Money Affirmations That Work Against You

Money Affirmations That Work Against You


Yes, affirmations do work! They are tremendously effective as a tool for attracting what you desire. They work also to bring about a strong mental focus as well.

Yet, there are people who feel that affirmations have not been very effective for them; especially when it comes to manifesting money.

Money more than anything in our society has a huge negative hold on our mind. After all, we need money for everything we do.  Most of the time, we are in a desperate state of needing money.  Money is tied up to a lot of fear and anxiety.  So it’s the reason why money affirmations, more than any other type of affirmations require a special focus.  Sure you have used prayer for money but affirmations have a more powerful impact and here is why.


If you don’t understand how affirmations could work against you, then you could literally set yourself up for failure in the future. The sort of failure where affirmations will not work for you again. Its key that you understand this.


The key to much of this frustration with money affirmations is that all too often we are using money affirmations that work against us. Affirmations that are ineffective, will make us loose motivation. They will also clash with our internal belief about money, which will cause enough conflict.  That they begin to do the opposite of what they are intended to do.



Money Affirmations Problem #1 – Repetition

Affirmations need to be motivational; they need to inspire; they need to create power as well as mental focus. Yes, they need to do several things all at once. Repeating affirmations again and again build all those qualities and bring about inspiration and mental drive the more they are done.

However, because money has such a strong negative hold on our mind, its extremely important that we are excited and feel inspired when we repeat money affirmation. This of course to counteract the strong negativity and anxiety we already have associated with it.


With that said, repetition can be boring, mind numbing and cause you to lose the desire to do the affirmations at all. The average person can only stomach doing affirmations for a few days before they lose interest in doing them. Also, if doing mind numbing repetitive affirmations make you feel unmotivated then you will lack the motivational charge that is needed to create the magnetic current necessary to make you attractive to the money you are trying to attract.



Money Affirmations Problem #2 – Mental Conflict

The second issue is in repeating affirmations which conflict with the reality that you are presently facing. Imagine repeating an affirmation over and over which says that you are abundant and money is flowing to you but in your present situation you are broke, frustrated and don’t know where your next pay check is coming from. What this does is create a mental battle in your mind.


Your own mind then begins to distrust you. What this causes is an internal war against yourself. You are saying one thing, but moments later you are looking at your very situation with an open eye for the reality that is truly is in the moment.


This leads to depression and not only that, you are training your conscious mind to disbelieve everything you are saying. This by itself can create a huge mental block for future times you want to manifest anything using affirmations. Its key that you understand that part. You are literally setting yourself up for failure.



Money Affirmations Problem #3 – The Same old, Same old

How many money affirmations do you repeat? I don’t mean how many times. I mean how many variations of affirmations which support your desire to attract more money? If the answer is one, then you are not creating a strong enough set of affirmations to create any meaningful impact.


Your mind needs a supporting group of statements in order to hold any measurable belief. One or two statements will bring you back to the second problem, which is mental conflict.


One or two statements will not be forceful enough to counteract the hundreds of thoughts you are presently holding which support your present money situations. In your mind presently you are playing out hundreds or thousands of thoughts which support the conditions you are presently living in.


When you think about your present money situation, you can probably sit for over an hour, just thinking  over all the reasons why you don’t have money and why its hard to have money. As you can see, thousands of thoughts locking you into your present money woes!


Your affirmations should do the same but in a good way.  Now this is not to say that you need to have hundreds of affirmations.  However, you need to have many, which will be convincing enough to your mind.  



 Affirmations Which Do Work

As stated before, if you use affirmations in the wrong way they can do more damage in the long run. Instead of making you more magnetic to money they create mental discord. Over time you will find it harder than ever to convince your mind of the affirmations you are saying. Also, the longer you spend in not seeing results, those affirmations only serve as a reminder of what is not working. Which means that you are still not attracting the money you want, all while repeating ineffective affirmations.


How to Get it to Work…

Affirmations should be charged with feeling. They should be within the range of what is believable to you. When you don’t have money flowing and you are in need, it’s better to say something like, “I feel grateful for what I do have and I feel excited for the money that is coming. New and exciting money opportunities are coming my way.”  This is exciting and gives you the expectation of more, as opposed to saying that your life is filled to the brim with money; when in reality you are struggling.


Keep your money affirmations hopeful as opposed to being outright untrue. Your conscious mind will have a battle with anything which seems to clash against what is presently happening in your life.


When you keep your money affirmations hopeful, it solves the problem of repeating affirmations which seem boring, dull and life less as in the first issue previously addressed.


Third you want to create as many affirmations which support the new money reality you want to create. One statement alone can never override the thousands of thoughts you presently have about money.  This is why you should come up with as many supporting statements, which reinforce the new experience you want to have with money.


And, finally the most powerful way to shift your mind is through the use of deep mental programming. This goes a lot deeper than repeating affirmations alone. Listening to mental programs which work at the deeper level of the mind; can help to create a deep and lasting shift after just one session.


Many hypnotic guided meditations, can trigger the mind to create an entirely new mental image. One that can have a permanent change in your mind about money.




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