The Duel Nature of Desire: The Good And The Bad

The Duel Nature of Desire: The Good And The Bad

Desire is the fuel which drives the engine. It is what gets you going, what inspires you to create something out of nothing. It is the driving force of your motivation. Yet desire is like a sword with two edges. It isn’t enough to simply desire, because there are right and wrong ways in which to use desire.

Without this understanding your desires can place you in a very dark spin. Rather than getting what you desire you end up living in a perpetual hell or never ever getting that desire. Even worst that hell places you in a dark energetic state, which causes you to attract lots of dark experiences. To fully understand the energy of desire and how to use it effectively you must dive into understanding its many sides.

The Dark Side of Desire

When you desire without faith, you are functioning from a place of neediness. The more needy you feel the more desperate you become. The more desperate you become the emptier you become as well. You become empty, when you use up all of your mental energy, constantly battling with yourself. Your desire becomes your main focus, in a desperate, needy painful hopeless way. This is a powerful psychic trap. It is one of the most awful places to fall into, because it involves the corrosion of your mind. This internal battle can last a lifetime for too many people, without ever seeing a way out.

What if I told you that desire was a dangerous force and that you should avoid it as much as you can, because you could invoke a force that you know nothing about? This may sound alarming to some, while for others it may seem nonsensical. After all we were all desiring things every single day and look what it got us!

In truth, desire is just that powerful of a force which invokes reality to move into action. However, because you lack knowledge of self, as well as knowledge of reality, your desires lead you down a path of hell. Desire without faith can lead a person down a very dark state of depression and mental illness.

Without faith your desire can become your nightmare, leading you into a prison, trapped trying hard to achieve that desire.

The Good Side of Desire

Desire with faith is having a strong inner knowing of the possibility that your desire will be fulfilled. Faith can be inborn; it can be learned but far more important is our deliberate effort to create more faith.

Building upon the faith you have, starts with learning higher knowledge. Understanding the way reality works as well as how you interact with reality. Also, the more you test various experiences, the more your faith grows.

Faith is the secret to true power. When someone has faith, they know that they exist in a supportive universe which will provide the way, even when the way cannot be seen in the moment.

The one who holds strong faith believes in their inner connection to all things, while those who do not have faith, only believe in what they can see with their eyes, as well they feel disconnected from all things. The more disconnected they remain the desperate and needy they remain.

Faith helps to shift us from those dismal states. Faith behind your desires is like driving down a freeway without any obstacles along the way. There maybe twist and turns along the way but each twist is leading you to the best parts. No matter what, backed by faith your desires will find the way to you.

What You Know Vs. The Truth

A lot of what we have been fed are non-truths, designed to keep us functioning in a state of fear and disempowerment. You cannot control an empowered man or woman but you can easily manipulate a man who does not know his inherent truth.

Truth is that this reality is more magical than we realize, it functions from a state of unlimited possibilities. What you judge as being a big dream, is only really a grain of sand. When you invoke the creative powers to support your desire everything begins to work with you and for you.


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