What You Curse You Claim – How to Release a Curse

What You Curse You Claim – How to Release a Curse

Every day we are speaking curses or blessings into our lives as well as the lives of others. We don’t realize the power of our thoughts nor the power of the spoken word to both bring life or death to a situation.

We greatly impact and influence the lives of those whom we interact with. Just as we can pray for someone’s healing, we can also curse them with ill wish. If that person is of a weak mind and their energy is off balance, their energy will become contaminated and your negative projection will affect them.

Some of you may say that you would never curse another with bad intent, that your thoughts are pure and that all you are giving is the purest intentions and sweetest talk. But here is where you fail. How frequently do you catch yourself passing judgement on the people you meet or even the people around you?

The more you judge the more you entangle yourself with the very same story you are casting judgement against. Somehow in some very ill-fated way you will seem to magnetize to yourself the same situation you were judging.

Nothing magical happened there, no one needed to do you any ill. You did it to yourself. What you did when you were lost in thought casting judgement on the other person’s way of being or life, was that you locked yourself into that same level of consciousness. You locked yourself into their paradigm and attracted to yourself the same situation you judged.

There is a very big difference between discernment and judgement. When you are aware, you can see things for what they are. You can name it because it is there, it is real. If someone has gained weight, you can admit they are bigger than they were several months ago. This is acceptable, however with judgement it goes a bit deeper.

Someone who is judgmental does not leave what they see on the surface. Instead they go deeper. They question, why the other person is acting as they do. They think that if it were them, they would act differently. They question the choices the other has made and again think they would do different. All this time they are casting negativity into the mix. They are getting emotional about someone eles’s story, someone else’s choices.

All the while as they linger in judgement assessing someone else’s way something is happening that they are not able to see nor understand. The longer you engage someone and their story the more you merge with their energy. Your energy and theirs becomes linked.

As you do this you are locked into your creative center and the very story you are judging becomes magnetized to you. Its all energy and consciousness and you have just used your energy to travel to their level of consciousness and be as they are.

Release The Curse

There are many forms of curses, they are not all created in the same way or same strength. When you interfere with someone’s life experience you impact your life with more negativity. After all wasn’t that negative energy you were projecting, while you were judging their personal experience?

One of the fastest ways to release yourself from any binding, negative energy

is to move into a state of compassion and forgiveness to yourself as well as the other person whom you are judging. Understand that people react at their level of consciousness. Everyone believes they are doing their very best and in truth they are doing their very best, based on their present mindset. Understanding this brings more compassion and less attachment to the choices other people make.

Releasing Attachment and Moving Higher

As you release attachment and judgment to the situation you also release yourself from that energetic bond. Extending compassion, forgiveness and judgement to yourself, also fully releases you from that experience you brought on to yourself. In a way perhaps having that experience was necessary for your growth. Having attracted to yourself what you cursed in another, by experiencing it, you learned what you did not understand.

Every time you practice forgiveness and compassion you expand, you move more easily into the divine universal flow. This expansion occurs every time you let go of any negative or limiting attachment. And, in so doing you release yourself from that “curse.”


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