Morning Affirmations to Unleash A Flood of Miracles And Good Luck Into Your Life

Morning Affirmations to Unleash A Flood of Miracles And Good Luck Into Your Life


Incorporating morning affirmations into your day can be a very powerful life altering practice. No matter where you are or how you are feeling or what you are going through; you can begin to change it all and take life higher.

You, like many of us, may at one point in time, felt stuck or trapped in situations, with no sign of hope.  In those times, you may have wished for a miracle or some supernatural intervention.

In this article, I will share with you, the science of creating miracles.  Also, learn how through the use of morning affirmations, you can tap into and alter your personal reality in order to experience a flow of miracles into your life. 

However, in  order to do that, you need to understand the laws of the universe which support miracles. You also do need to understand why 


The Secret to Unleashing Good Luck And Miracles

If you ever had the thought that these sorts of things don’t happen to you, then you were right. If you thought that miracles and good luck only happen to special people then you are wrong. In order to experience a life of miracles we must live in a mindset which permits for miracles to happen.  That mindset requires that we remove walls, limitations, fears, doubts, sad stories, blames, guilt, ideas that things are impossible, and so on.

While it is easy to tell someone to just think a certain way, just have faith and so on, it isn’t easy to do.  The mind will always return to its fears and doubts.  This is why, morning affirmations which rewire your thinking, will also rewire your expectations and then your reality.

Miracles happen to those, young children who were allowed to let their imagination flourish. Those children would allow their imagination to take them to unknown places and unknown possibilities.  Those children would later become the people, who often experience miracles without effort.  That is because they allowed their mind to believe in the impossible. 


A life of miracles can absolutely be created.  You can begin to create a life where the most unusual, exciting and most synchronized things occur just for you. Those around you may begin to wonder, how so many good things can come your way. Your life can become a flow of unstoppable blessings and miracles. 


Lets Dive in – 5 Keys to a Flood of Miracles:

Referencing the article written by Pat Robertson, 5 Secrets to Unleashing God’s Miracle Power.  Its  all about recreating a new perspective based on spiritual truths.  By understanding the laws which work in your favor, you gain more faith in doing your morning affirmations.  The deeper understanding adds additional power, knowledge always does. 

Sometimes, the world God/Universe may be used.  Both worlds honor the highest power of creation and represent, whatever belief you choose. 

Allow yourself to pause for a few moments as you read the 5 keys. Stop for a moment to digest what each key means.


1. Have faith, knowing that every thing is absolutely possible.

2. God, the Universe of light, love and goodness has power over all limitations, all obstacles and can fix anything. God, the Universe has the power to rearrange any thing and any one in your favor.

3. Always be in connection and communion with that God Force of Light and Goodness. Before taking any step, before making a decision, take time to meditate, pray and seek guidance. This guidance will place you where you need to be, at the right place and time. Ask, Listen, and always follow through.

4. Disregard any limitations. Do not believe that because you do not have certain conditions set in place you limited. Do not believe that conditions are against you. Also, let go of any doubt of what you, personally are capable of or not. When doubt creeps in, remember the 3 previous keys.

5. Be in a state of expectation and be convinced. Expectation places you in a receptive, unreliable state of knowing that the outcome is already set. Expectation places your mind in a state of receiving.



Powerful Morning Affirmations to Invoke An Explosion of Miracles 


The following morning affirmations and technique is designed to expand your perspective. Its also designed to program your subconscious mind for more good luck and a flood of miracles. Which intern influences your reality, to keep you in a reality flow, that is always in your favor. Imagine, being “stuck” in a constant loop of good luck and miracles all the time, for the rest of your life. Can you handle it!?


This meditation technique should be done 5-10 minutes, first thing in the morning before you plan your day. It will set the stage for everything you set out to do for the day. To do this morning affirmations technique requires repetition of the following statements. As you do, allow your mind to connect with the deeper meaning as well as the feeling these affirmations bring up within you.


Another method is to record the following statements, then simply play the recording on loop as you allow your mind to absorb these powerful life changing affirmations, which reaffirms the 5 Keys to maintaining a miracle mindset.


