Why Manifesting Money Will Always Be Hard For Some People

Why Manifesting Money Will Always Be Hard For Some People

We are all living in a hypnotic trance.  That is every single one of us.  Your brand of hypnotic induction may be one where you are able to manifest everything you want with ease.  For another person their hypnotic induction may be that they are stuck and nothing in life is ever working for them.  For another person life is working for them no matter what happens. 

No matter what hypnotic trance you are living in, the results of your life will be a direct reflection of that hypnotic trance.  You cannot get away from that.  For too many people manifesting money or anything for that matter will be extremely, extraordinary hard because they live in a hypnotic trance of oppression.  They can’t see a way out even if the way was right in front of them.


Are You Hypnotized For More Money Or Hypnotized to Repel Money


Maybe you never took the time to realize that the experiences you are having with money is based on some form of hypnotic induction.  You may tell yourself that you never sat through a hypnotic session but you don’t need to do that in order to be hypnotized in one way or another. 


You are being hypnotized by your very own daily experiences every day.  Any time you are emotionally invested in an experience that has your mind under lock, you are being hypnotized by that experience.  Take a look at how your money situation is presently.  Be honest with yourself about it all.  Now ask yourself what sort of emotions do you have towards money.  What experiences have you had that led you to feel the way you do about money.  How long have you been feeling this way about money?


How Hypnotic Induction Happens

Hypnotism is a process where the mind is deeply linked to a particular thought or idea to where the reaction to that program becomes automatic within the individual.  Hypnotism creates an automatic, subconscious reaction buried so deeply in the mind that one does not have to think of how to be or how to act, the hypnotic program leads to an automatic, physical expression.


That means poverty is hypnotized in us.  Over long periods of time, in seeing something done or spoken off in particular ways, the mind adapts those ideas, very deeply and then produces those outcomes physically.  Also, the longer you stay emotionally connected to a particular idea or conversation the deeper that hypnotic program inbeds itself into the mind to where we become locked in that truth and only that truth.


When a person is hypnotized to seeing poverty, no matter how much you try to show them wealth, abundance and riches, they have a hard time of seeing it or believing that it is even possible for the.  They cannot see beyond their hypnotic programing. 


This is the reason why some people will always have a hard time of manifesting money.  It is because they are locked into a hypnotic program which does not permit them to see, feel or know that manifesting money is easy or within their reach.


Conclusion:  The only way to undo your old hypnotic programming is to heavily saturate your mind into a more empowered way of being and allow that new program to saturate your mind, saturate your conversations, saturate your dreaming.  That new program must be done in that sort of way for at least a 30-60day stretch until it has wiped out your old hypnotic program. 



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