Manifesting Money Using 5 Mind Power Secrets

Manifesting Money Using 5 Mind Power Secrets



Manifesting money,  requires that you enter into a whole you mindset for several reasons.  Money has a very powerful hold on our lives, globally. Money is at the heart of everything we do. Because of this, money holds a very powerful spell over us. We want and need more money, all at the same time being afraid of it.


In order to increase your chances of manifesting money, you have to be willing to change your perspective of money.  It can no longer hold that same place of power in your mind. When you learn to shift your mind into a place of power; you can better control the flow of money into your life. In order to do that, you must understand 5 mind power secrets.



Here is What You Are Not Getting About Manifesting Money

Before we dive into the mind power shifts which need to happen, it’s important that you understand what you are doing wrong, when it comes to manifesting money.  All too often, when it comes to using prayer for money, or other spiritual ways to manifest money, we lean more or less on one part of the process, more than the rest.


For example, one person could be all action, and very little of the mental and spiritual aspect of manifesting. They may spend a few minutes giving some thought to their desires, but exhaust themselves throughout the day, chasing what they want.


If this is not the case, then there is another group who can spend hours and hours dreaming up what they want, but apply no action, or when they do apply action, it’s the wrong action.


Manifesting requires a conscious awareness of both states, as well as an awareness, of when to apply each process.



Some People Have The Entire Manifesting Process All Wrong


Some people have the idea, that if they sit for a few minutes on their drive to work, they can see and think of what they want. That may be the extent of their manifesting work.


However, when the results they were hoping to find, are not met, they get upset and sometimes doubtful. They then question if this manifesting thing is all that others say it is.


The world of manifesting money or anything you want, belongs to one separate world, and that is the world of thought. It is a world created and built up by thought and thought alone. Everything you are experiencing in this physical reality first came out of the thought world.


In order for a new reality to be made, you must spend much more time, creating the thoughts to match that new reality. What that means is that, you MUST take more time out from life and your daily activities to concentrate on the details of what you want to experience.


Especially, in the very beginning of setting out towards manifesting money. You must take some time away from your usual activities. Take a full day to yourself, in order to build up a new mindset.


In order to break down the old mindset you presently have about money or even the limited mindset you have about manifesting money, you must make time to construct a new mindset.



Why Must You  Go  So Hard Core, When It Comes to Manifesting Money?


In the early stages of manifesting money, its ideal to place yourself in a concentrated state of re-scripting your mind. This is an extremely crucial step that way too many people don’t get.


Just imagine trying to reshape a rubber band by pulling on it one time, then releasing it. What do you think would happen after you released it? If you have played around with a rubber band, you already know that once you release the rubber band, it simply goes back to its original form.


However, if you pulled the rubber band to its maximum capacity, and held it in that stretched state for a while, after releasing the rubber band, it would no longer return to its original shape and size. That is because the tension of holding it, in the new shape, long enough, created a new shape and size.


Our mind works in this same way.  In order to make a drastic mental shift , you must, absolutely put yourself through a concentrated amount of self-reprogramming.  in order to shift the mind from the old way to a new way as quickly and as deeply as possible.



How to Create A Strong Magnetic Connection to Money


Creating a strong magnetic presence is key to manifesting money. A few positive thoughts alone will not make you a magnet to what you want to pull into your life. Magnetism is based on creating your own dynamic power.



The First Mind Power Secret Step is to Isolate Yourself

Take several hours to a full day to reprogram your mind on the topic of money. Isolation gives you focus, without external interference, that may impact what you are now training your mind to understand.


All spiritually powerful men and women, know the power, in going off into their own quiet cave, in order to pray with intensity, or envision with intensity. This is your first step, to over riding the old belief with a new belief.



The Second Mind Power Secret

This second secret is to allow your mind to percolate on the laws of manifesting. This is where a lot of people go wrong, and then fail at manifesting.


They are told to visualize and repeat affirmations, but they do not have the foundation, nor the belief system that will allow,  what they visualize to work for them.


Think of your belief system as the operating system on your device. It is the operating system beneath everything, which will determine which apps can work. Also realize, that the operating system is always updating in order to meet new functions.


Your mind works in the very same way. Because the mind and our belief system is created through repetition, it is necessary that we put ourselves through an intense reprogramming session.


