Why Desire Is Stopping You From Manifesting What You Really Want

Why Desire Is Stopping You From Manifesting What You Really Want


This may seem off putting, confusing at best. How and why are your desires stopping you from manifesting what you want? It’s confusing that the very wanting of a thing is stopping you from having it. This is a paradox in itself.

To understand why this is so, one needs to understand what desire and wanting really is, as well as the way this reality interprets the state of wanting.

Every moment you are broadcasting psychic signals out into the atmosphere. Those signals are matching you with other signals of the same frequency. What makes up your frequency isn’t just what you are thinking about, its what you are feeling.

Two different people can look at the very same situation from a very different feeling state, which means that each one of them will produce a completely different frequency based on their feeling state. Which means what they manifest out of a situation will be entirely different.


Which Comes First The Thing or….

Often we have an expectation that we must have something in order to feel it. Or, we must have a particular car, house, clothes in order to feel successful, happy and good. However, manifesting works in the reverse, it’s all completely backwards.


Reality says, feel abundant and I will match you with more abundance. Feel beautiful and everything which supports your beauty will be provided.


This is where the challenge comes in for most people. It’s a challenge first of all because most people are not in touch with their feeling state. Many do not understand what they are feeling. You must begin to identify your true feelings, independent of the feelings of those around you.


The second stage is that you must then learn to control your feelings. Being able to shift your feelings from one state to the next is a key factor in being able to change your experience and manifest what you desire.


The more you dive into identifying and then controlling your feelings, you soon realize that you are not your feelings. Your feelings are simple internal signals to your predominant thought patterns and you do not have to feel the way you are feeling.


The way you are feeling about any situation is a choice. You can choose how to feel about any situation no matter what it is. It’s a huge flaw to believe that there is only one way to feel. Its also a flaw to believe that you must have something in your possession to feel a connection with it.


What Does Desire Have to Do With Manifesting

When you are in a state of wanting and desiring a particular thing, you are not sending out a signal of already having it. Instead you are sending out a signal which communicates the absence of that thing. The more you desire, the less you have and this is where manifesting gets hard.


The more you have the feeling of wanting, the more you experience continued states of wanting that thing. The universe then, links you with more people who are also wanting, as well as more situations to keep you wanting. Basically, it is like the situations of the carrot being dangled in front of the donkey.


You will never get what you want because you are sending out the wrong frequency. The key is to create the frequency of already being in alignment with that thing or experience you desire as if it is already there.


How to Manifest by Moving Beyond Desire

If desire is a flaw in the process of manifesting how then can you eliminate desire? The first thing you can do to rid yourself of this intense feeling of wanting, is to be good with not getting it.


Ask yourself, what would happen if I did not get X?  Then think of the possibility of an alternate outcome, then try to create yet another outcome. The more outcomes you can imagine,  the more choices you open yourself too. In that way you are not trapped in the expectation of just one outcome.


There ae many beautiful ways in which life can unfold. When you can see this for yourself, then that feeling of fear and desperation will release itself from you and you will become ok with the process. The moment you release your grip and neediness for a thing, magic beings to happen and the process unfolds.

Worry not, want not, what you create is already yours.



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