This Prayer Will Have You Attracting Money Constantly

Prayer is a powerful technology. If your desire is to use prayer to attract money, you are about to learn a very effective prayer which will shift reality in your favor and have you attracting money constantly.

We often think of prayer as a form of pleading and begging for our desires and that is where the science of prayer can go very wrong.

You may have experience praying for desires which seem to have come through while on other occasions you may have prayed with no results what so ever. In those latter times you may have even wondered if prayer is effective and does it even work at all.

The truth is prayer is extremely effective when you understand the science of why and how it works. Also backed with faith, prayer can move mountains. Prayer done daily can have you attracting money on a constant basis.


The How & The Why

Prayer does not work when you come from a place of begging nor from a lack of faith. In order for prayer to work there must be tremendous confidence within you.

There must be no place for doubt, not even the tiniest of doubt must be within you. When you pray do so as a command because the reality that you live in is taking command from you, as well, it is moving for you.

Where there is doubt in the mind, it means you are uncertain. Uncertainly causes disharmony. It means you are unsure of what you want and the forces of nature cannot give to you what you are unsure of. If you are unsure how can it be precise? How can it give to you something that you are not completely clear that you want to have?

If you are uncertain how can it be certain? In order to command the laws of creation to work for in your favor to attract more money there should be absolute certainty in your mind that you want to attract money on a continual basis.


The Process

Start by having a clear picture in your mind of what ‘constantly’ means to you. When you decide that you want to attract money constantly, do you want it to come from the same source such as a business or a service again and again? Do you want to have random moments and experiences where money comes to you in very unusual ways over and over again?

Whatever idea you choose, make sure it is one that is believable to you and does not cause conflict in your mind. Do you believe in miracles and can you trust in money coming from the most unusual sources? Then by all means if you believe in miracles hold on to that idea of a miracle and command that miracle in prayer.


Clear Vision

Hold a very clear vision in your mind as you say those prayers for money. You may see your wallet filled with money. On the other hand, you may be abstract about the vision but see and feel money floating towards you. Make sure the vision you hold of yourself with money supports the prayer you are saying and the vision you want to have in regards to attracting money constantly.

Prayer For Money Attraction

I command the divine laws of nature that are working for me, to clear and dissolve any and all blockages in my path, creating instead a clear path of abundance towards me.
I pray that my life be blessed with a constant flow of money from numerous sources.
I pray that money is magnetized towards me.
I pray that money flows day to day in numerous ways into my life.
I pray that my wallet is filled with money.
I pray that my bank account is filled with money.
I pray that money enriches all areas of my life.
I pray that my mind is overflowing with money making ideas.
I pray that money is drawn to me as metal is to a magnet.
I pray that day to day money accumulates into my life growing and expanding in every way.
I give thanks for all the ways money enters and enriches my life.
I give thanks for the well spring of abundance and the continual flow of money day to day.

As you repeat this pray allow your mind to connect you to the rhythm of the prayer as well as the vision of money entering your life in abundance.

Want to know any ever more powerful secret to using this pray. Write it down and repeat it over and over in succession for 20 minutes straight.

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