when you close your eyes to visualize or you try to project images outside of yourself then you are not creating contact.

To be successful at this process you must be in the midst of the visualization as you would when you are physically living it. It cannot be a remote happening, neither can it be some distant half felt day dream.

You must be able to visualize yourself living inside of it as if it is a real moment in time, happening now. You must be able to interact with the people and objects in real time.


The Details – Think of the universe as one big computer which takes your orders but in order to do so, it needs as much detail  to be accurate. Your mind needs details which you may over look.

Let’s imagine you want to manifest yourself on a beautiful beach. You can easily visualize water on your feet but nothing else.  Shortly after that, a friend calls you up and says, lets go to the pool or lets go sit by the pond in the park.

Neither of those two experiences are the beautiful beach you want to experience, but they both have water in which you can dip your feet.  Do you see what has happened?

Much of what we want to manifest does not happen because we are sending incomplete images out to the creative source. It’s an incomplete visualization so the outcome is incomplete as well. Creating detail is like filling in all the necessary parts so that you get what you want and not a mini version of it.


Tuning Up the Volume – If no one ever told you that some people are able to visualize with such realness, that they can feel very content and satisfied by the experience of that mental exploration, that they don’t even care if it manifests in form or not. Yet it always does, because some have a special way of tuning up the volume.

The best way to describe turning up the volume is to explore sexual fantasy. Has there ever been a time where you were fantasizing and you desired that experience so badly?  You wanted it to the point that you felt as if you could control the fantasy to the point of making it feel extremely intense?  Maybe you tried to make the sensation feel as real as possible?

Visualizing should never feel forced. It should never feel like a chore you have to do, in order to reach a goal. It should feel a bit like opening a door into another world, of color, sound and vibrancy that you have full control over.

You can greatly enhance how vivid you are able to see, not just in details but realness, as in color sound, taste, and so forth. A good visualization can make you feel all the benefits of truly having been to the beach.


How Do You Rate Your Ability Now?

Can you say that you are successful in any of these 3 crucial qualities? Can you say that you wake up out of your meditation sessions feeling as if you have just gone on a great vacation? Can you feel all the sensations and benefits of actually having gotten on a plane and landed on some remote beach?

If you did not know that having a developed skill to visualize can produce such a great impact on your mind and body, then it’s because you never went deep enough into your ability to do anything to get such results.


If you really want to improve your ability to visualize and achieve success, like those who are gifted at manifesting have been able to do; then the following program has been designed to teach you a few powerful techniques that will have you visualizing with greater intensity.

Even if you think you can visualize, there are techniques which get the mind to explode your vision with more realness than you ever thought possible.



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