Using Visualization To Manifest – The Truth No One Is Telling You

Using Visualization To Manifest – The Truth No One Is Telling You

Our ability to use our visualization skills to manifest whatever we want is without a doubt the most powerful skill we can own. Yet over the years I have come to realize a very important truth about visualization when it comes to manifesting that will benefit you.

Over the years I have taught courses on manifesting, mentored many and it took me many years before I realized this truth, I am about to share with you.

Time and time again, I saw some people manifesting one thing after another. While on the other hand, others seemed to put in the time to do the work but their efforts were never quite as successful.

There are also those who just aren’t successful at all. One day after receiving several questions on how to visualize, I began to note that visualization was quite a factor and a hard issue for many people.

It occurred to me to run a survey to my members, in order to dive deeper into what their experiences with visualization was like. What I discovered shocked me!

People who speak about the wonderful success they are having with manifesting can make it hard for those who aren’t getting that sort of success. Those who aren’t getting that sort of instant success, eventually get frustrated, then stop trying at all.

The problem that no one is telling you, is that not everyone can visualize. Not everyone can have a controlled visualization and also some people have been using visualization in the wrong way.

Visualization is a key element to manifesting yet its not guaranteed that you can manifest successfully. We can all run. We all know how to put one foot in front off the other, but that does not mean you have the ability to hike up the steepest mountain top for 7 hours straight.

Some people have a natural ability to visualize with raw power but those are a smaller percentage to those who have a very limited ability to visualize. Also, some people have learned to develop their visualization abilities by doing certain things, from writing, daydreaming, fantasy exploration.

Some of the things you may have done as a form of creativity or self-expression most definitely helped to awaken your ability to visualize. However, as life pulls your attention and focus away, you may have shut down those ways within yourself.

Imagine Developing a Super Power

We are all born with the ability to visualize but it must still be nurtured otherwise we will lose our ability to use it effectively. Some of use like to believe, that you are either born with a gift or you are not. That sort of thinking holds us back from taking the bull by the horn and doing the work to become great.

Imagine giving a child an axe. You tell them all the benefits of that axe; how to use it to cut down a tree, cut the wood and set it for the fire in the winter. But, you never show him how to hold that axe or the technique of how to cut that tree so it falls where you want it to go and not on top of him, its like giving him a tool he will never use.

Visualization is a tool which gives you power over every area of your life, however it takes skill to be able to use it to keep winning at life. It must be worked on. You must train your spiritual eye, you must get involved in the process of getting your visualizations so bright, and so full of sensation that your inner mind says yes.

Just as an athlete trains his muscles every day, you can also train your ability to visualize with greater intensity. The more control you have over your ability to visualize, the greater success you have at manifesting what you desire. The better you are at visualizing the more unlimited your range of power to create and the faster what you want enters your life.

I have created a very dynamic program which gives you an understanding of how to trigger an awakening of your spiritual eye. You also learn how and why its so important to add intensity to your visualizations and also how to get the mind into the super creative superhighway. Its all audio, you can get immediate access and start listening now. Click the link below.


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