This POWERFUL Prayer For Money Will Attract Money Constantly

This POWERFUL Prayer For Money Will Attract Money Constantly


Prayer is a powerful technology. If your desire is to use prayer to attract money, you are about to learn a very effective prayer.  This prayer which will shift reality in your favor and have you attracting money constantly.  This prayer is very effective, especially when you understand the science of this prayer.


We often think of prayer as a form of pleading and begging for our desires.  Unfortunately, this is where prayer can go very wrong.


You may have experienced praying for desires which seem to have come through.  While on other occasions, you may have prayed for other things. You may have prayed for money, with no results what so ever.


In those latter times, you may have even wondered if prayer is effective and does it even work at all.  The truth is prayer is extremely effective, when you understand the science of why and how it works.  


When you understand the science of what makes prayer work so well; you will  gain greater confidence in praying. In addition you will also see great results in your ability to pray for money.


Why Your Prayers For Money Don’t Seem to Work

If you want to have a prayer breakthrough in order to get more money, you must understand the following.


Faith is a tremendous component in getting prayers to work at all. It is easy to pray for some things and get them easily because your faith in having those things is already there. However, when it comes to praying for money, there is a huge lack of faith in most people.


When there is a lack of faith you become anxious, fearful and full of confusion. Even if the right opportunity presents itself, your mental and emotional confusion will get in the way. This fear and confusion is a spiritual block to actually getting the results you want.


The answer is there, the help is there, the solution is there, the money is there but it cannot reach you because you are living in doubt.
Faith is taught in every religion when it comes to prayers. Everything you learn, has been an antidote in helping you build faith.


When Jesus spoke of miracles and the ability to multiply the fish and the loaves, he was teaching us lessons of abundance and miracles.


Faith is the complete trust in a person, thing, process or even one self. Now that you know what faith is, what is not often spoken of, is how to build faith.
Faith is built through various processes.


Praying for money one time, is not going to get you money. Building faith that the money you have prayed for is coming, is the key to getting your prayer for money to work.


One way of praying you should never do is begging, pleading, bartering, wishing and hoping. Your prayer should be warrior chants of victory.


What ever prayer for money you say, it should be re-enforcing your success, your faith and your spiritual strength. Also, the prayers must be done with fervor. There must be intensity and passion when you say this prayer.

Before diving into this Prayer, be sure to incorporate the following process.


The Process

Start by having a clear picture in your mind of what ‘constantly’ means to you. When you decide that you want to attract money constantly, do you want it to come from the same source, such as a business or a service again and again?


Do you want to have random moments where money comes to you in very unusual ways, over and over again?


Whatever idea you choose, make sure it is one that is believable to you and does not cause conflict in your mind. It should be in a way that you can create the faith that its possible.


Do you believe in miracles and can you trust in money coming from the most unusual sources? Then by all means, if you believe in miracles, hold on to that idea of a miracle and then command that miracle in prayer.


If miracles are not your thing, then choose what feels practical and believable to you.


Clear Vision

Hold a very clear vision in your mind as you say your prayer for money. You may see your wallet filled with money. On the other hand, you may be abstract about the vision but see and feel money floating towards you.


Make sure the vision you hold of yourself with money supports the prayer you are saying and the vision you want to have in regards to attracting money constantly.


Prayer For Money & a Financial Breakthrough


I give thanks and prayers to the divine laws of nature that support me, nurture me,
blesses me and wants me to experience a life of wellness and abundance.

I give thanks for all ways that this divine essence has already expressed itself in
every single aspect of my life.

I give thanks for the abundance that is already flowing around me.

I am thankful for the abundance that is already here and I allow this abundance to multiply.
Growing strong, bigger, wider from the abundance that is already present in my life.

Money now flows more abundantly into my life.
I become a magnetic for all that I want.

My wallet is filled with money

Money enriches my life.

Money finds a way into my life, solving all my money issues with ease.

Knowing that the universe wants for me what I want for myself, I magnetize more money
with ease.

Knowing that the universe wants to live abundantly and joyfully through me, I know that
what I want is already given.

Because abundance is growth and life, the universe blesses in miraculous, magical and
exciting way. I give thanks!

===end of prayer===



How to Add Power to Your Prayer For Money

As you repeat this pray, allow your mind to connect you to the rhythm of the prayer, as well as the vision of money entering your life in abundance. More importantly, allow the words to build confidence, faith and openness to money coming towards in easily.


Would you like to know an ever more powerful secret to using this pray? Write it down and repeat it over and over in succession for 20 minutes straight. Allow it to infuse you with faith, courage and the knowing that what you focus on expands. You may also enjoy reading a step by step process of applying morning affirmations to attract more money.


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How to Make Your Prayer For Money Work With More Power

The words of this prayer is designed to shift your mind into a place of fear and scarcity, to a place of confidence and faith.


By opening your mind to the miracles of life; you allow yourself to let go of the worry that it may not come.  You also let go of the worry of how it will come.


Faith is the believe and the hope in what is not now present. Knowing that miracles govern this reality, adds excitement to where and how things will unfold.


Miracles are the basis of many religious and many faiths. As you build your faith, you release your fear that things wont work. You know that they will work.  They must work when you give full, dynamic attention to the results you are seeking.  Your prayer for money should be passionate and full of expectation.




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