Using Psychic Dreams to Achieve Your Desires

Using Psychic Dreams to Achieve Your Desires

The idea of using psychic dreams to achieve your desires is one of the most powerful hidden secrets there is. Your dreams are a gold mine for accessing all kinds of information. For centuries indigenous tribes have used dreams as a way of journeying into the unseen world, to acquire information on the healing properties of various herbs.

Dreams have been used to forewarn of things to come. Even in the Bible there are stories of dreams being used to predict the future, such as the case of David who was sold into slavery by his brothers who were disturbed with envy by a dream David shared of one day being in a leader position. Something which later happened when he became the pharaoh of Egypt. And yet again, David would foretell of another dream which predicted a future of seven years of farming. Trusting in the vision of this dream, David was able to prepare and save Egypt for the coming drought.

Dreams are the gateway into the unconsciousness mind. Yet to others who are more spiritually based, dreams are an entry into the unseen world. A world where one can meet with all sorts of teachers who can advise and teach them things, they would not ordinarily have knowledge about.

Unfortunately, while there are many pockets of cultures who rely on their dreams to help them in life, there are still so many people, at large who have not even begun to take their dreams seriously.

Using psychic dreams to achieve your desires, take a bit of time. That time only requires that you acquaint yourself with the knowledge of dreams. This knowledge and understanding will increase your trust. With increased trust you will expand your reach within your dream work.

If you lean more to science and believe that dreams are the working of the unconscious mind, then in the unconscious state of mind you are accessing the unconscious of everyone else. What that means is that you are able to access information on anyone by tapping into their unconscious mind using dreams as a portal.

If you are spiritually based, then dreams are a gateway into the unseen world, where all sorts of people exist in spirit form. And, its where we go at night when we fall of to sleep. No matter what you believe dreams do allow us to tap into a vast amount of information.

That information is not limited to just people but to experiences as well. Using the dream as a portal into the possible future, you can find out how something is going to work out or not. You can easily get guidance on situations that may be troubling you as well.

Understanding the Language of Dreams

Using psychic dreams to achieve your desires take understanding the language of dreams. Your dreams may appear fragmented. You may recall just snippets of a dream and wonder what it really means. Often times it may be hard to even remember all the parts to the dream. Because it does not all come together in the way you can easily understand, you may easily dismiss it as rubbish, but that is a mistake.

If you think of dreams as an abstract painting, you can make sense by interpreting the parts rather than the whole. Use what you can recall and by doing so, a whole other area of information will make sense to you.

When you are in the psychic dream realm, you are functioning from a very different state of being. You are at a much different state of vibration. When you leave that state and begin to wake up in your physical body, the information you acquired in the dream state has to be translated from the dream realm to the physical realm.

What we are trying to do is make sense of the dream from a different perspective and that can seem challenging, if you do not know how to understand your dreams.

Using Psychic Dreams to Achieve Your Desires in One Night

Your dreams are so powerful that when programmed right, you can experience a movie like dream experience, which will bring all the parts and details that you are looking for. While it may take you days, weeks or months to make a decision on a matter, in one night you can get a great deal of information from just one dream. Basically, it’s like seeing a possible outcome to your desires, before it happens.

For example, you may be torn between making two decision, both may seem like good choices but for some reason one of them has you feeling uncertain. Using psychic dreams as a sort of crystal ball, you can get to live out the story of your choice before you actually take the action. The dream can show you, just what could happen.

Using Psychic Dreams to Achieve Your Desires Gives You a Supernatural Advantage

Twenty years ago how many people understood the power of their thoughts to attract what they desire? Whatever the numbers are, they were considerably lower than they are now.

Twenty years ago, if you told some people that their thoughts could attract what they desired they would say, you are crazy. Now the understanding is growing rapidly and just about everyone has come into the awareness that their thinking has more power than they realized.

It is the same with dreams. Dreams are a treasure trove for accessing some of the most precious information you can desire. However just as you have taken time to learn about the law of attraction and the power of your thoughts, one has to take time to honor their dreams. Listen to the messages, write them down and make the effort to understand them as they are messages from your inner self, messages led to guide you.

You can choose to go through life, blind, unaware and living purely by chance or you can choose to access something that is a natural part of who you are and use it to get what you want more easily.

Using Psychic Dreams Step By Step

  1. Get a journal and dedicate it to your dreams. Let it be a journal that will allow you to write, sketch and even make a collage. It should be sizeable enough to allow you to express your creativity.
  2. Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day exploring anything you can on the science of dreams. What this will do is slowly remove any internal blockages you may have which has pushed dreams away. Doing so will connect you to the idea of dreams and this will also awaken your unconscious dream body.
  3. Explore aromatherapy. Getting your body into a calm receptive state before sleep will encourage not only a more restful sleep but it will produce greater dream recall. Aromatherapy helps to calm the senses and introduce a feeling of calm and centeredness.
  4. Prayer and meditation before bed will bring the mind to the issues you are facing. Because the mind always seeks a solution to every situation, whatever is last on awakened mind, the mind will take into the unconscious and provide a solution.
  5. Write your desires at the top of a page within your journal then lay it at the head of your bed. As soon as you wake, write out anything you can remember from your dreams. It does not matter if it seems simple or trivial, write it down. What you may think of as trivial when you are half asleep may be the most important clue to everything. Everything is important.

For some people the full picture only comes after several days of analyzing several dreams. However, there are times when the entire story is played out in one dream and all the guidance you could need will present itself. These sorts of dreams happen the more you practice and the more you acclimate yourself with your inner dream self and the rules of the dream realm. Using psychic dream is quite honestly the next big secret but for now, you are at the head. Not many people are diving into psychic dreams as they should. However, if you do, it will amaze you.



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