Some Manifesting Teachers Don’t Know What They Are Talking About

Some Manifesting Teachers Don’t Know What They Are Talking About

There are all too many teachers of manifesting who themselves meet with many hiccups. Some may have succeeded at manifesting some things in their life but may also meet with many barriers that they can’t overcome.

A few times I have heard such teachers express their blockages. This is all well and good, because manifesting takes time to master. Mastery comes first with meeting difficulty. Those difficulties help us to find where we may be going wrong and in what area we need to develop.

The problem comes in when teachers give you information which mirrors their own limitations. Some teachers have said that you have to work very hard even though you are visualizing. There is the belief that visualization is a bit like keeping mental focus so you don’t neglect your desires.

However, if you truly understand the power of manifesting you know that manifesting accompanied with a powerful ability to visualize is actually the creative process. When you can visualize effectively you are tapping into the creative power. You are entering the realm of magic and miracles.

You can bring into fruition what is not common, or what may seem impossible to get. When you can visualize effectively and hold your mind upon what you want, help will come out of nowhere. The right person, the right conditions will come into your life to meet those visualized desires. What is not created will come into creation just for you, because you have successfully entered the realm of creative magic.

Visualization is not just to remind you or it’s not just a tool to keep motivated. Visualization is far more powerful than that. The problem is this, because some people do not understand the power of visualization, they dismiss the need to develop their ability. They don’t have a clue that the reason they are still unsuccessful is that they have minimized the power of their mind and see it as a reminder tool. Just something to remind you to stay focus, when in truth it’s the powerhouse of creation.

Here Are a Few Secret Powers Someone Who Can Visualize is Able to Achieve

Here is something you don’t know. The secret to any method or tool is your knowledge of it. If you take action on a matter without knowing the power of those actions the results will not be to its full potential. The results and your potential can only come based on your awareness of that power. You can use the most powerful tool but if you are unaware of the power of that tool it will not serve you.

  1. Bring things into fruition that seem impossible
  2. Find a solution to a problem in the form of a person or situation that was previously not there
  3. Produce magical results when things previously seemed hopeless
  4. Speed up the results of anything you want without extra work
  5. Produce results that are greater than your expectations

Your power to create is the core of manifesting. However even though you can walk does not mean that you can run, nor does it mean you are an athlete. These days not many people are willing to improve their mind and its ability to do what they are asking the mind to do. A few minutes of training the mind is all you need to build mental muscles in order to tap into the realm of impossibility.

What creates is your own mind. It is your own ability to send out a very clear vision and have it broadcasted out to where it is received by the universe and commanded to where the universe goes into immediate service to bring you what you want. Everything else is secondary. Your ability to visualize very well is the key. Download and listen as you are guided into a technique to enhance your visions and add power to it all.


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