A Powerful Technique to Overcome Your Fears

A Powerful Technique to Overcome Your Fears

Everyone has fears. Living in fear can be a never ceasing state for many in the world. Living in fear for this matter or another matter, is all too normal a way of life. Our fears can dominate and then control us, limiting our full potential in life.

As human beings we push as far as our fears will allow us. The moment we feel the pangs of fear in our gut, we abandon what we were doing all together. It is a sad fact that most people will never tackle their fears, they will die living just beneath the threshold of their potential. Their talents will never be realized. They will never achieve anything greater than the ordinary, because their fears keeps them prisoner and the life of a prisoner has limits.

Your greatest change and the greatest impact to your life is realized right outside of your deepest fears. Most of the problems you seem to feel trapped in, are often a trap due to your fears in taking action to change things. We are more afraid of what could happen if we do something and fail, rather than the fear of, what would happen if we do nothing at all and everything stays the same.

Fighting The Demons

The only way anyone can over come their fears and move pass them, is to tackle those fears. You could see your fears like a gate keeper whom you must battle before you can be let into the most glorious paradise. That paradise being not only what you want but a new self, a more powerful version of you.

Fighting your fears give you greater power. Often your feeling of fear is greater than the actual thing you perceive as threatening. Your fears can often be more mental than they are actual.

Sit with your fears, by become still and identifying them. Talk to your inner self and ask:

  • what am I afraid of?
  • What would happen if this thing I fear really does happen?
  • Can any good come out of this fearful thing happening?
  • Is there a possibility that this fearful thing may not happen at all?
  • What could I learn or gain by pushing myself though this experience which I fear so much?

As you ask yourself these questions, really process your feelings. Often times when we try to identify our fears we realize they are not real fears at all. Take for example someone walks into the room and says, “man I don’t want to go near that coffee shop again, I was just robbed by someone.” Hearing this may immediately put you in a fearful state of mind, without you even realizing that you took that story on.

You may avoid that particular coffee shop out of fear without even realizing why. Or, if you do realize that your fears were influenced by the story that other person shared, you may not give that thought any deeper evaluation.

On deeper evaluation you realize that, he could have been robbed anywhere. Also, he had his bag opened on the table top in an easily accessibly way. Moreover, it was by a young school boy whom they later caught.

As you can see the rest of the story is a little less threatening. The fear is dissolved when you bring awareness to the full story. Sometimes we are afraid of something bad happening, which really isn’t a bad thing. It’s all about perspective.

You have to go to battle with your fears, put the spot light on them otherwise like a virus they eat away at your mind and over time the health of your body. Constant fear can do damage to your life.

From Dark to Light

The idea of using your fears to empower you is a far more life affirming process, than surrendering to your fears. Your fears are like a sign post, to check yourself. Your fears aren’t necessarily a sign to stop.

Think of your fears as a signal that your mind and body gives off, to alert you of a potential experience. The most spiritually intelligent thing to do is to check back with yourself. Question yourself immediately by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What am I feeling right now?
  • Why am I feeling this way?
  • Is this fear a real threat to me or is this a fear I have created in my mind?
  • What steps can I now take to overcome this fear?

It does not matter if this is a real fear of bodily harm or a fear of something yet to come, your intuitive mind will immediately produce a solution for this fear. It’s when you don’t identify your fears, that they work against you.

The Overcoming Process

Its powerful how our focus can shift an experience. Here is a powerful technique for shifting any fearing experience by speaking light into it.

When you focus on your fears they could seem like a hungry beat, that is growing by the second. That is because you are so deeply attached to your fearful outcome that it controls you. Because you attract more of what you focus on, your fears produce more horror and more reasons to fear. The secret to over coming your fears is in this little pray.

I fear nothing
I trust in the divine flow of universal/god love
knowing that no harm can come to me
I trust in the divine light to surround me and take me into
Situations which are imbued with more light, more safety and more joy.

The key is to repeat these words with all of your might, with every fiber of your being, with full faith that this is so. It is declared by you and nothing, absolutely nothing can undo those words which you speak, because no one can break what you have created with firm conviction for yourself.


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