The 5 Minute Stress Busting Technique That Will Change Your Life

The 5 Minute Stress Busting Technique That Will Change Your Life

Often, we can get so stress out that taking time out of our stressful life to do something stress free can be so stressful. Worst when we force ourselves to do this destressing activity it leaves us even more stressed.

It would seem at times that stress was like a leach that you couldn’t scrape off with a knife or salt even if you tried. That’s why this following technique is perfect for those people are tired of trying to de-stress and those are just plain tired of fighting their stress in the hopes of shaking it off.

For one thing you need to know is this, you cannot fight stress. Fighting stress puts the body in fight mode which only adds more stress.

The First Thing You Want to Do With Stress

This may seem counter intuitive but it works and honestly a whole article can be dedicated to this one step because it should be implemented in every stress release session. That one tip is to accept your stress.

You accept your stress by accepting it for what it is. It’s an over load of issues that you cannot handle or that is taxing to your mind. However you want to define it, the most important step is to accept that you have this stress.

What do I mean by that? Well often people who are highly stressed beat up on themselves for having that stress. They feel badly about being stress, so their inner dialogue with themselves is quite damaging.

They complain about their stress. They try to mentally push it away by doing things that will make them forget about what is affecting them. Basically, they try to force the stress away. This never works! Actually, how is it working for you? Has it worked for you? Chances are you probably felt worst.

What you want to do instead is watch the stress. Accept that your mind may be jumping from one thing to the next. Part of accepting the stress is to watch it, rather than fight it. What is causing the most pain from your stress is that fight you are having to push it away.

How Stress Produces More Stress

When you feel prolonged states of stress and anxiety, this can have a huge impact on your overall bodily functions. Your breathing is altered, your heart rate is impacted, your body releases chemical which cause further damage. All these biological functions help you in feeling and staying in this horrible state.

Basically, speaking your stress produces more conditions which add additional stress on the mind and body. It’s like a cycle you can’t get out off.

One important thing which happens, is that when you are stressed you don’t take in as much oxygen as your body needs to function at an optimal state. Lack of abundant oxygen causes mental fog, memory lost, sluggishness and over all low performance of your mind and body. So the second thing you want to do when you are stressed, is to breath.

The first thing you want to do is to accept that you are stressed and the second thing you want to do is to take in more oxygen than normal.

Because reduced oxygen levels further impact your stress levels, increased oxygen will help to bring you added energy as well as mental and emotional balance.

As a matter of fact increased oxygen can produce a natural feel good high in the body. Increased oxygen can give you a joyful boost, heighten your sense of wellness and improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

5 Minutes Stress Busting Method

In this technique you want to do the reverse of what stress is doing to your body. If stress is causing you to over think and become locked in a mindset of repeated negative self-suggestion then you want to reverse that.

If stress is causing your body to shut down due to low oxygen intake then you will take in more oxygen. This method combines both issue in an effective way.

This can be done anyway and anytime but it does require your focused attention and you do need to be able to close your eyes until you get comfortable with the process.

Step 1 –Close your eyes placing all your attention on your breathing, feel yourself as if sucking in the breath, almost as if you are a superbeing who has the potential to suck in by force everything in the room.

Step 2 – Suck in this supper breath all the way into your abdomen. Feel as if you are sucking all the air out of the room into your abdomen. Then hold it, as you hold it repeat the following statements on the in breath.

Step 3 – Repeat the statement, ( I feel peace ) then slowly exhale. Empty out the breath on the exhale. It should feel as though you have emptied out every bit off air from within you.

Step 4 – Follow up with the slow, deep breath, sucking in with a strong pull, filling up your abdomen. On the in breath again repeat (I feel peace)

Step 5 – Exhale slowly and as you do just allow the weight of heaviness, to be expelled from the body.

Do not try to feel anything. Don’t worry about what you are feeling or what you want to feel out of this technique. Just know that it is happening automatically. Don’t bother your mind with anything other than following the in and out movement of breath, along with the suggestions.

Do this method for five minutes straight. As you keep up with it, you should find yourself in a rhythm. Pay close attention to that rhythm of breath and suggestion. That should be your only focus. The rhythm should feel comfortable, it should feel smooth, it should feel empowered but never strained, never tired or forced. It should be a smooth suck in and pump out action.

Body Mind Intelligence

Your body is an intelligent vessel. It has the ability to heal itself and create balance as long as we create the space for it to do so. There is another powerful secret about the body and that is the minds rapid impact to influence it.

By suggesting to the body that it is in a peaceful state, the body will take that suggestion and find ways to make that suggestion a reality.

As you maintain that rhythm of the breath and suggestion you are creating that peaceful rhythm to influence the body into a deep state of peace.

While doing this method, perfecting the rhythm and suggestion is all you need to focus on. Don’t try to push away the stress, that is a waste of time. Don’t try to feel good, that too is a waste of time and effort. The only goal should be to place all of your attention in the moment, as you breath and suggest, breath and suggest.

Added Suggestions

You may alternate the suggestions that you use. You can randomly choose only one or several. You decide what is best in the moment for you.

  • I feel peaceful
  • I trust the Universe/God to find a solution
  • I release all my worries, knowing that a solution will be brought to me.
  • I believe in miracles and my life is now in a miracle creating zone.
  • Good things are coming for me.
  • My life and all my concerns are now rearranging themselves to bring me more joy.

You may start with these suggestions, then create your own as you feel more comfortable in doing so.

What You Should Expect From This 5 Minute Technique

From the first session you should feel a release of pent up pressure if you do it right. After a few days or maybe even from the very first session, you should feel a shift in your energy. You may feel a bit lighter, less mental fog. Your stress will seem to ease away gradually but surely.

Here is something else that is happening. When you do this technique because it’s so very powerful, you are not only releasing stress you are at the same time putting yourself through a form of hypnotic induction which programs your body and mind for long term peace.

What this means is that if you keep doing this technique every single day at least one time a day you will hypnotize your mind to induce a peaceful state on will.


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