Why You Should Improve Your Ability to Visualize

Why You Should Improve Your Ability to Visualize

Our ability to visualize is one of the most precious capabilities we have been given as human beings. Not only does visualization give us an opportunity to find a window of hope, it also provides a platform for our creative expression.

Some of the greatest art, science, and medicine presented itself during a good session of creative visualization. Above all of this, it’s also the tool needed to design and reshape our reality in order to manifest new opportunities.

Without our ability to visualize, we would be confined to whatever circumstances we can see and nothing more. Hope stems from our ability to envision new possibilities otherwise we would be trapped.

With so many benefits to visualization you would think that we would all be great at visualizing. But the reality is completely opposite. Most people are not able to visualize quite so well.

When We Can’t Visualize

Have you ever been sleeping in a pitch-dark room, where you wake up to find the only source of light, color, vibrancy is the light coming from the window? The window may not only represented the only source of light but the life, the life going on beyond your dark room where you presently are.

The darkness represents life and all of its unknown aspects. The window represents our ability to see beyond the present darkness into another possibility. When you are unable to visualize, it’s a bit like walking around a dark room without any window, any door, any hope of light or a way out.

Those people who struggle with their ability to visualize often deal with feelings of hopelessness. You see hope is built out of an ability to envision other possibilities. An ability to envision other possibilities require that you have an ability to visualize.

An inability to create new art, or express new ideas are also a fault of one’s inability to mentally SEE. How can you create when you can’t imagine that creation in your mind? Also, when you meet with mental blocks in projects or any new endeavor, your mind has to be able to go beyond the problem and mentally see beyond that block. Otherwise you won’t be able to create a solution.

Every time you have had a breakthrough in any area of your life, it was because you were finally able to mentally perceive that new stage first. Maybe you read a book, or maybe someone give you an idea that impacted your mind in that new direction. Whatever it is, the mind needed to SEE that new possibility even if it’s in the imagination, FIRST. Without that mental breakthrough you would remain stuck in that situation.

As you can see visualization impacts every area of your life and the lack of this ability can cause many handicaps in your life.

The Need For a Clear Vision

Many years ago, before cell phones, everyone relied on landline phones. Sometimes if you got a call from some other country, the voice could come through very weak. You may hear one part of the sentence but miss the rest.

Sometimes it became so frustrating to ask the other person to repeat themselves, that you just tried to make sense of the conversation, based on the parts you could hear and understand. But, mistakes always happened. Sometimes the missed pieces that you think you could fill in, is not quite right. You can’t assume to know what they said.

This is the same way manifesting works when we send out unclear images of the desires or experiences, we wish to have. Our mental communication with the universe is not clear and precise.

The universe depends on a very clear, vivid mental vision of the desire you want. Without that clarity how can it be delivered??? The clearer our visions, the more rewarding the outcome. Not only that, but we get to manifest what we desire a lot faster as well.

Mental Training In Order to Achieve Clear Visions

We have to develop our visualization ability. If the greatest painters were content with having a brush placed in their hand, they would never take the steps required to learn to become great painters.

As we train ourselves to be able to not only visualize but to also hold an image to where we can make that image real in the mind, our ability grows. Some of us have momentary success with visualization. However, because no one has ever shown you that you can improve your ability to hold a picture and also add life to that picture, we settle for vague impressions.

Just because you can walk does not mean you can run. Just because you can run does not make you a great athlete.

However, just like any skill, we can train ourselves to be better. We can train ourselves to create visions that are brighter and more intense. We can create visions which impress the mind in such a way that the mind accepts the vision as truth, as real. Also as we have a greater control with visualization this also increases our power of influence over our reality, other people as well as situations, all in our favor.

Why You Should Improve Your Ability

Improving your visualization ability enhances your success rate many times over than if you don’t know how to visualize. It really is the magical elixir of life. It makes possible what seemed impossible. You will gain greater confidence when you realize how quickly reality responds to your request.

You can overcome the feeling of hopelessness, knowing that no matter what situation you are in, you possess a great skill to visualize with greater than average power. And, like any skill improvements always produce superior outcomes.



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