Manifesting Money – What No One is Telling You

Manifesting Money – What No One is Telling You

It has become more common knowledge that manifesting money or anything requires some form of visualization or spiritual practice.  While this is true, the issue is that there is still a practical side to manifestation. 

All to often these days, too many people focus on the spiritual side of manifesting while omitting the need for creating a system to manifesting.

There are also many spiritual guides whose emphasis is heavily spiritual. These leaves the reader in a wishful thinking, state of mind.  You are left feeling that, all that is required to manifesting is just to sit in meditation and wish for more money. 

What you may notice is that after a while visualization causes you enough mental frustration.  The more you visualize more money the more anguish you get because when you do come out of your visualization you are met with the same problem, that being a lack of money.


Money Needs a Portal Through Which to Travel


In order for you to manifest money you must have a portal by which money can enter. That portal could be different for each person.  You could manifest money through the lottery.  You can manifest money by providing a service, your job, being gifted and so many other channels. 


The thing is this, if you don’t have a portal through which you can see money coming to you, it won’t come.  The universe is precise, it needs a believable avenue in which to work.  Random wishful thinking seldom work as most people are linked to physical outcomes. 

Even when you apply spiritual and magical practices, the outcome you want to see is still practical and physical.  In order for that practical results to come you have to know what that practical way is in order for your mind to even believe that its possible.


How to Know What Your Money Portal Is


Its very important that you know or have a way in which to acquire money.  It makes the whole process of manifesting money a lot easier.  It’s also important that you connect with the channel that is right, just for you.  Say for example you have a friend who believes very strongly that they can play the lottery to win or they can gamble to win a big fortune.  That channel for money is theirs.  That money portal is of their own but it is not necessarily meant for you.


You may try to do what they do, however your results are not good, not in your favor.  That is because playing the lottery to win is not in alignment with your personal money portal.  However, you may just get a call from someone who saw something you did in the past and ask you to recreate one for them at an amazing price. 


It is just as important to manifest the right money portal as it is to spend time visualizing more money. That money portal is linked very deeply to an aspect of yourself that once you tap into it, it will unleash a flood of money FOR YOU.



Manifesting money is a spiritual as well as a practical thing.  To succeed it requires that you be able to maintain a balance between the physical aspect of money and the spiritual aspect of money.   Learn how to tap in the psychic pool of massive money getting creation.  Learn how to combine all the spiritual laws in your favor.  Go beyond visualization and affirmations to experience a flow of money.


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