Why Focusing On Money Can Make it Hard to Manifest Money For Some People

Why Focusing On Money Can Make it Hard to Manifest Money For Some People

Many people have noticed that any sort of focus on money, even the attempt of good thoughts, can produce feelings of stress and anxiety.  There are those who also feel that the more they try to bring their mind towards attracting money the more struggle they are faced with. 

Its as if everything that could go wrong pertaining to money, seems to go wrong the moment they begin to bring any conscious, deliberate thoughts towards manifesting money.

After many years of teaching the principles of manifesting and counseling many, there is one common theme to this particular situation.  If this is true for you, then you may be able to relate to this particular situation. 

There are some of you who have had a very long battle where money is concerned.  You may have left college and struggled to find a good job that pays you well.  Right after that particular situation, you may have landed your first job, only to realize that the pay was just not cutting it.  In such a case you were back struggling again. 


You may have struggled to find a different job that paid better, but soon enough your student loans are up and you have to pay those, along with all of the other bills that are now piling up on you.


Then there is the idea that you want to start a family, but that is going to take lots of money, starting with simply dating to find the right partner.  Of course when you do find the right partner, then there is a wedding which will almost rival the cost of your college education and the loans you are still paying for. 


Of course, there is life, and such, unexpected things, that you didn’t plan for.  Do you see the ongoing struggle?  If you follow the simple map that society has laid out for you alone, this could keep you in a never-ending road to struggle.  Then you find yourself trapped in a job that you absolutely hate, but you must go into that job every single day, whether you want to or not because after all, you have to pay the bills. 

You need that money, its already not enough, you cant even consider letting that energy sucking job go because it’s the key to sustaining your whole world.

Perpetual Route to Struggle

Some of us live in a conditioned world of poverty.  There is always the need for more money yet at the same time you are stuck and trapped and unable to change much.  This sort of life, routine embeds the struggle as well as the mental struggle to acquire more money deep, deep, deep into your mind.  The struggle for money is so deeply engrained because the money struggle story has been with you for many years. 

Every story you have gone through further implants the idea into your mind that money is very hard to come by and that acquiring money of any sort is a struggle.  It does not matter if you have a good paying job right now.  That job could be done on your boss’s bad day.  There is no structure or stability so again the money struggle story is just deeply engrained.

This is partly why, thinking of money for many people causes more fear and anxiety than anything.  This fear and anxiety towards money makes it hard for some people to focus on or even meditate on money in any sort of way.  For so very long many of you have had a battle story with money, whether you have a job or not. 

Releasing the Money Struggle Mindset

There are a few ways to release your mind from that struggle with money.  Until you do, manifesting money of any sort will be hard.  The efforts you make regarding manifesting money should be done with a concentrated intent to shift your mind, as well as your energy towards money.  It must be deliberate and it must be done with intensity. 


The present experiences you have had pertaining to money has consumed all of your thoughts, your emotions, your full awareness for a very long period of time.  Do not think that reading one article about money will change years of embedded thoughts, feelings and concepts about money overnight.  You must apply the same sort of daily intensity towards money to rid yourself of those old limited stories of struggle.  Here are a few things you can now begin to do to remove those deep mental blocks towards money.


  • Sign up and download the guided meditation on how to remove your money blocks, its FREE!
  • Read as much content about money, manifesting and the power of your mind. Consume as much as you can.
  • Research people who have gone from poverty to wealth, learn what they did to achieve financial freedom.
  • Create affirmation scripts and place them everywhere, so that you can see them constantly.
  • Get as many books and courses on making money, they will give you the confidence to think of making money in new ways you may not have thought of previously.
  • Listen to podcast on money and manifesting.
  • Create a vision board and instead of focusing on attracting things, focus on creating a vision board that will change your mindset about manifesting, one that will emphasis your creative power.
  • Find a hypnotist and have them help you in changing your mindset about money.


The key to these ideas is to do as many of them all at the same time.  Go for deep saturation, go for total mind shift through deep mind-altering programs, it’s the real may to shift the mind quickly, in a deep and concentrated way.



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