By feeding the mind new information about the secrets to manifesting money, this allows for your mind to build a new belief system about money.


The belief system has to come first. The understanding and the knowledge has to be processed into your awareness, for several hours to even days first, sometimes much, much, longer.


A big part of now having success with manifesting money, is that, there is a great deal of doubt. There is doubt that it may not happen. Then there is doubt, in if manifesting works at all. The reason there is so much doubt, is that, you may not know the spiritual laws, that are working in your favor.


You must program the spiritual laws into your mind, because they are the foundation of your belief. The more time you spend, revising, listening or processing the spiritual laws, the deeper you implant a new possibility as well as a new belief.


Also, when you know the spiritual laws of manifesting, you no longer add doubt to the manifesting process, which adds tremendous power to your results.


When you eliminate doubt, you have pure intent, pure power and pure success.



The Third Mental Shift is Listening and Processing


As a child you learned very quickly by listening and observing. You did not learn to walk or speak by reading it in a book. You observed your surroundings and came to understand what life was, based on dialogue, and you processing what you were seeing, hearing and trying to understand.


One of the most effective ways of learning as well as creating a new mind shift, is to close your eyes, and listen. Listen as the information pours through your mind. With your eyes close, your unconscious mind will begin to process the information. It will begin to mentally envision a new possibility.


When you listen to a lecture or an ebook without doing anything else but processing what you are hearing, your mind becomes free to not only absorb that information, it has the freedom to simultaneously create a new narrative.


If that information is empowering, that mind will be seasoned to create a new, higher possibility. Actively listening, can help you transform anything within your mind, within a very short period of time.



The Fourth Manifesting Money Mental Shift


It is knowing how to bring your desires from the creative to the physical reality. All too often a person may focus on one end more than the other. Have you ever heard someone speak of manifesting with working hard?


It is said quite frequently.  That is because, more often than not, that person understands one part of the manifesting process.   However, they  don’t realize that both the creative and the physical must be in harmony, in order for it to work.


You cannot be 80 percent hard work and 20 percent mental work, and call that manifesting.  Neither can you just sit around, dreaming up what you want, and expect it to happen without taking some sort of physical steps.


There is a way to bring the creative into the physical. I am sure that you do know that not everything you dreamed up, happened for you. If that were the case, then you would have already been manifesting money more abundantly.


That would then tell you that there is more to learn and understand; about bringing your desires from the inner world of thought, to the physical reality. The fourth mental shift is understanding that you must speak it into form. Dreaming is not enough, you must command it to be, it cannot be a passive affair otherwise it won’t come.


Finally … If you want to gain a deeper grasp of these teachings, listen to the Magic Money program. What I teach are key secrets that are often left out of a lot of manifesting programs. There are secrets on how to add more power behind your intent, giving you faster and more dynamic results.



How to Work With The Energy of Your
Desires, Rather Than The Form


You will also learn how to create a simple mind over money shift.  By creating a dominant mental shift over money.  Such as changing from the energy of wanting, and chasing money, to becoming a money magnet.  In such a case, money opportunities seem to find their way to you.


Also learn how to bridge the gap between the creative realm and this physical life. Not everything you think will manifest. Learn how to command what you desire and how to do so with the confidence that it will come.


Your ability to create miracles in manifesting, requires that you understand the truth behind the method. An action can only be as effective to the extent of your knowledge.


Your knowledge, determines the limit of what a method will produce. I could hand you a sword.  At first it would be cumbersome, and difficult to use.  However, until you are taught how to use the sword effectively; the sword only remains a heavy metal rod with limited capacity. 



That is The 5th Mind Power Secret

One secret most people don’t know and most will never understand.  The same action, carried out by two different persons, will both produce two different outcome.  One who understands the truth, verses the other, who does not understand.  To know, gives power.  To know is the key.  This is the 5th Mind Power Secret to Manifesting Money. 


I have been teaching the principles of manifesting online, and in courses for over 15 years. What I have learned, after thousands of students, and countless beautiful stories, is this.  Those who succeed with manifesting, made it their business to fully learn and integrate this information.


They understood, that the mind had to be seasoned with this information. The mind has to take on the fullness of why manifesting works, how it works, and when it works.


The more you immerse yourself, the more effective you will be at manifesting money, or anything else.  You cannot manifest money or anything if your mind has not been fully immersed by the laws of manifesting.



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