Spiritual Marketing – How to Get More Buyers

Spiritual Marketing – How to Get More Buyers

It does not matter if you are selling a product or a service, the success of your business greatly depends on getting more people to first respond to and then buy your product or services. More often than not, creating a product or service is a lot easier than selling that product or service.

Getting people to buy your product can be way more work than most entrepreneurs anticipated. And this is where most give in. The first thing they do is to blame it on the product. Sadly, if the product is a good product it causes more confusion, because the question this leaves in their mind is this: “If this is a good product why is no one getting it?” That can discourage anyone, leading them to give up.

If it’s a good product then they blame themselves for not being able to get anyone to buy. In reality this is sort of true. Whether you know it or not you are always influencing the final results of how much you make. You set the limit in more ways than one. I will show you how to over ride this and to get sales flowing in your direction.

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You are Impacting Your Product or Service With Your Energy

Have you ever walked into a room or a shop and was instantly hit by a vibe? You may not know what that vibe is but, it most definitely takes you into your feelings. It could be a hunch, a good feeling or a bad feeling, but a strong feeling.

When you feel strongly about something you are doing, you are filled with confident and positive self-talk. This higher thought and feeling state always inspire the most beneficial outcome for you and everyone involved. The outcome can only be positive because it was created in a state of positive energy.

Many years ago a woman shared an observation. Whenever she was happy her family would enjoy her cooking immensely. On the reverse they seemed to respond accordingly when she was not in the best of moods.

Well you can always explain this away by saying that when in a good mood she would put her best into her cooking. She also thought so but soon realized that, this was the case even when she followed particular recipes to perfection. Her observations did not come in a day, this was something she observed over the years.

If you are an intuitive person you also can feel the energy within items worn by particular people. You can get a sense of what that person was like, sometimes this comes through intuitive thoughts or visions.

Everything is energy and thought energy permeates itself in the items and environment. You are influencing your environment every day by your predominant energetic state. As well, you are influencing the place where you work and every item you handle. Your thought vibration has an impact on every single thing.

When your mind and thoughts are strong, they have an even more penetrating impact on everything. When your mind is weak and uncertain about things, then your influence over things and your environment is quite shallow. So, it takes a strong mind to have a meaningful impact.

A strong mind has to be certain, it has to know for sure without even the slightest doubt. It’s a sort of obsessive determined ideal which wins, whether it is true or not. The stronger mind has the greater influence.

If you want to impact your sales strongly you have to will that by having a strong confidence in what you are doing. As you go about taking the steps towards that product or service your mind must be filled with a positive result.

In the Magic Money ebook package, there is included a bonus audio: Spiritual Selling. This gives you the techniques of how to influence the energy field of any product or service so people want it. It’s a powerful technique that will teach the science of psychic influence and how to pull people into your product, business idea or even to be one of your sales.

These techniques are being used all the time in advertising, selling and any sort of business you can imagine. People have seen an increase in sales and financial growth using such techniques. It works because there is a science to it, there is a higher truth and a higher power to all of this.

People Respond to Your Energy

How many times have you been in a fantastic mood only to encounter random people being especially nice to you? It happens, just as the reverse happens as well. When you are in a self-hating, angry mood you seem to attract people who want to give you more reasons to be angry or make you hate yourself.

It gets even deeper, we unconsciously tune in to the vibe of others we meet and respond accordingly. How many times have you been in a great mood only to pass someone on the street and suddenly feel sad, angry or confused? If the person whom you have passed has a stronger vibe than yours, their vibe will influence your own vibe.

In business, people are influenced by your energy, as well as the energy within what you are providing for them.

What you do with integrity can be felt as a form of energy. People often say, “I don’t know why, I just had to get that.” Its because they are not just getting the item they are getting that energy which was placed within it. Maybe something in that energy is needed at that time. You gravitate to what you need and so do other people.

Your goal is to fill their need and in so doing you get them to want more of what you provide. In the Magic Money ebook, I do share how to give people what it is they need and do so in a way that fills them with good, uplifting energy.

How to Get More Buyers

Combining the previous understanding lets go a bit deeper to understand how to get more sales. People are in a state of need. We all need something, we are all looking for a way to fix something. If you think about it, if money was not part of the life story, we would all be trading our services instead.

Your goal as a seller or service provider is to align yourself with what your customer needs. Sometimes we try to sell floatation tubes to fish. It makes no sense! And, when the fish don’t respond we say, “man these floats suck, they are no good!”

You have to know who you are selling to and what they want. When you can fill their need and show them how, then you are on your way.

Learning how to spiritually infuse the right energy into the product so that its more magnetic giving them the desire to have it, makes it all the more magical.

So not only are you giving people what they need, you area also putting the right spiritual energy into it to make it absolutely irresistible. If you want to learn more on how this is done, there is an entire audio on this within the Magic Money Audio Book bundle. Sign up to learn more.



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