One Thing You Are Doing to Stop Your Manifestations from Happening

One Thing You Are Doing to Stop Your Manifestations from Happening

For a good many people manifesting can be a very easy process of success after success. However, for an even large percentage manifesting can seem like a hit or miss process. How many things have you tried to manifest and have not gotten?

There are some who will tell you that, you don’t always get what you tried to manifest, it’s a hit or miss. Those who tell you this are also struggling to understand the true power of our ability to align ourselves with our desires, or our ability to create what isn’t already in physical form.

Those people do not understand what they are doing to stop themselves from manifesting what they desire. They are doing what they think are the steps but there is some part where there is not enough flow. So nothing happens, they give up and assume that what they were seeking to manifesting isn’t meant for them.

Before I tell you the one thing you are doing to stop your manifestations from happening, think of this for a moment. Is manifesting meant to move you from the reality of hard work, impossibility, and struggle? Isn’t the key principle of our ability to create what we desire the real exciting aspect of manifesting? If this is so why is it that only some people seem to get what they want? Why are some people experiencing the most unusual, life changing, awe inspiring manifestations while others can’t seem to manifest even one?

Are you ready to know what that one thing is, you are doing to stop your manifestations from happening? The one thing you are doing to stop yourself from manifesting your desires, is that you are expecting everything to move by the same rules as they always have.

Entering a Different Realm With Different Rules

Manifesting takes you outside of the rules of this physical structure. When you enter into a manifesting practice you are letting go of the principles of this physical life. In this physical life, there are rules and those rules are filled with limitations. This is not possible and that is not possible, you must wait for this and you cannot expect that. There are walls, rules, boundaries and lots of reasons why something is impossible.

However, when you tap in and connect to your divine self you are entering into a realm of all possibilities. This is the realm where miracles happen. This is the realm where you align yourself with what you desire to experience in physical form. What may seem impossible in this physical form is possible to create in that higher, divine creative realm.

The real problem with most people, is that they want to experience miracles and magic but they are afraid of it. They carry the same rules of limitation in their mind, so strongly, that they don’t every get to experience the magical process of receiving the things that they set out to manifest.

Those people who seem to win at manifesting have moved into a more advance belief system. They have elevated beyond the normal thinking. People who are open minded, those who are open to the possibility that this reality has many hidden secrets, are the ones who often get what they desire.

They understand that there is a divine process occurring and they do not restrict it with rules of this limited reality. They understand that magic is happening every single day and that you only have to be aware and know that magic is occurring in order to experience it.

If your mind is rigid and stuck in form, where you need to see it to believe it, then you are one of the many who will have a much harder time of manifesting what you desire.

You simply cannot experience miracles if you don’t believe in them. The more open you are to how mysterious life truly is and that anything is right around the corner, life begins to be exciting and what you want to manifest has no hindrances. Everything begins to flow into your life with ease.


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