These Morning Affirmation Techniques Will Change Your Life Fast

Incorporating morning affirmations into your day is a very powerful life altering practice. It also does not need to take more than a few minutes first thing in the morning, before you even leave your bed. When you awaken in the morning your energy is often times at the highest it will ever be for the day. Before your mind can be reset by the activities of the day, doing morning affirmations will set the course of your day in a very dynamic way.

Step #1 – Mapping The Day

One of the very best practices to maximize your day is to write out your goals for the following day at night before sleep. This “to do” list can help you in mapping out your day as well as setting a powerful intention of dynamic energy thought out your day.

Start your affirmations right in bed if you are inclined to being distracted once you have gotten up.  Referencing your nightly “to do” list run your mind through your day, place your mind on every single thing you are going to do. As you do, repeat at least 5 variations of your positive affirmation to support your outcome for each and every single event. Immerse yourself in that future moment, and repeat each affirmations at least 7-10 times, more if you have the time. Setting your intentions for a positive outcome in each portion of your day projects powerful positive energy into that future moment.

What you will find also from doing this practice is less stress. Often stress and anxiety stems from being overwhelmed and feeling uncertain about how everything will turn out. In this case this practice helps you to bring order, and calm to each activity throughout your day.

Step #2 – Setting Your Personal Tone

Each and every one of us has our own personal sound wave, our own frequency. Your personal tone is comprised of your main thought and feeling atmosphere. This feeling state or frequency changes though out the day based on your interactions with people or based on what you are reading, watching or speaking about. When this frequency changes you can remain in this “other” state for quite some time without you realizing that you were influenced by your interactions. However when you set your personal tone from the start of the day by doing your morning affirmations, It is easier to bring yourself back to that point, if and when you encounter a shift in your mental and emotional state. It becomes your “go to” point whenever you shift to far away from your personal set point.

Start by asking yourself, how do you want to feel? That feeling state is always based on what it is you want to achieve at that period in time. Are you working on building a feeling of greater confidence in work or business or school or personal relations? Are you trying to build a state of being more abundant? Perhaps you simply want to build a state of more joy and more excitement for life. What ever that feeling state is, you must create it within you then own it by holding that feeling within you for a period of several minutes or as long as you can in one sitting. The longer you are able to hold that feeling state the stronger that state assimilates with your total being. You become it and after all you can only create or attract what you have become.

Identify the feeling, name it, then conjure up the feeling within you as best as you can. Then affirm it. This will be your second set of morning affirmations. After affirming the positive outcome of the activities in your day, you follow up your morning affirmations with an intense program of power statements affirming a powerful state of being. Always place the emphasis on the feeling… I feel confident as I hire new clients today. I can feel the confidence growing inside of me with each passing minute…

Create as many affirmations which support that feeling state that you are now building and declare them as a feeling you now possess. I feel, is not past, its not future, its present.

Step #3 – Climax of the Day

In this third stage enter the future moment at the end of your day. It is a day which has been successful, and very fulfilling, You are now at the peak of your day. The most treasured part. The part where you get to feel a sense of reward for having a very magical day, a day of great success. What does that moment feel like to you? What needed to happen to place you at the top of the mountain fully satisfied because everything has been so rewarding to you? What does that moment feel like, can you identify what it encompasses? What are all the perfect parts which make the end, the delicious part? Of course this is all in your imagination, as you create a successful end to your day.

If you are working on building confidence, perhaps on this day you were able to handle everything that came to you with a greater and renewed confidence as you never have felt before. If your desire is to achieve financial growth perhaps new opportunities helping you to attract money came to you on this day.

Keep it in order and simple.  Create powerful positive affirmations to ground and create that future possible moment. Close your eyes and enter that future moment of the day. Visualize yourself at a peak, the top of a small mountain. Be creative and envision it in the way you most desire. Then repeat your most impact full affirmations supporting that amazingly, successful day. Affirmations: Today I had the most amazing day. I handled every challenge with greater confidence than I ever have. My confidence grew very strong today. of course you want to be more detailed in the way that is personal to you. Speak of it as a moment that has already happened. That is a very important key to this third step.

These morning affirmations do not have to take a long time. Decide on how much time you can give to this practice. If all you have is ten minutes you will still benefit far greater than not doing it at all. What this method of morning affirmations is designed to do, is have you extend your energy into every part of your day. You are energetically casting light into every moment of your planned day to be successful. You are creating the frequency needed to conquer your day and actions with more focus and finally you are enclosing your day with a powerful intention of a successful ending. Once you incorporate these morning affirmations into your day not only will you see  drastic changes in the outcome of your days but there will be a shift in your life as well.


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