When Positive Affirmations Backfire Things Get Worse

When Positive Affirmations Backfire Things Get Worse

You were told all the time to repeat positive affirmations to increase your vibration or to overcome an issue you may be struggling with. However more often than not affirmations can create an opposing effect. Suddenly one becomes aware that they are in possession of two minds. The moment you begin to repeat the affirmations your mind will point out all the reasons why what you are affirming is not possible; as well all your thoughts will be motivated by fear.

Your desire to use positive affirmations can prove to be a challenge, often it can lead to a person looking at their life with great despair. It’s like a woman who lives with a family in a house that is growing too small. She repeats to herself everyday ‘ I live in my dream house, I have all the space I need, I’m happy and abundant.” As she repeats those words, a feeling of anxiety will begin to grow inside of her. She will begin to feel lightheaded, frustrated and an overall feeling of a war going on inside of her mind. She may even grow greatly depressed all while repeating the affirmations. Eventually she will give up doing the affirmations altogether, because doing them feels far more painful, far more frustrating and hopeless than not doing them at all.

Later when she returns to her normal state, that pre positive affirmations state, she may have the inclination to start doing the positive affirmations again; only to discover that the old problem resurfaces again. Those are the people who will say that positive affirmations do not work. Those are the people who will lose touch with their ability to create their own reality. This is a most common happening with a greater number of people than one might be aware of. There are people who were relatively happy, before starting a positive affirmation program, and after found themselves diving into very deep lingering feelings of depression and hopelessness.

Imagine that you are in a state of despair and you find something, something which is supposed to be miraculous. That thing is supposed to magically solve your problem if only you give a few moments to it everyday. With time you discover, not only does the thing not work for you but it actually causes further discomfort in your life.

What was bad suddenly seems much worse. And, what little hope you had of some change in your life becomes elusive. That roller coaster ride of emotions builds up high hopes, only to come crashing down lower than before. This can lead many into a deep and long mental state of hopelessness and even depression. If positive affirmations are your last hope for a change in your life and it does not work as planed, can you not see just how devastating it can be? Fortunately there is hope and a way through that by understanding the two aspects of your mind that is causing this battle.

The Finite Vs the Infinite Mind

We are all in possession of two minds. For greater understanding we will refer to these two minds as the finite mind and the infinite mind. The finite mind is a mind of limitation. It is the mind of your present reality. The finite mind is only aware of your present circumstances. It can only relate to what you can see, touch, and hear.

On the other hand your infinite mind is linked to your highest aspirations. It is the mind which gives vision to your dreams.  If it shows you a vision, then it knows very well that it is possible.  However your finite mind does not want to lead you out of the prison that you are presently experiencing. Whatever reality you are experiencing your finite mind goes to work on maintaining it as such. Any time you go to work on bringing about change within your reality your finite mind will see this as a threat to the present reality. Every time you engage in a practice of positive affirmations your finite mind will wage war in trying to prove to you that what you are affirming is not true. This is where the battle is, its the result of a weak mind.

How to Overcome The Battle

Before you can positively benefit from the use of positive affirmations some bit of work needs to happen. The finite mind needs to be convinced before you can even engage in the use of positive affirmations.  After all its the gatekeeper.  Its what is keeping you from accessing the power of your infinite mind.  Whether a person’s goal is to change an aspect of themselves or to use positive affirmations to condition themselves to attract what they desire some form of mental fertilization needs to happen. It’s a bit like plantain. Before putting the seeds in the soil, the soil has to be fertilized with nutrients in order to create a rich environment for the seeds.

Positive affirmations are the seeds and your mind is the soil. So how then do you fertilize the soil of Your Mind in order to receive the seeds of your positive affirmations? Absorb yourself in as much information which is related to what you desire most. Place yourself among people who have already achieved those changes. Place pictures, statements whatever you can which will remind you that, what you are working towards is a reality and is possible for you as well.

Listen to information which supports your vision and do so constantly without long breaks. Keep the mind saturated just for a time. Because the mind absorbs a lot of its information through the ears, allow yourself to listen to information that will constantly keep the mind in a state of its highest power. Also your attention does not have to be on actively listening for the mind to absorb what is being played, even if the volume is low.  As you do this within you a confidence will grow that will prepare you to use the positive affirmations that you have desired to create.


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