Powerful Thought Vs Weak Thought

Powerful Thought Vs Weak Thought

While all thought is made up of the same substance, not all thought has equal power. Some thoughts are far more powerful than other thoughts. Thoughts by themselves are quite neutral but the real power behind thoughts is the person who is creating the actual thought. There are a few factors to what makes for a weak thought vs a powerful thought.

The Mind Which Produces Thought

Thought does not create itself; it needs the mind to create it. The quality and intensity behind a thought is dependent entirely on the strength of the mind which created it. A strong mind is a mind that is build on incredible faith. It does not matter if that person is rational or irrational thinking. The certainty of their thoughts and ideas is the key to their mental strength.

Some people are born with tremendous faith in their ideas. They have such a strong conviction in their ideas that they make no room for any sort of doubt. Many persuasive leaders have that ability, they have such intense power behind their ideas and thoughts that they have the ability to project a story into the minds of the masses. The masses accept because they are of a weaker mind.

A person of a weaker mind is easily influenced. Don’t assume that because someone is educated or seems to handle a large post that their mind is not also weak. There are more weak-minded people who are filled with self-doubt, lack strength in their ideas and easily give in to the mind of the man who hold steadily to his ideas no matter what.

Cult leaders possess this strong mindset, that people have often felt as if they were under a hypnotic spell and could not say no to them. Many highly successful men are operating from a place of mental illness but due to their intense will power and sometimes grandiose ideas they can easily get others to follow. A weak-minded person is such because they have not taken the time to build faith within themselves or their ideas.

Fear and self-doubt rule the world of those who possess a weak mind. They hide behind their ideas afraid that they may not be accepted by others. On the other hand, a man with a strong mind, does not allow fear to control him. If anything fear is an exciting challenge for him to overcome, neither is he afraid of other people not liking his ideas. He is extremely confident not only in himself but his ideas as well.

The Movement of Thought

This sort of mindset leaves absolutely no room for doubt. Where there is no doubt thought travels through the ethers and makes changes rapidly. Thought being an electrical pulse moves in the direction of your target. It interacts with the energies which bring about change, if you are clear and of powerful thought.

Doubt and fear are an obstruction to the creative thought. Doubt is like starting and stopping your car because you are not sure if you really want to take that drive. You want to get to your destination but you are uncertain of the drive.

A weak thought cannot make change. That thought energy cannot reach its source of focus because its coming and going. Where as a person with no doubt, well his thoughts move through the ethers to connect with the right energies in order to bring out the results he needs.

The universe does not care if you are a good person or a bad person. There is no such assessment, no such judgement. It all works with your faith. The one who holds an iron clad faith not only affects change in his/her environment he/she affects the minds of the masses.


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