Why Vision Boards Don’t Always Work as You Want

Why Vision Boards Don’t Always Work as You Want

Are vision boards a good tool to help you attract the things you want? Sure, they are, they are a tool which can be effective in keeping you mentally focused. We all meet with distractions every day and those distractions can make you lose your focus.

Focus is key to the manifesting process. It’s like going on a long drive to a particular destination and having a clear map of the exact route you need to take and doing everything you can to stay on that path.

All too often we lose our focus along the way when it comes to attracting the things we desire because we get caught up. So, yes vision boards are a silent motivator to keep in lane with our desires.

However, on the flip end of this great tool, many people set up vision boards while still not reaching their goals in a timely fashion. Maybe you want to manifest something now, in the next month or the next 6 months but you can’t see any signs that it is going to happen.

This can cause you to become very frustrated, anxious and desperate. That is because you are working with a particular time frame, one where you need to see results by a particular time.

The vision boards don’t work by themselves. They are a tool but they are NOT MENTAL POWER. Nothing can replace creating and developing your own mental power to drive your vision forward.

Those Who Are Good At Manifesting Have This Power

Those who are very good at attracting what they desire have one thing that is working for them, they have a strong mental power. The have a very powerful magnetic force which influences everything to work in their favor.

Sure, they may use vision boards as a tool, however vision boards work for them better than it does for the ordinary person who does not have a powerful magnetic mental force.

Let’s not forget that the law of attraction is not a passive tool it works with a developed mental power, which very few people have. Too many people don’t understand the power of their mind. They want a passive approach to getting what they want without understanding that the passive approach is still driven by a strong mental power.

Mental power is not something that you need to take years to develop. It just requires doing certain techniques every day for a few minutes in order to create a magnetic connection between you and that thing you want.

So yes, vision boards work but you can wait years and years before you actually see results. There are many who will share stories of having items on their vision board which did not show up for several years. Over time they eventually moved towards their desire. But, how about your desire moving towards you instead, by creating a powerful magnetic pull?


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