Why Staying Charged Up is Key to Reality Control

Why Staying Charged Up is Key to Reality Control

If you think of the human body as a battery it is easy to understand the concept of being charged up with as much energy as you can. You eat food every day to gain energy, you rest and drink water, all to increase the potential of your body and your mind. Without energy you would be tired physically and both mentally. Its safe to say as human beings’ energy is a vital source of our function.

So why then are we not paying any attention to our energy levels? Shouldn’t increasing our energy be just as important as brushing our teeth first thing in the morning? In truth, it is more important than anything else.

Living On a Low Vibe Frequency

Can you recall a time when you were just exhausted but had to wake up to go to work? Can you remember how you felt and how you functioned? It’s quite hard to think clearly when you are low on energy. When you are low on energy not only does your mind not function at its best but your perspective on life is often dismal as well. You think as you feel.

When you are low on energy, everything you see, you will judge from that low energy place where you are. Your interpretation of life will match your state of being. When you are tired and low on energy your emotional state takes a dive, you feel frustrated easily and everything you encounter seems like an assault to your very being.

If you live in that low energy state for an extended period of time, your dismal interpretation of life, will naturally become your expectation. Because of this perpetual low state, what you will create based on your thinking and expecting, will be more experiences which match your low energy state.

You become trapped in situations which are all of a low vibration. You might find yourself trapped in a job you hate, coworkers that are draining you, a boss who does not like you. Then at home everything is going south and you can’t get a good night’s sleep. The cycle of negative, energy sucking experiences seem to mount up and you ask yourself, how can you possibly shift things?

If you think that everything is above you and that you are sinking beneath all the problems, it’s because you are. The real reason your energy is quite low is because you are unconsciously allowing all these various situations to eat away at your energy. Feelings of anguish, fear, doubt, neediness all eat away at your inner being. When you linger too long in those thoughts and feelings, it’s a bit like you eating away at your own precious energy. You are destroying yourself from the inside.

Living on High Vibe Frequency

Can you recall how you felt after a good run? Or maybe the way you felt while sitting on the beach having a tan? In both of those states you may have felt energized and that is because in those states you were increasing your energy.

While laying on the beach you were absorbing the rays of the sun. Sun bathing was used in ancient times as a way of cleaning the aura and energizing the spirit. The sun emits an electrical charge which we absorb, in small doses its empowering and healthy for the system. However long stays in the sun can be very draining on the system and does the very opposite to what you first expect. A few minutes is all it takes, to feel and merge with those electrical charges of natural energy.

Running is another way of increasing your energy. While you may think that running may make you tired, running has the ability to increase and expand your capacity for even increased energy, thought your breathing.

Another powerful thing you may have noticed in those two situations is a feeling of intense joy and good feelings. Because energy is what the body really needs to function at its peak, when you have charged up, there is an overall sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. When you feel really good, your perspective on life, will naturally match that good feeling state.

With increased energy your thinking and awareness increases, as opposed to when you are low on energy and everything seems to be hopeless.

How Reality Responds to Your Personal Vibration

You are influencing your realty every moment, although you may believe that your experiences are impacting you. In truth both things are happening at the same time. Your environment, the people in it, as well as your experiences are having an effect on you.

With that said, there is another truth happening at the same time. That truth becomes more real and more applicable once you bring an awareness to events happening in your life. That truth is that you are influencing reality and reality is actually really responding to you and your personal frequency.

How you are feeling affects the scope of experiences happing in and around you. When you are feeling down and depressed it would seem as if all possibilities were closed off from you. There is no hope in sight. However, when you are feeling charged up and good, the most magical opportunities seem to present themselves to you from out of nowhere.

To help you understand this concept, lets imagine you are driving on a dark lonely road. The only thing you have to guide the way are your head lights. When your head lights are low, you can’t see too far ahead but a few feet to where the light can reach. So, everything beyond that scope of light would seem pitch dark.

However, if you turned up your light, a powerful beam can reach many yards a head. The scope of vision ahead of you seems so much brighter. You can see not just the road path but whatever surrounds that path ahead.

When your own personal light is low what you can see in the form of choices, opportunities, spiritual guidance and support all seems nonexistent. Again, that is because when your own personal light is low, your over all perspective is quite dim. You exist in the dark and simply cannot see.

On the other hand, raising your energy level and remaining charged up, will bring you an overall sense of power, balance and even a high dose of synchronicities. Everything you do will seem to be right place, right timing.

When your light is low, you are at the mercy of your environment and anyone whose energy is stronger than yours. However, when your light is high, your influence on the field around is greater. Low energy people are being impacted while high energy people are doing the impacting. In order to take a winning approach to reality, you must control your energy.


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