Release Stress And Anxiety With These 3 Spiritual Techniques

Release Stress And Anxiety With These 3 Spiritual Techniques


Stress can be very hard to get rid of, unless you have an executable action plan to do so. It’s easy to adopt habits which produce further stress and anxiety.


You can drink, get drunk, do drugs or engage in any of the other vices which bring further harm down the road. At the end, you will realize that those temporary solutions then become problems instead.


A good action plan to release stress should consist of several stress release methods done every single day. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to be consumed with stress to add some of these methods to your life daily, in small ways.


Implementing stress release methods will impact your life for the long haul. You will be better able to handle the curve balls that life sends your way. You will be able to maintain a body which heals easier than most.


The aging process will also slow down for you. There are a host of incredible benefits that can happen or will happen when you learn how to manage your stress levels.



3 Stress Busting Spiritual Methods
That Work Like Gang Busters

The following are 3 methods that do make an impact to your biological system. In tern this produces an atmosphere of balance and calm to your over all state of being.


Sound Mantras

Chanting is one secret tool that not many people are aware off. You may have heard of changing but dismissed it as some cult thing. In reality sound frequency is energy in movement. The vibration of sound has the power to shatter energy blockages. Before we go into the energy part, sound vibration can also have an impact on physical matter.


Have you ever seen that commercial many years ago where an Opera singer hits a high note only to cause the crystal glasses in the room to shatter? This is an old commercial but sound does have an impact not only on matter but sounds impacts your central nervous system.


Your brain receives sound as either harmonious or pure havoc on your system. Naturally when the body and mind find a sound that is soothing the body moves into a rhythm of a clam and soothing state.


You can literally control the body, such as your heart rate, your breathing, and your mental alertness through sound.


Soothing sound vibrations cause the brain activity to slow down. It also immediately impacts your breathing rate as well. All this happens automatically without you even realizing that it is happening. When you listen to a calming piece of music, you don’t tell yourself to get calm but your whole mind and body does that. Your whole system follows along with the tone of the music.


When you in cooperate sound mantras as a daily practice you are generating sound from within. You are creating your own sound system and calming the body down. Also, because many sound mantras have been studied, tested and observed for their ability you can trust using many of the most popular sound mantras to produce a calm state.


One of The Most Powerful Sounds

OM is one of the more popular sound mantras. Just humming OM in a melodica way will bring your body into a healing, calming stress-free state.


And, an added bonus to chanting OM are the wonderful benefits  it will produce in all other areas of your life, in terms of helping you to manifest the things you desire. Chanting Om will literally break down all the mental as well as psychic barriers that have been in your way.


Set aside at least 20-30 minutes either first thing in the morning or later in the evening, what you will notice after jut the first session is that things begin to work differently and more positively in your life along with the alleviation of stress and anxiety.


Releasing Technique

No other technique could work effectively without your ability to make the actual decision to let go of your stress. The more you connect with the problem as the problem the more the problem exist. With that said, releasing is not easy.


Because of your emotional attachment, to the situation that is causing you stress, its very hard to get go off that emotional attachment until you change your emotional connection.


Before you can change your emotional connection to a thing you have to be aware that you are emotionally connected and this causes a binding or bonding between you and the situation that is troubling you.


The Process Step by Step

First Start by Identifying your emotional connection with that thing which produces stress in your life. What feelings do you have associated with that particular issue? Identify what that emotion is. Then write it down.


Then change the emotional you have identified with that issue. Let’s say for example you have decided that you would rather feel joy or peace or power over a situation. The next step is to embody those emotions.


Then imagining that you already have a higher emotional connection to that issue, ask yourself, what thoughts, actions or insight would I now be expressing if I had an emotional connection of joy, or power over this issue?


Analyze the situation from a different emotional point of view. This shift in emotional perspective will help you in releasing the stressful emotional attachment you previous had towards the situation.


By looking at the situation from the eyes or feeling of joy or power changes your outlook on the situation. When you willfully change your emotional perspective to an issue you release your connection to it as you previously had.


Fantasy Creation

The mind has a tremendously amazing impact on your ability to become and stay clam in any situation. We resort to pills and all sort of gadgets but the most effective tool which by the way is also free, is often the last thing we turn too.


Visualization is by far the most powerful tool to shift the mind from one state to the next. If you are experiencing bouts of stress, lamenting the stress will do little to release it.


However, entering into your own perfect fantasy world of peace, relaxation and harmony can not only have an instantaneous impact on your mind and body but this state can produce a well spring of positive events in your life.  Visualization has a powerful impact on your body’s ability to calm down and enter into a relaxed zone.



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