Why and How You Should Expand Your Dreams

Why and How You Should Expand Your Dreams

It can be hard enough to just believe in your dreams, so why should you make things more difficult by trying to further expand those dreams? It is because when your dreams are bigger than ordinary, they motivate you in more exciting ways. Here is how.

For every desire you have, there is always a reason which motivates this desire. The bigger and more impactful the reason for the goal/desire the more excited and motivated you become in taking daily action towards that goal.

Motivation is a huge driving force behind the success of any goal or desire. Without motivation, you will find yourself stalling. Taking action sporadically or not at all. That is because the reason behind your desire has not sparked your excitement to where you just, must make things happen no matter what.

Why You Should Expand Your Dreams

There are a few good reasons why you should expand your dreams. When you expand your dreams, they go beyond just the actual item or experience you would like to have. Expanding your dreams forces you to incorporate a bigger more meaningful picture, which means a more meaningful and life changing outcome.

An expanded dream would force you out of your comfort zone and that is the key to it all. When we want something, which is within our normal range we often lack motivation because what we want just not test our boundaries. When things do not test our boundaries, we get lazy and comfortable about getting it. We want it but it does not make us super excited.

If you want something which does not excite you to the point that you get butterflies in your stomach then you won’t be excited by the action it takes to get it. On the flip end of things, if you want something which excites you, no matter what it takes you will make it happen.

The “Why” which is the reason behind your desire is the key element to an expanded dream. If you think about your “whys” does it stimulate you? Does it take you out of your comfort zone? Does it have the potential to change your life in a more dramatic way? If you answer “no” to any of those questions, then what would it take to have you say “Yes” to all of them?

How to Expand Your Dreams and Desires

In order to expand your dreams and desires you must question your “whys.” Your “whys,” are the reasons for wanting the desires you have. If your reasons are numerous, then your motivation to take the necessary steps will be greater.

Expanded Whys: When a goal fulfills many areas of your life, the overall impact to your life would naturally be greater. Sit with your desire, question it. Ask yourself: in how many different ways will this change my life? Every choice you make in life, has a bigger effect on your life that you may not be aware off.

You may have a desire to attract a new home in a new city closer to work but you just can’t seem to put in the effort to make it happen. If you consider all the reasons why the move will enhance your life, this should excite you into action and those reasons why are an opportunity to create not just a move but a new more dynamic experience.

Have you considered, all the new places to explore that will open your life to new possibilities? Have you considered the new friendships you have been yearning to have which you presently don’t have? There is a whole world of possibilities that are waiting to bring changes and excitement to your life. Can you see more reasons why, which could motivate your dream of moving to that new city?

Sit and analyze the many reasons why making this move will expand your life. Every choice you make will impact several areas of your life. Knowing this, you can choose to make your experiences meaningful enough to bring a deeper more fulfilling experience by bringing your consciousness to a more holistic creation.

Let your reasons for being motivated by an action be reasons which excite you, reasons which produce more fruit. You are in charge of your reasons for taking action and as well you have the ability to create more meaningful reasons.

As you analyze your desires for the various reasons’ ways, they will impact your life and your motivation for them will increase. Taking action will become a breeze and the end results of your whys, will be more fruitful and life changing because you encoded your manifestation with more powerful uplifting outcomes.


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