Why You Are Still Struggling to Make Money

Why You Are Still Struggling to Make Money

Have you noticed that money is one of the hardest things to manifest? Maybe you can list a variety of things you have managed to attract in your life; however, when it comes to making money on any substantial level it seems hard.

The reason it is easy to manifest certain things, no matter how big or small is because you have allowed yourself to build a relationship with those things. If you wanted to manifest a pen, that may be quite easy to do because you have placed a pen as a very simple, common item. Also, your life does not depend on the pen so your attitude about manifesting this particular pen would be relaxed, not imbued with fear and anxiety.

Also, a pen is something you have already had, something you are familiar with. Because of this your association with the pen is natural as well as neutral. This is the state that is most vital to manifesting what you want, a calm trustful state.

Why we fail to manifest the things we desire is because we are filled with anxiety about getting them. We feel desperate about getting it and if we fear the possibility of it not happening, we get filled with anxiety. All of these states of worry and concern create a psychic block between you and actually getting that thing. You don’t get what you are anxious about, you get more things to keep you anxious. So even if you put in the effort to manifest more money, what you get back is more reason to feel anxious, more setbacks, more mishaps.

The Problem With Manifesting Money

The real issue we have with manifesting money is that we are unable to build a connect with it. We are often tired up with worry and fear, were money is concerned. The more fear and worry we have surrounding money the harder it is to attract it in our lives. We fall into a money web that is very hard to get out off. The web looks something like this. You realize that you need money to pay your bills and also live the life you really dream of, but the money you are now making does not stretch it.

What happens next, most typically is that you would begin to pine away about your situation. Worry and stress begins to happen and you feel stuck and trapped about the whole things. You realize that your life can only exist at a certain level and you cannot take that expensive vacation that you always dreamed about. You can’t keep your home life as you wish because everything relies on money. Your sense of worth, and life style choices seem to be capped by how much money you are now making.

The whole thing can make anyone feel sick. What happens next is that you may set out to try some new business idea that everyone is talking about but again your fears and worries keep you in a frustrated bubble, doubting the possibility of success. Before you catch yourself, you are trapped in an energetic and emotional spin surrounding money and it all feels like a dark cloud. No matter what you do to try to make things work the result is more struggle.

Existing in a Bubble of Lack and Discontent

When you struggle with money you are creating a web of energy within and around your body. You are creating a field of disharmony in relations to actually receiving money. That field grows stronger as you struggle more. It’s a cycle, you struggle and things stay the same or get worst.

Because things stay the same or get worst you worry more and the more you worry the bigger that field of disharmony intensives. Eventually things get worst with a hard chance for change.

The key is to break that bubble. Break that old field of energy that you have created for so very long. That energy field you are existing in, has been created to repel money. It does not matter how it was created first in your mind. It could have been created from watching your parents handle money. The reason is not so important. What is most important is to now realize the vast amount of energy you have given to stopping the very thing you would like to have in your life, which is more money.

How to Break The Bubble Once and For All

One way to break that bubble which is pushing everything away is to do the exact reverse of what you have been doing in regards to money. The key however is to do it in a very concentrated way for a certain amount of time. Don’t make the mistake of believing that getting information is all you need to shift your experiences. No, that is one of the biggest makes we all too often fall for.

To create a shift, you must put in daily and consistent energy to creating an energy field which attracts rather than repel. Here are a few things you can begin to implement in your life to begin to be more attractive to money.

  1. Do every single thing you can to read up, not only about manifesting money but business ideas and what it takes to create a life of financial abundance. The more knowledge you have, the more confident you will be at breaking that old money repelling spell.
  2. Journal your thoughts, feeling and ideas about attracting money. When you journal, you are forced to have contact with your inner mind. Through journaling about money, you slowly push through that wall you have created against money. As the internal walls goes down, it becomes easier to build a connection.
  3. Write out as many positive affirmations as you can about money. Don’t limit yourself in this regard. Over the years you have built up many more affirmations against money, in the form of your fears, self-talk and negative expectations. All these struggles have helped to create a firm energy field to repel, not to attract. So, you want to write as many affirmations which attract.
  4. Invest in a good guided money manifesting meditation. Have a professional create a few for you. When you change your connection with money internally you will feel a deep shift in your feelings about your ability to attract.
  5. Place yourself in the company of people who are doing well financially. Go to places that give you that good vibe where you can feel abundant. Go to the most expensive shop you can find and browse, feel the texture of the merchandise, feel the energy in the atmosphere. All this will help you in building a connection with money.

Everything that you do in the form of reading, affirmations and such are all meant to build a magnetic connection between you and what you want to attract. You have had years of having your mind, blasted and saturated with reason why you aren’t able to attract. In this case your goal should not be to make an effort to manifest more money, your first goal should be to change your relationship and build a new connection with money first. When that foundation is created everything else will fall into place.

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