A Secret Spiritual Marketing / Selling Technique

A Secret Spiritual Marketing / Selling Technique

If you are running a business, or providing a service it is not enough to create the business and hope that they, in the form of customers will come. That well known statement which says, ‘if you build it they will come,’ has some merit but it is a half truth. This is where many people hit rock bottom.

They start a business or provide a service and simply hope that their business will be filled with customers and clients, clamoring to their services and that everything will be perfect from there on. However it never works this way. One of the most startling parts of creating a business is that the marketing part of the business is the true vehicle to success, sometimes much more than the actual product. Your ability to link people and convince them that they need your service or your product is a skill that is as necessary as having a product to trade.

Your ability to effectively sell and market to other people really depends on your ability to connect with them. The most effective connections make your customer or client feel fulfilled, feel a sense of having received what they wanted. However all too often as a provider of a service or business owner,  there exists a great amount of Fear. Lurking in the back of the mind is a fear of making your monthly sales quota. You may also worry about either gaining or losing customers all of which interferes with a true connection with the very customer that you’re trying to seek and keep.

All of this internal fear and frustration creates an energetic vibration between you and your customers and this vibration is a vibration which is based on your neediness. It’s all about you and you getting more and more money to satisfy your desires. In that state of mind you are not in a state of giving, instead you are in a state of taking. There is no love for the product or the service you are hoping others buy from you. Your goal is simply to shuffle it in exchange for money.

What you may not understand about existing in that state is that it robs the customer of getting what they really need and want to feel fulfilled. Beneath the surface of the physical transaction is the energy transaction going on and its not one what will get you more growth in sales or your business. You may find that someone comes to you for a service and shortly after hiring your service they may no longer be interested in using you much longer or perhaps you’ve created a product that people aren’t gravitating towards; Or maybe even your sales may not be going up the way you felt it should. All of these barriers and failures in business and sales, are reflections of the internal energy you have between yourself and the very customers that you are hoping to attract.

It’s an Energy Transaction

Every business transaction you have is also an energetic transaction. On a physical level you could say that you are selling a product in exchange for money. On a spiritual and energetic level you would say that you are trading the energy of happiness or the ability to solve a problem in exchange for the energy of money. When you create a product or sell a service and do so with the intent of fully meeting a need within the customer or client you are then transferring a vast amount of positive energy in the direction of that customer. And, because positive energy expands the benefits of your transactions yield a continual supply of good returns in the form of more customers and more money.

Taking Energy Versus Giving Energy

Every transaction you have is filled with the energy of intent. Let’s just imagine you walk into a business or shop where the owner only cares about making money and does not care about the quality of service he or she provides. What you will find is that when you have an interaction with someone like this, either you feel you’ve paid the money but the feeling which is supposed to come from having purchased the product is not there. Either you lose the product, it gets damaged very quickly or something happens which never gives you the feeling that you ever fully had the product in the first place. There is the feeling that you have wasted your money, you gave money in exchange for nothing.

On the reverse is the business owner who puts a lot of energy into making the customer feel very satisfied. It doesn’t matter if the product is a small product, something simple or something grand, what matters is the positive intention placed within the product. The business owner or the service provider was probably charged up with excitement on what would make these customers satisfied. And what you feel when you are dealing with somebody like this is a feeling of having received something which is beneficial to you.

 There is a vastly different feeling sensation and experience which comes from a  business owner who extends an atmosphere of positive energy first in the form of a beneficial service to someone in which that service is  rewarded with money. On the flip end of this is the intent of a needy, fearful money hungry business owner who cant grow, because they are mentally drawing money out of you first before they even provide a worthy service or product.  The mind is in a grossly one sided part of the equation.  Its exclusively on the taking and not a balanced state of giving and receiving.    

These are two totally different states. Giving and taking
to Giving and receiving.

The secret to it all is that giving positive energy outward in any form multiplies. Positive, giving, helping energy expands and brings forth more blessings. However needy, taking, greedy energy creates a black hole, a deficit. People will gravitate to the service that feeds their needs and they can sense it in the energy of what you do and even in the energy of your product.

In order to increase your sales or get people to gravitate towards you you have to be the initiator in getting the energy to flow outwards. This giving of energy will return towards the source which is you, the one who got the energy ball rolling.

Spiritual Selling Technique

Step #1 – Place yourself in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for several minutes. At least 10 to 15 minutes minimum will do. It is very important that at this stage you do not have any distractions.

Step #2 – Do whatever it takes to get into a deeply centered state. For some of you it maybe listening to some music which calms your mind and gets you into a more centered state. For others you may simply count back from numbers 10 to 1 it will gradually bring your mind into a deep state, where you are able to access your inner feelings for greater clarity.

Step #3 – Bring to your mind the business or service that you would like to provide. In your mind explore all of the various reasons why your potential client or customer would be excited to receive your product or service. Itemize each reason, the more the better. Affirm each reason to yourself repeating each reason at least 20 times. Do this for every single reason that you have associated with your product or service. Dive deeper into exploring the reasons why the customer or client would be interested in your product. Explore how it will enhance their life. Also explore in what way the product will have an impact on their overall experience. The more detail you are able to conjure up in favor of the customer or client loving the product the bigger the Field of energy you create of positive resonance between the product and the potential customer.

Step# 4 – Visualize each affirmation as a beam of light entering into the product or business. See each statement entering into the product filling the product until the thought energy grows into a ball of light around the product or service. Timing is everything! As you convince your mind of the reasons why the customer would be interested in your product it’s imperative that you hold that state for an extended period of time. Let that part of the process continue for at least 30 minutes.

Step #5 – Visualize the ball rising higher into the atmosphere. Then allow it to disperse into the atmosphere, like a balloon with water exploding. Every fragment explodes into the atmosphere traveling to each and every one who is in alignment with and need your service or product. At this time, make a clear and firm intention. “I attract _ buyers to my product. I attract the right clients_” Be as clear and as specific as you need to be.

Step #6 – Release it with faith knowing that you are the catalyst of positive energy. You have launched a momentum of positive energy out into the universe.

By sending positive energy out into the universe the universe returns the action by sending your positive energy in return. And, because you have chosen to exchange this energy with sales and the right clients or customers the universe will send this to you without the usual struggle.

There are many techniques which can help to remove blocks in your path and help you in manifesting faster. 

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