What is The Secret of All Secrets: How to Use it For Maximum Power

What is The Secret of All Secrets: How to Use it For Maximum Power

What is the secret of all secrets? At present for many, the idea that we are creators of our reality is as secret as its going to get. Yet for a small few, the deepest secret expands on our ability to create. This secret alters your perception and it expands your results.

But of course, it takes not only knowing the secret but applying, then testing the secret out until you have gained enough faith in its operation. So what is this deep meaningful secret?

The secret of secrets isn’t your ability to attract what you desire. It isn’t about positive thinking. It goes way beyond those things however; those things can be used to assist you in creating what you desire. Without knowing this deeper secret, your ability to attract and create what you deeply desire can be a hit or miss.

You may read words by great mystics, sages and spiritual gurus who all say that reality is an illusion. At first this may seem confusing to comprehend. How can what seem so fixed, so concrete be unreal? No matter how many forms of literature you read on this matter the concept may still seem hard to fully comprehend because your mind has not evolved to that level.

This isn’t to say that you cannot apply techniques which will open your awareness to experience momentary levels of this truth. We all have the ability to tap into much higher knowledge if we so choose.

It’s a Blank Slate

This illusion is a blank slate which you imprint with your consciousness. Each person can experience life the way they want, not the way they are made to believe. Just like the dream world, there are no limits to the experiences we can have. The only thing limiting you are deeply rooted mental programing.

Do a search online to research all the miraculous things which people from different cultures around the world are able to do. The question is, why are some people able to do, what others deemed impossible? If its impossible then no one would achieve it! And, if one person is able to achieve it, so can many others.

The answer to that question is that, one group has not been programmed with the idea that such a miracle was impossible. In their world it may actually be considered the norm. Reality will always match your deeply engrained perceptions and expectations.

If you understand this, then you will no longer struggle. The idea that you struggle implies that you are not yet aware that reality is like a blank slate waiting to match what you perceive and expect.

Attraction Vs. Manifesting

Attraction and manifesting are two separate things. When you are in an attraction mode you are to some extent in the mindset of linking some person, thing or situation which already exist. However, with manifesting concept, the mindset is more along the lines of creating what isn’t there.

In a workshop on manifesting, one woman shared a story of creating from the blank slate concept. The idea is to create not out of the concepts of what you are seeing all around you but to create even if it seems impossible. To achieve such an ability, one has to build their mind with great faith.

This woman lived in a town where she knew most of the people. Feeling out of touch with the sort of people who lived there, she decided to create and bring to her a female friend, who shared in her hobbies. This would seem like a stretch! Where could that person suddenly come from?

This was a woman who had done a lot of inner work, so she was not coming from a beginner mindset. One day weeks after initiating that creation she went to her local food market and within moments of arriving, another woman struck up a conversation with her. The connection between the two was easily felt as if they were longtime friends.

It turned out that the new woman had suddenly been given an offer to live in the house she presently occupied. It was all perfectly timed for her and she could not say no. The question one may ask is: Did the first woman create that situation from out of thin air? Had she not created it; would it have happened? For many years there was no one new in that town. Within weeks someone matches the exact vision she created.

Most people who think of attracting what they want, think of an exact thing that they would like to get. They pray and they hope that the thing they want will be given to them or they will get the money for it. Its still a game of uncertainty.

However, with someone who is a successful at manifesting, they don’t worry about what is out there. They understand that reality is formless and through formlessness they can bring into reality what others deem impossible.

We Are The Same and Yet We Are Not

Each of us experiences reality in a totally different way. What is possible for one person is not necessarily possible for the next. A lot of us have been conditioned and brainwashed to see limitation. Our minds have been programmed to think of things a particular way. When we are introduced to new ideas our mind instantly rejects it as impossible, because the mind has already been deeply brainwashed in a particular way.

Its because of this heavy brainwashing that we cannot enter that blank slate dream realm to create what is deepest in our heart. Instead we let fear hold us back. We tell ourselves certain things aren’t possible. The conditioning is so strong that it could take years for a person to shift that mindset.

Two different people with a totally different mindset can take on the identical situation and yet the results will be entirely different due to the fact that their perceptions, as well as their expectations are all very different.

Don’t look outside of yourself for what has already been done. Create what you want even if it has not been done and hold firm faith in it. Miracles belong to those who can hold steady faith in their creation. Faith is built on steady practice, training and daily meditation. Impossibility is a mental program. IT is like a virus corrupting the natural capabilities of our mind.

Fear and doubt are both like a mental worm eating out the good coding in the mind. Its like a virus in the computer. Just like hackers will create viruses to achieve some dubious outcome, so is our mind being programmed in ways that is not in our truth.

Entering The Blank Slate Meditation

Before you can experience the power, which dwells within that creative sphere of the blank slate, you must allow your ridged mind to experience it. This is a very powerful mediation. What you will experience is a release of your limitations. Some of you will experience a shift immediately after the first time. Others of you who have a more ridged mind will need to do it daily at first in order to feel a shift.

What should you expect in a shift? One of the first things you will feel is expanded. You will feel your inner boundaries fall away; you will also feel less fearful. And, for a small group of you, will tap into a power so deep that it won’t be easy to explain to others and that’s ok. What a few of you will come to realize is that none of this is real and that all along it was your own mind creating conditions and that truly the secret of all secrets is that there are no conditions except in the mind.

For this, like all meditations, you will need some quiet time, some headphones and some calming meditation music. If you have some brain entrainment music, this is best as it will take you into a deeply centered state of being, easily.


As you enter into a deep calm state, allow yourself to drift away. Your mind may wonder off on a variety of subjects, allow the thoughts to come, but also be mindful to allow them to float way. Calm the mind and body my affirming to yourself, that your body and mind are becoming calmer and more deeply centered.

When you have brought your mind into a calm centered state it is time to begin the visualization part of the meditation. Imagine yourself floating higher and higher like a balloon. See yourself floating up into the sky. See yourself floating up into the heavens. Look down at your feet and see that you are way above the planet. You are now among the stars and the clouds. The higher up you go the less form you see. At this level you are now in a place where there are only the shapes of the clouds and the stars, no other form or item is in sight.

Continue to rise higher and higher until you feel a great distance from the normal life. As you move higher you move into a total unified field of nothingness. No shapes, exist, no forms, just total emptiness. As you move higher you also shed your body and you are now in a state of formlessness as well. You are pure consciousness in a space of no form. Just stay there for a bit, explore what this feels like to you.

What does it feel like to be just pure consciousness in a formless world? How does it feel to be in a place where there are no rules? If you are formless that would mean you are like a gas expanding in all corners. How does that feel to be everywhere? How does it feel to be anywhere and everywhere you put your consciousness? Does it excite you or does it frighten you?

Answer these questions to yourself. Be very attentive to how you are feeling in this weightless and formless world. The key is to remain in that state for as long as you can, just feeling and experiencing it. Every time you do this technique new feelings, new sensations and new awareness will happen.

In order to create out of the ordinary you have to free your mind from the shackles of limitation and fear which have been deeply programmed into our DNA. You could spend years developing yourself when one day suddenly you stumble unto a powerful creative flow and you realize that reality truly is an illusion and everything is a reflection of self.

You can return to your old way of thinking or you can purposefully place yourself in the higher state and allow the pureness of that vibration to alter your consciousness and deprogram your mind and body back to a “factory reset” state. That being, back to love, back to truth, back to oneness.

Miracles can be achieved by those who would first enter a miracle mindset. You create, not just attract. Reality will bring into form your deepest and heartfelt desires, if you will allow it.


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