Why You Haven’t Manifested More Money Despite Learning About the Law of Attraction

Why You Haven’t Manifested More Money Despite Learning About the Law of Attraction

More and more people are becoming aware of the power of thoughts, in our ability to attract the things we want.  One of the very first things most people aspire to attract when they hear about the law of attraction is to use it to manifest more money.  Yet despite gaining the knowledge of attraction, very few people ever succeed with manifest money. 

If you are one of those people, I am going to show you what you may be doing to stop yourself from manifesting more money and what you can do about it right now. 

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Listen to my voice instruct you on how to identify the deeply rooted mental anchors you have about money.  Those anchors make it near impossible to attract money.  Listen as I guide you to not only identify what those blocks are but you will also be guided to open the flow for money to enter your life. 

This is a very invaluable part of the manifesting process too many people miss without realizing that it is part of the main reason they stay stuck, struggling and in a financially distress. They have their food on the breaks, wondering why they are not accelerating forward.


We Understand but Understanding is Not Believing

A lot of people do understand the law of attraction very well.  They understand that positive thoughts, produce positive results.  We understand that if we want to attract something in our lives, we need to bring our attention to it.  We understand that we must speak positive thoughts about that particular thing in order to bring it into our lives. 

However, many of you have tried that, with little to no results.  Why is that?

The secret to successfully using the law of attraction goes deeper than just thinking or speaking in positive ways.  The law of attraction produces successful results when it is aligned with a strong belief system.  

You could say your belief system is the driver behind the law of attraction.  This is mainly the reason why some people are able to produce very quick and easy results, while others have to work much harder in order to get the same results.  


Your present believe system about money is the reason you are having a hard time of using the law of attraction to manifest money easily.

The Battle With What You Want and Your Readymade Belief System

When you decide that you are ready to manifest money or anything for that matter, you may not have taken into consideration what internal script you have in your inner mind towards that particular thing.  Deep inside of your mind, there may be all sorts of thoughts, all sorts of blockages towards that very thing that you are hoping to attract. 

Just wanting something is not enough to attract it in your life.  For example, you may need to manifest more money but these sort of scripts could be playing in your mind at the same time:

  • “What will I do if I get all that money?”
  • “If I attract more money then I am going to have to give everybody some.”
  • “If I have a lot of money, I will most likely attract insincere friends and family members.”
  • “Money is going to take me away from my spiritual path.”
  • “More money will make others around me jealous and soon they will all hate me.”

These are just a handful of mental blocks that could make it hard for you to actually attract more money even if you tried.  Until you fix that deep imbedded belief script, running through your mind, everything else you do will meet with that internal script, producing a wall. 

Sometimes those mental blockages could come from an entire story you have been witness to.  It could be seeing your parents handle money.  It could be things you were told when you were younger, things you saw on television. 

Because of this, you may have created a very strong mental story about money.  Not just a simple thought but a whole storyline about why money is hard for you to attract. 

Each person’s mental blocks towards money is as unique as our finger print.  Its important that you identify your own personal mental block towards money.  For you, it may be a very simple matter while for someone else it could be a very deep heavily engrained story which is competing with what you want now.

Altering Your Beliefs About Money

Until you identify that mental script you have playing out in your mind which is blocking you from manifesting money, you can try all you want and nothing will happen.  Not only must you be able to identify what that blockage is but you must now alter that belief.  Literally change it.  Face it and then change it to match what you want to produce.

By willfully creating a new storyline about money at a deep peaceful meditative state, you will alter the old limiting storyline by replacing it with a new story, a new more powerful money attraction story.  One which will make you a more powerful money magnet.  

Removing your money blocks is an essential part of manifesting money few people seem to realize before wasting countess days, weeks, even years of their life trying to manifest money in vain, without producing any results. 


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