Only a Few People On Earth Have Mastered This Particular Manifesting Ability

Only a Few People On Earth Have Mastered This Particular Manifesting Ability

This is a truth which took me many years to realize.  It wasn’t until I did a survey for my list of subscriber several years ago and ask the question:  “What are your biggest struggles with manifesting what you want?” 

Surprisingly the highest answer was an inability to effectively visualize.  Most teachers of the topic of manifesting, may assume that everyone has an ability to visualize, well enough to manifest what they want. 

The reality is that, a large percentage of people are simply not able to.  While those who think they can, do so ineffectively.  On the other hand, there are a small percentage of people who have mastered the art of visualization to where they would seem to have a super power. 

But, being able to visualize well or not, is not the secret limited to a few.  Its something much more.  And, this is the key which only a few people have been able to master, in order to manifest faster and more precisely than the average person.

Here is the thing if every single thought you had, manifested, you would not want to exist in your own reality.  After all, you get angry, feel doubt and have many unpleasant feelings.   You certainly would not want to manifest all of the things you saw in your minds eye.  Thank goodness for this! 

Luckily, there is a way to choose which thoughts and reality should manifest.  What a small percentage of people on earth have is an ability to activate their desires with a magnetic force which commands the universe, to move into motion as their willing servant.  

Luckily by learning their methods, you can easily develop this skill by training your self.  I share with you in my Audio book with guided meditation, how to master this ability.  The techniques in this audio book, mirrors methods taken from an old course on mental training.  This course is no longer in print, as it has been written more than one hundred years ago.  However, the teachings and the techniques should not be lost, as they are simple yet powerful and very effective.

The old course was geared to a select group of business men who were interested in creating greater financial success, than they already had.  In those times, topics on mental science was heavily focused more on techniques, which developed mental power, as opposed to this modern literature, which is filled with lots of spiritual fluff. 

The mind is the key and by opening your spiritual eye, you unlock a greater power of influence, which makes everything work for you, easily without struggle.  All forms of visualization are not the same and do not provide the same results.  Ask yourself:  how willing are you to activate your supernatural powers? 

Read Visualize it:  Techniques to Awaken & Open Your Mental Eye  to open your spiritual eye and the secret of how to activate your desires so the universe works as your humble servant.



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