Why Some People Manifest Faster Results Than Others

Why Some People Manifest Faster Results Than Others

Some people have what would appear to be a winning formula for getting what they want very quickly. Learning how to get what you want quickly, is a very powerful skill to have. The feeling of waiting and wanting something for an extended period of time can be very frustrating. Not only is it a frustrating state to be in, it also has very damaging effects on manifesting the things that you desire.


The longer you stay in a state of wanting something, the stronger the vibe you create, of not having it. When you think that you don’t have something and you really want it, you are sending out signals to the universe that speak I don’t have. And the state of not having, produces more conditions which keep you trapped in conditions of not having.


This is a state of struggle. You may find yourself wanting something for months and months. You may be thinking about it, but while you are, it is with lots of frustration and disappointment of not already having it. What you are doing in that situation is pushing what you want even further away from you.


A lot of people do not realize that they haven’t got in the things that they wanted because they did not move quickly enough. In order to get fast results you have to be in alignment with the universe. You have to be in alignment with the things that are conducive to helping you achieve your goal as quickly as possible


So let’s take a look at the most powerful qualities one must possess. In order to achieve fast results there are three most effective states of mind a person would need to be in, in order to achieve their goals. As you learn to adapt these new patterns into your life, you will realize that those simple switches, will produce great results for you in getting faster results.


Obsession / Passion

Have you ever noticed that those people who are the most successful at getting the fastest results, are often completely obsessed with achieving that goal? When you are obsessed or passionate about something it tends to envelop you.


You can’t stop thinking about it. Just thinking about it produces tremendous joy and excitement. What happens when you are obsessed and passionate about something in that way, is that you are fully engaging your mind in the process.


Something else you are doing is bathing your desire by with a lot of good, vibrant, creative, juicy energy.


Think of good, happy, vibrant energy, like the Sun or the rain shining down on the soil, feeding the seeds that you have planted in order for them to grow. The more sunlight and the more rain the seeds gets, the faster they grow.


This is both true for planting seeds as it is for manifesting. By bathing your desires with lots of passionate attention as well as visualization, infused with joyful anticipation, you feed it the energy needed to get it to grow easily.


If you want something but you do not have the passion and excitement for it, then you can create the feeling of passion and excitement or obsession by doing the following things. One of the fastest ways to create obsession or passion for something, is to make a list of the many ways that having that thing, will produce greater joy and excitement in your life. Make a long list of the many different opportunities that may become available to you as well.


Take mini breaks throughout the day to process those exciting moments after achieving your goal. Instead of obsessing about the goal itself create an obsession with, what already having that goal with bring into your life.


For example if wanting a particular sum of money is your desire, instead of worrying about the actual money, focus more on what life would be like once you have already manifested the sum of money. How will you live, what will you do? Create feelings of passion and excitement with the good things that will come into your life after having achieved that goal.


Supersonic Focus

when you are passionate about something this passion often breeds intense focus, only because passion keeps you committed to it. However, you don’t want to rely on having focus some days and maybe not on others. Those who achieve things rather quickly, understand the value of time in order to remain focused.

Sometimes it’s ok to give up on your normal activities when you are focusing on achieving and attaining result. It’s ok to change plans. It’s ok to rearrange your schedule in order for you to maintain a more direct and fully charged focus towards your goals. You have to remember this time of focus may not be forever, it is so that you can achieve an end result .


People who tend to be successful at achieving fast results, understand that time taken away from your vision, is time that cannot be regained. You may decide to go to the bar with your friends on a Friday night knowing fully well that you have a goal that you would like to achieve by the following weekend. That time at the bar consist of hours that could have gone towards you finalizing the results of what you want.


Those who are good at achieving fast results, are fully committed to using every moment of the day towards that particular goal. And that is what is going to be required in order for you to achieve rapid success fast.


Mental Engagement

How much time do you spend visualizing your goals? Do you visualize the process that you are taking in order to reach that desired goal? Many of you may map out a plan in order to achieve something but is meditation or some form of visualization on that plan?


Many of you may avoid visualization or any form of meditation because you may have a very difficult time at visualizing. If you make time in your day to learn to visualize in a way that connects you with the thing that you desire you will realize that you experience even greater and faster results.

When you visualize something vividly and with intense clarity you are working with the universe to bring it into reality. You will notice that when you visualize your desires you will encounter lots of spontaneous happenings.

People that you may not have ever met before, may enter into your life to give you the assistance needed to achieve your goal. Things will seem to come into alignment at the right time, in the right place, allowing you to achieve it in what would seem like a very supernatural way.

However with producing mental visions of your desires, is that you must do so with realness, clarity and a full intense connection, as if it were already finalized.


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