These Manifesting Techniques Don’t Work

These Manifesting Techniques Don’t Work


As more and more people awaken to the awareness that they manifest their reality, we are met with more and more ideas on how to get it to actually work. What this creates is yet another struggle mindset, which is the opposite of what manifesting is about it.


The foundation of manifesting, is that it takes you away from the struggle mindset and places the power in your hand.  There are a host of different techniques and I will tell you later, why these techniques don’t work and you should not waste your time on many of them.


Manifesting Techniques That Don’t Work

There is the idea of placing your desires in a bottle. There is also the method of writing things down and placing the list under a pillow.  Another method is writing it out, as many times as you can. There is also the method, writing it down and placing a candle over the written desire. The list goes on for the many methods of manifesting.


Many of these methods are not completely bad or worthless. The truth is, they serve to be a reminder to keep your focus on what you want but on their own they do nothing to manifesting itself. This can actually do more harm than good, here is why.


When you rely on a particular tool or a particular charm you are externalizing your power. You place your power in an object with the hopes that the object will give you what you want.


When you do that, you take away your own natural power and once again, begin to feel at the mercy of something to give you what you want and need.



The Real and Only Technique

The only thing you need to master manifesting is your ability to visualize. It’s the only tool you need. It is the only way to communicate to the universe what you truly want. In order to communicate your desires, your visuals must be as real as possible. You must be able to transmute a picture that has all of the essence of what you desire.


The problem is that, at large, most people have a dull tool. Instead of externalizing your power, increase your power of mental vision. You may need help or guidance on how to actually enhance your ability to see, feel and also breath life inside of your visualizations.


If you do, I highly encourage you to Listen to the visualize It Audio. Not only do I explain, some powerful mental techniques on how to have brighter, more vivid visualizations, I also guide you into my secret technique on how to pause a visual, slow it down and expand it and then bring it into reality fasterClick Here to Download and Listen!



Mind Power Is The Key When Manifesting Does Not Work

When you find yourself met with a struggle to achieve results, don’t look for a solution outside of yourself. The only solution is the one that will show you how to access the power within. The key to manifesting is to access your own power.


If your mental power is not strong, then your results will also not be very strong. You may have heard of people who are able to manifest one great thing after another. They seem to have some supernatural power beyond what you have been taught. You may wonder if there is an additional secret. In reality their super power is their developed ability to engage with their internal visual.


I often compare visualization with Usain Bolt or some great athlete because what makes them super powerful is that they have taken a simple action and went beyond.  They trained in that skill until they possessed it, almost as a superhuman quality. 


It’s the same with visualization.  The power in visualization occurs when you practice and learn to development it beyond an average level.  If you want great results, forget all these other tools and tricks, which don’t work.  Instead, improve your ability to visualize until you have mastered it.



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