Psychic Development and The 5 Amazing Powers Found in Dreams

Psychic Development and The 5 Amazing Powers Found in Dreams

Psychic development can at first seem like an endeavor which would take up long periods of practice, with the chance of still not being good enough. For a large percentage of people, this may very well be true. However, there is a way to develop our psychic abilities and gain the same very powerful answers as someone who had been studying and training their mind for a long time. The way of rapid psychic development comes in the form of our dreams.

Our dreams are such a powerful vehicle for psychic development that it is a shame more people are not using their dreams to experience amazing power. Dreams are like the hidden secret tool for all of our answers. For everything we have a problem with, dreams can be used to bring answers and clarity to that issue. The more a person dives into the practice of psychic dreaming the better they get at not only getting very clear dreams but controlling the dreams to be able to do phenomenal things.

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If there was a tool in your psychic development practice, one that would help you make better choices in life, a tool that would save you from making a bad move, a tool that would give you a huge advantage over everyone else, would you use that tool? What if I said, that you already have this very tool and that tool are your dreams, would it excite you or would you dismiss it because its totally free to use? Dreams can give you great clarity as long as you develop a connection, trust and understanding of your dreams. There are 5 very powerful ways in which dreams can work in your life.; these are 5 of the most fundamental ways dreams can bring power to your life but the power of dreams are not limited to these 5 areas alone.

Direction On Your Life – One of the most common ways in which dreams play a very big role in our lives is giving us clues along the way with what is going on within our lives. Our dreams are always trying to alert us to where we may be going wrong. Another way, dreams inform us is to show us what is happening within our lives that we may not be aware of. Often times we are so focused on our daily routine what we are oblivious to other happens going on in our lives. For example, say you may be gouging on a certain snack and that snack is impacting your health.

You may not realize that this thing you are doing on a routine basis is causing harm to your body, until you get a very intense dream alerting you that your health is in danger. Maybe somewhere in the dream, there may be symbols alerting you to the association between what you are eating and your health issue. And, if you choose to dismiss that first dream, you will get another one and another until you are faced with the true reality of the message.

If you have ever taken note of your dreams, you may already realize that dreams have a secret power within them. They can be too accurate to even dismiss. Doesn’t that make you curious to want to gain a deeper understanding of something that powerful?

The Ability to Predict a Future Outcome – Precognitive
dreams give us a glimpse into a future moment in time. When we experience a good precognitive dream, this is when we get excited about our psychic development. The excitement of getting insight into something that we had no other normal way of knowing is empowering.

Those moments don’t necessarily have to be dangerous moments. If you have ever found yourself anxious about something you were going to do in the future, you may have experienced having numerous dreams which seem to be about that future plan. Maybe you dismissed it or may you followed a few of the signs only to discover later on, that the dream had already given you a window into that future moment. These precognitive dreams give you the ability take a different path or prepare yourself for the coming moment.

The great thing about these dreams is that you can program yourself to experience such a dream with practice. It is a very insightful and powerful skill in your psychic development training, after all preparing for the future is the most common request most people have in wanting to gain psychic abilities.

An Ability to Contact Someone From a Distance – Imagine having the power to contact someone whom you have not seen for many years! Imagine the power to contact someone in order to give them a warning or to communicate a pressing message to them, in which you have no other way of reaching them! To the normal thinking mind, these ideas can seem fanciful or impossible. However, more and more scientist and researchers are realizing that we have the ability to direct our brain waves across space and time through what is called mental telepathy.

Its like a mother who is at home busy in her work but suddenly stops because she has an inner sense that one of her children is in danger. She hears the cry for help, she feels the pain, she has the inner knowing that her child is in need of help. It is this mental frequency taken into the dream which gives us the power to communicate with someone near or far. What is especially wonderful about psychic is that in the dream state there is much more clarity, much more of the story and details to whatever is going on.

An Ability to Influence a Future Moment Just imagine that you are about to deliver a big project at work. This could make or break your career and even cost you your job it this project does not go well. Typically, you may put all your energy into worrying along with putting in all and every bit of effort you have within you to do a great job.

Despite that, you feel out of control, you feel vulnerable and you want to feel more safe, more sure of the outcome. Before going off to sleep that night, you program your dreams. To be clear you program your dream to be in the conference room where everyone will be to see your project. You set the stage for everyone to love it and the end result being that it secures your passion with your job. The following day you head off to work and everything turns out as a spectacular success.

The deeper you go into psychic development the more aware you become at your influence in every day matters. The ability to influence a moment whether at work, or on a date are all within your reach, as long as you understand the secret of how reality works.

Experience Miraculous Spiritual and Physical Healing – Spiritual groups as well as indigenous tribes around the world have relied on dreams as a way of getting psychic information on healing herbs and various forms of healing. But, did you know that you can also use your dreams to bring about deeper physical, mental and emotional healing? Of course this level of dream work requires a bit more time and effort in psychic development. It requires that you program and lead your dream body into a place of divine healing.

When our conscious mind and our physical self are awakened, we battle with all sorts of doubts. After all, our limits of what is possible or not is all based on what is possible in this physical realm. However, when you are able to understand the spiritual/psychic realm you KNOW that it is a realm of NO LIMITS. When we are asleep we are in touch with the purer nature of self and in that realm of the dream world, there is no sickness. Illness is a choice a belief found in this physical world. We create imbalance. To experience the miracles and magic of the spiritual/psychic dream world all we have to do is program our dreams and be taken to the purest state of existence.

We can experience rapid healing or even healing of what may be considered illness that were previously hard to cure. There are many secrets to be found in psychic dream and the more you practice some for of psychic development the better you get at influencing your reality through dream work.

Since you have come this far, its clear that you are interested in the power of dreams and how they can impact your life in very powerful ways. You may also enjoy Psychic Dreams a 20 minute audio Learn how to use dreams to get an advantage in life. Get it here for Free.


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