  • I know, trust and believe that all things are possible.
  • I fear nothing, knowing that the power of God and the universe has power to move everything and anyone in my favor.
  • Every day, I experience a reality of miracles and magical happenings.
  • I joyfully and frequently connect with the source of all things, for guidance.
  • I always listen to my inner guidance to lead me and place me in the right direction.
  • The power which guides and serves me, works beyond my limitations.
  • Miracles, work thought me no matter what my present situation.
  • The universe, has the power to shift anything and anyone that is blocking my way.
  • I am always being guided to the right place, the right people and the right conditions.
  • Nothing is against me, everything and everyone is working for me.
  • The universe and all that is in it, wants for me, what I want for myself.
  • I experience miracles big and small every day in every way.
  • Everyday, I experience a reality of miracles and magical happenings.
  • Because I exist in a reality of miracles, I transcend the impossible and allow the energy of miracles to work in my favor.



Morning Affirmations For Miracles in Health & Healing

When sickness hits us, we get so afraid, that we forget everything we have ever learned which supports this following truth.  Your body and your mind are connected.  How you are thinking and feeling directly impacts our body. A healing atmosphere must first precede any physical healing.  Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? You may find the following article helpful:  What is the Placebo Effect?

The placebo effect is and has been used for many years to test a person’s natural response to the idea of a drug, without any active ingredient being present in the “drug.”  Researchers discovered on my occasions, that patients headed while taking placebos.  Which was a very telling sign that the patients own thoughts and expectations were the true healer and not the “fake drug.”

The key to great healing is not to have one thought that is healing but to create a mental atmosphere of healing thoughts.  This is the Key.  Follow these morning affirmations but also do it at night.



  • I inhale health and I exhale toxins which no longer serve me.
  • I embrace what is affecting me knowing that it is a gift and a reminder to practice self-love.
  • My body is a miraculous vessel which heals itself.
  • I breathe healing energy with every single breath that I take.
  • Every breath that I take connects me with the healing essence of God.
  • I inhale the energy of God into every single cell of my body.
  • Where God, Light and Love exist there can be no ills.
  • I am in this very moment in a state of healing and I allow myself to feel good.
  • I allow myself to breathe in more light, more love, more god energy.



Morning Affirmations for Money Miracles

Have you ever thought about your spiritual or mental connection to money? Maybe you have not, until you were met with a desperate money situation.  Being in a desperate state for money, can be one of the hardest and most frustrating states to be in.  That is because the very state of desperation pushes money away even further. 

In those periods, you may seek out a miracle.  Maybe you need money now, in order to pay a bill or solve a very pressing problem. The key is to rid yourself of these desperate, debilitating thoughts as you enter into a world of higher possibilities, where miracles and magic occur. 

By doing the following affirmation you will break through your fears and desperations surrounding money, which will place you in an unlimited state, where money miracles can begin to happen for you. 

The following morning affirmations should be done, first thing when you wake up and again, throughout the day. The Key to this morning affirmations, session is to free your mind, to allow yourself to enter into a state of un-limitedness.  A state of freedom and all possibility. 


  • I believe in miracles.
  • I believe in the unlimited possibilities of reality.
  • The Universe provides a way, even when I am unable to see a way.
  • Money comes to me from unexpected places.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • What I want also wants me.
  • Money finds its way to me from many different sources.
  • I feel blessed and excited by the overflow of money which now enters my life.
  • Being abundant is my birthright. 
  • I love money and all that it does for me.
  • The universe removes any blockages that are in my way to receiving more money.
  • More and More money finds its way into my life.
  • I let go of any money worries, knowing that money also want me.
  • Money finds the fastest route to me, in the most magical ways.


Affirmations can be very effective, especially when you are consistent in doing them daily.  The one key to getting affirmations to work like gang busters, is to combine them with a strong visualization practice. 


Applying visualization, with your morning affirmations creates a strong subconscious link between you and the results you are seeking.   Do you struggle with visualization as so many people do?   If you do, then you will enjoy the guided meditation program, I am created.  Visualize It Audio Program.


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