Using Spiritual Energy Wisely

Using Spiritual Energy Wisely

The man or woman who excels to outstanding degrees have done so through the spirit. Every great creation, piece of art, music, painting or great discovery has been done in the spirit.

It also takes spiritual energy to bring forth those creations from the spiritual world. A thing can only be created in physical reality by giving our spiritual energy to it, which means that in order for the creation to come into fruition we need to have access to sufficient spiritual energy.

In order to be powerful as well as effective in our creative process we must be able to preserve the spiritual energy we have. We preserve it by eliminating any energy leaks we may have in our life. Those energy leaks can come in many different forms. Often the people you engage with, the place where you work are just some of the greater sources of energy leaks. Doing everything you can to tune out of those situations which drain you, in order to preserve your energy is crucial.

The Patterns of Success

There are patterns one must follow in order to achieve any nominal success. One pattern which successful people often implement in their lives is regulating their energy to the matters that are directly focused with their goals.

Unsuccessful people are often scattered, wasting their personal energy on a variety of matters which do not enhance them. Sometimes you may be fearful of disappointing others so you eliminate your needs to help someone else get to where they want to go. In the mean time your energy is going to matters which do not support your own path. This is just one common way we often give our energy away, but there are numerous other ways we drain our personal and spiritual energy.

The secret which fuels the intense focus, which successful people embody, is that they make their goals bigger than themselves and bigger than their everyday problems. They don’t sacrifice their spiritual energy for anything other than the goal they are focused on.

Becoming Leak Proof

You can complain and place blame on all these conditions but ultimately the responsibility is all yours. Every person or experience which seems to drain your energy has only come to show you where you are weak. Sometimes you may have a weakness in your mind which says that you need to allow others whatever they want otherwise no one will like you.

This and any other idea you may have in your mind which allows for those sorts of energy leaks are all stories you make up in your mind. The way you think is causing you to attract situations which reveal your weakness.

Until you learn to fix those issues in your mind where you allow the energy leaks, they will continue to keep happening. You must learn techniques which keep you in a protective state all the time.

Here are a few techniques you may want to start applying to your life:

  1. Often at various points throughout your day ask yourself this question: How am I feeling in the moment? As you do, examine your feeling state. Pull all of your thoughts to your center. Follow your breathing so that your mind is on nothing else. Pay attention to if you are feeling charged or drained. The more you test yourself throughout the day, the better you become at checking your energy levels.
  2. While in conversation with others, also check your feelings. Are you feeling energized or are you feeling mentally confused and drained? The more you pay attention to your energy level when you interact with others the better you will be at gaging who is enhancing your energy and who is draining your energy.
  3. Do an assessment of your day, your week and your month. Where did your energy go? How much time have you invested in going the things which filled you up as opposed to the things which drained you? You may want to write out your thought and feeling in regards to this matter. Seeing your thoughts on paper will help you sort out the things that you dismiss.

Over all remind yourself that you are a battery. You are either doing all you can to stay charged or doing nothing which will ultimately deplete your energy. As your energy becomes depleted, you will find yourself in a constant negative cycle, which seems unceasing.


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