Release Stress With This Laughable Technique

Release Stress With This Laughable Technique

Stress and anxiety can feel a bit like sinking into quick sand. The more you struggle to get out of the quicksand the faster you sink.

Fighting stress is one of the worst things you can try to do. Its only because, the more you push against something, the more you get wrapped up by the situation. Fighting stress causes even more stress because it puts the body into fight mode.

Because stress has already put your body in fight mode, one of the first things you need to do is to put your body in release mode. Release mode accepts a new state which allows your body to produce a state of calm.

In that state of calm, you are letting your body create a state of peace and clam naturally as opposed to fighting against it.

Letting Your Body Work For You

The longer you are in a stressful state of mind the harder it can be to release stress. That is because the stress creates a biological chemical reaction within your body.

Stress causes your body to create a stress induce hormone called cortisol. Cortisol further cases the body to function from a very reduced capacity. It causes all sorts of imbalances within your body. Cortisol, causes the body to slow down, it speeds up aging. It degrades the body causing you to be suspectable to illness.

On the reverse end of the spectrum is your body’s ability to produce a different hormone called endorphin. Endorphins are produced when the body is placed in a heightened feel good state. It helps to relive depression. It can assist in weight loss, better sleep, a heightening sense of mental clarity and so much more.

Instead of fighting against the chemical reaction your body has as a result of previous prolonged states of stress and anxiety; its much wiser to place the body in a chemical state that is conducive to feeling great.

What that means is, if you allow your body to create more of a feel good hormone, that hormone will soon flood the body overpowering the other hormone.

By deliberately triggering your body to create more feel good, Endorphins hormones, you can in time release all the tension, stress and anxiety.

Laughing Therapy

The idea of using laughter as therapy may be new to you, but can you think of anything more wonderful than laughter? Laughter creates a vibration within your body. At the time of laughter, we often release our worries, allow the body to fill up on an abundance of feel good hormones.

Laughter causes the body to release an abundance of endorphins. These feel good hormones, can place the body in a natural high.

After a good laugh session, you may feel good for some time after but the more laugh sessions you have the longer the feel-good state remains.

Think of it as inducing the body with a heavy dose of drugs. If you went to the doctor and the doctor prescribed an anti-stress medicine, you would be expected to take it every day. That medicine also has a pain reducing stimulant or it may produce a high or feel good stimulant.

Basically, you are taking in pill form what you can trigger within your body naturally. The problem is most people would rather take a pill than implement methods of impacting the body in a way that allows it to create its own drug, its own feel good chemical.

Another point to be aware of is that, we often take those pills daily for an extended period of time. Sometimes months, sometimes longer. While those pills may help many, a lifestyle of creating good chemical balance can create long term effects on both our mental, emotional as well as physical wellbeing.

Creating Your Own Laugh Therapy Session

Sure, it’s easy to watch a few episodes of Dave Chapelle and quell your stress and anxiety. That’s one way to place yourself in a joy educing state. However, you may not always have time to sit and watch a long comedy session. Short bouts of laughter can be just as healing on your mental and emotional state if it’s done right.

The following quick session can be done where ever and whenever its most convenient to you. It requires nothing but time, privacy and your imagination.

Step 1 – Find a quiet space where there is no one who will embarrass you or judge you. Close the door, put on some loud music if need be.

Step 2 – Start by simply laughing in the most silly, exaggerated way. At first, the laugh will be fake. Get silly anyway. Laugh loud, laugh silly, exaggerate your vocal cords, laugh hard, change up your laughter.

Step 3 – Keep this fake laugh going until its no longer fake. Soon you will begin laughing at yourself. You will find the whole thing comical that you will begin laughing at yourself genuinely laughing. The fake laugh will turn into a real laugh.

Step 4 – The goal is not to worry if the laugh is real or not. The key is to trigger the body into a similar state of being when you are laughing hard. Whether the laughter is fake or real, it has the same impact on your physical body. It will soon enough create as well as release a shift within your body, from anxious to just open, expanded, as well as a release from all the pent-up stress.

Step 5 – Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes then take it to 10 minutes or more. Loose yourself in the process. Just laugh hysterically with no apologies.

The Shift

When you do this technique, you will be able to feel the shift of stress as it leaves your body. This laugher will release the tension within your body as well. You don’t have to be very stress to use this method.

Laughter will bring a natural glow to your skin. It will slow down the aging process. It will put your body into a state that is conducive for healing. Laughter has many generous benefits.


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