You Don’t Know How to Manifest Find What is Missing

You Don’t Know How to Manifest Find What is Missing

Manifesting can seem quite difficult, especially if there is something that you have wanted for quite some time. 

No matter what is preventing you from producing results, there is one key ingredient that you absolutely must perfect when it comes to manifesting. 

I am about to show you what it is and why its necessary that you finally master it once and for all. 


The Manifesting Blocks You Need to BY Pass

First let me explain something. In as much as you may have read every book on manifesting and understpod it all quite well;  there may still be things holding you back from achieving results.


Part of what is holding you back are ideas, fears, and all sorts of mental doubt.


Now here is the thing, those blockages are important to address. They are important to address, because as long as you have those mental blocks in your mind, you will not allow yourself to visualize yourself having your desires.




A Powerful Way to By Pass Those Blocks

One way to bypass the mental blocks holding you back, is to face them by addressing them and then committing yourself to a visualization program.

You see what you visualize with clarity, feeling and command will absolutely manifest. However what mental blocks do is prevent you from even beginning to start mentally seeing, with clarity in your mind what you want.

When you know how to visualize with clarity and intensity, then you can bypass those “blockages.” You can bypass any fears by enhancing your visualization, to where it is so alive that it comes into fruition despite your fears or mental blockages.

However, the biggest problem most people have with manifesting what they want, is that they cannot visualize very well.  They don’t know how to create a clear, vivid visualization or even, how to breath life into it.


The Clear Vision Super Power

Have you ever notice that some people have an ability to manifest one thing after the next with ease?  Those people have one super power and that super power allows them to by pass any fears, limitations or anything that may seem to be in the way of them getting what they desire. 

That super power, they posses is a crystal, clear vision.  They have an ability to impress upon the universal mind their desires with such intensity that they get what others think is hard to get or even impossible.


You see the universe responds to very clear, vivid commands. What you are experiencing in your present life is clear, vivid and real. You are engaging all of your senses in your present life right now.

You are immersed in your present story.  In order to manifest a new experience, you have to immerse all of your senses with as much richness as you are  giving to your present life experience.


What that means is this.  If you are to succeed with manifesting, you have to visualize with as much intensity, and vibrancy as you are presently experiencing in your day to day life. 


The key to doing so is to trick the mind into seeing and believing what you want with the same vitality as if what you want is already happening. This is where most people get stuck. They get stuck because they have not learned actual techniques to develop their mind to SEE it real.

They have learned ideas and concepts to manifest but not methods to improve the mind’s eye for power and clarity.

This is why I created the Visualize It guided meditation, which leads you into a powerful visualization technique.  I show you what daily activities help to strengthen you inner mind. 

I also share with you very short techniques you can practice just five minutes at a time to gain more mental power.  Imagine being able to make what you want come faster, by simply developing your mind’s eye. 

And, finally I share a powerful method of freezing your desires as you breath spiritual life into them to make them manifesting faster than ever.  This simple technique will greatly enhance your ability to such a degree that your results will be win after win after win. 


As you develop your ability to visualize you will see rapid results but more so, you will gain massive confidence in your ability to finally influence your reality.  Get the things you want that others think is impossible, gain rapid results like never before. The power is in the right use of your mind power.  A weakened mental vision produces low results but a developed mental vision is the key to greater success and power.

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