The law of attraction is not the creative Force

More and more people are becoming aware of the incredible power of the law of attraction. However one of the biggest misconceptions about the law of attraction is that it is “the” creative Source. This could not be further from the truth. What I would like to do is to show you just how the law of attraction works, and the source of real creative power.

One of the most common misconceptions about the law of attraction is that the law of attraction is the creates. People who think of the law of attraction as the creative source tend to have one thing in common. Those people tend to believe that if they simply think in a certain way that the law of attraction will come along and presented them whatever it is that they’re wishing for. While some of this is true, it’s not the entire picture.

When you think of the law of attraction as the creative Force it removes you from the equation for the most part. If you put all of your attention on the law of attraction you are missing a very crucial part of the equation and that is the power which dwells inside of you.

The True Creative Force

You are the real creative source. It is you who creates. The law of attraction simply arranges reality to match similar frequencies of energy. Which simply means that if you would like to attract something into your life you have to become that first. What that means is you have to create the same dynamic frequency of the thing that you want and what the law of attraction does is simply pair you up with the frequency of the things that you desire which match what you are looking for.

Once again the equation always starts with you. You are the one creating yourself and you are the one creating the thing that you want to attract towards you. And to do that you have to be vigilant of your own inner making, your own inner thoughts, your own inner desires, your own inner vision. All this must be done in order for you to attract what you want allowing the law of attraction to then arrange reality to match with the things that you have spiritually called for.

The difference…

There is a very big difference between those who understand the power which dwells within themselves and those who believe that the power is outside of themselves. Those who understand the power which is inside of themselves, are better able to influence, impact and create. They know that change starts inside, and they are responsible for this shift.

While those on the other side of that belief, put all the expectation on an outside force and this is where most people exist. They have replaced all of their hopes and dreams on a universal function that is simply doing a job of arrangement and not creating.

What that really means is that you must always be centered. You must always rely on your own personal power. Understand, that in order for you to attract great things you must first become great. And by great I mean in Perception, in your awareness, in your ability to feel deserving of whatever it is that you would like to bring into your life. As long as there is a divide or discord or feeling that you are unworthy or you do not match what it is that you desire you will never have it.


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