Visualize It: Guided Meditations to Activate Your Mental Eye


3 Guided meditations to open your mental eye.  3 meditations & 1 pdf
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Improve Your Power of Influence
Manifest Faster Results By Greatly Improving Your Mental Eye

Awakening your mental vision requires your active awareness first.  These 3 guided meditation techniques do just that.  If you have a fierce, desire to improve your mental power or have an ability to manifest your desires faster, then this is for you.

In the following 3 meditiatons, you learn how:

  • To have more detailed visualizations.
  • How to improve your mental clarity
  • How add dynamic power in order to magnetize anything  towards you.
  • How to trick the mind into percieving something as real, so that it can produce faster results.
  • The secret language of reality and how to communicate with it for maximum results.

You are also guided into one of the most powerful techniques found in the Visulize It eBook and that is the Freeze-Framing technique.

While this technique is quite simple, its best to be able to listen to it, so that you can master the correct rythum.  These 3 guided meditations are tools to improve your mental clarity, focus and magnetic nature.

Nothing can compare to being guided first hand, into these techniques.  You also get to carry these meditations with you, so that you can replay them at anytime.

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