The 3 Operations of Intention

Having the intentions to achieve a particular thing or experience, is only a passing thought if your intentions are not driven and backed by the 3 most powerful stages of creation. When you have an intention without the 3 main components you have absolutely nothing but an idle thought, a wish. Like a kiss blown in the wind it goes nowhere and arrives no place.

In order to get your intentions working in your favor or working at all, there are 3 components to the intentions which must be activated and abided by.

Desire is Only Part

It is not enough to have a desire for something or to do something. Desire is not greater than a wish. These days many people getting into the law of attraction are under the false belief that, all one has to do is simply wish for something and it should be given to them by the Universe or God.

In order for desire to work with intentions, a person’s desire must be defined. It must be clearly stated in all of its parts. One cannot say, I desire this or that but do so halfheartedly. A halfhearted or unclear intent cannot yield success in your life. After all, how can you achieve success with a halfhearted wish?

The Power of Will

Your will is the active part of your desire. Your will is a declaration to self that you are absolutely certain about what you want but also certain about the actions needed to achieve what you desire.

It does not matter what actions one needs to take in order to achieve their intention. Each situation is different but the full, clear and absolute will to achieve and take action must be there.

The Power of Faith and Belief

Belief is the elixir which bonds everything together. Without belief you have absolutely nothing. Without belief you have just an empty shell of a desire. If you have desire and the will to move purposefully in the direction of your desire yet you are without belief, you are still nowhere arriving no place.

The reason why most people are unable to actualize the things they desire despite all the effort, is that they lack belief, or in other words faith. Where there is faith the impossible can happen however where there is no faith, no amount of work will yield favorable results.

All Moving Parts Make the Engine Work

In order to achieve your intentions, there must be a perfect mix of desire, with clear will and absolute faith. Faith is something which grows over time. As you increase your knowledge of how reality works you will find yourself growing in faith and as a result growing in power as well.


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