The Secret to Successful Visualization That Few People Really Know

The Secret to Successful Visualization That Few People Really Know

Visualization is a tool of power given to all of us, yet our ability to improve upon it is a skill. It’s a skill few people take the opportunity to develop. There are a few secrets to achieving success with visualization. Understanding those secrets will surely enhance your success rate and as well, understanding those secrets will help you in discovering how to improve and achieve amazing results.

The Greater Secret of Two Worlds, Two Minds

At present you probably see yourself as this physical body and your eyes belonging to the same package which makes up who you think you are. When you visualize, you are in some way relying on your two physical eyes to see something on a screen behind your eyes.

Without going into the deeper esoteric teachings, I will just say to you, that your physical body is not all there is to who you are. Along with your physical body there is also your spiritual body as well as your spiritual eyes.

When you awaken your spiritual eye you get to see into the creative world. That is the world before form. It’s the world where you use the divine energies to shape and mold the conditions you want to experience in physical form.

Just as you have mastered your ability to walk, talk, run and live in this physical body and physical world, some of us have forgotten how to use our spiritual body and spiritual eye to create our life.

Mastering The Spiritual Eye In a Creative World

Maybe when you were a child you could recall spending lots of time day dreaming. Maybe you were the creative type or maybe you just loved overthinking. In any case, in those times you lived surefooted in your own world. You trusted that inner world, you felt safe there, you breathed life into your stories and you trusted and believed them. Your fantasy world held some of your greatest secrets and desires.

In those days you enjoyed those inner creative realms and you enjoyed those inner lives you were creating. At the time no one told you that, all that time, you were building your spiritual body, sharpening your spiritual eyes and crafting the life you would later get to live.

Maybe its in those times you realized that there was something magical about you. Maybe you had an example of having affected something that otherwise seemed impossible to change. Maybe something went your way, even when everyone said it would not.

Despite that, as time went on, you either forgot about that ability or you lost your skill in it. That happens because you never really learned what it was you were actually doing, you just did it.

To Master your use of your spiritual eye, you have to first honor it. Some people see day dreaming or fantasizing as a waste of time, when in truth it’s how to gain power and strength of your spiritual body and spiritual eye. When you were a child, you trusted your ability to visualize, you created inner worlds where you went to, when this world did not feel happy or safe.

You also did not impose the rules of this physical world onto that creative realm. If you wanted to go from one point to the next, you just flew or snapped your finger. You did not tell yourself that things were impossible.

You did not have a problem expanding things until they were giant size. You did not limit yourself until life and people began to limit you and tell you what is possible and what is not. Little did you know how much power you had then.

You did not have a problem reshaping something to fit your imagination. You could also easily spend a great deal of time in those inner worlds and when you did, you trusted that inner world and those stories you were living.

The more you did it, the stronger your spiritual body became and the richer your ability to see, feel and experience when you visualize.

That is the state of intensity which awakens the spiritual eye, in order to influence the life on the creative level. When that ability is weak within you, your impact as well as your results will also be weak.

Creating With Power

What is this great secret to visualizing that few people really know? What spiritualist, mystics, healers and men of other spiritual power know is a clear divide and understanding that there are two bodies, which do two separate things and each needs work and development in order for them to function.

With your physical body, you know to exercise, drink water, get a lot of rest to function at its best. However, your spiritual body, requires lots of meditation, mental exploration, tuning things brighter, reshaping, molding and exploring unlimited, magical thinking.

One hundred years ago when the New Thought Movement was in swing much of the books were geared heavily towards mental training and much less time to explaining ideas. These days much more time is spent on expressing ideas and much less time focused on developing mind power, or the visualization skills.

Ask anyone who has significant power and they will tell you that they spend a great deal of time training that part of their inner self to become stronger and that training is why they are gifted not only an ability to manifest with power but they also gained a psychic and intuitive ability as well.

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