Are You Struggling to Master The Law of Attraction?
Discover How You can Amplify Your Manifesting Power Using
3 Powerful Techniques

Consciously using the law of attraction to manifest what you want can be a magical and extremely life empowering process. However few people ever learn the correct techniques to mastering this powerful mental science. There are secrets to manifesting that few people will ever understand. These proven techniques increase your manifesting intention in a most dramatic way.

Imagine being able to see absolute results in as little as 7 to 10 days. If you have not been successful with affirmations and visualization then discover an extremely effective step that will dramatically enhance both your affirmations and visualization.

If you have ever wondered if there is a missing link, then you have come to the right place. The universe is a magical place, there are forces moving in and through you which influence the way in which you attract. Learning to control those forces can dramatically alter your life as well as what you bring into your life.

You may already be aware of the science of your thoughts. You may understand that your thoughts influence the law of attract to create your reality. However are you aware of how to add power and influence to your thoughts to make them more magnetic, more effective?

Learn the Spiritual & Mental Formula For
Manifesting Money For Anything Fast

The moment most everyone discovers the science of thought the first desire which comes is: "How can I use it to make more money now?"

Have you ever noticed that all our actions in this physical life are ruled by our desire to attain more money?

Money equals power, success but above all it equals freedom. Freedom to manifest the life you want, freedom to go where and when you want. Freedom to get the best quality food to maintain a healthy body. The list goes on for what more money can do in your life.

However without money you are stagnant, miserable and oppressed; you are a ship on the ocean of life without a sail.

Lack of money keeps you frustrated and trapped.

Lack of money keeps you a slave and a prisoner to undesirable circumstances. You are unable to experience the richness of the world without money. You are limited to second class food, health, schooling but most importantly your creative energies suffer.

However with that said, the true science to manifesting money places you beyond money.

Money becomes your servant as opposed to you becoming a slave to money. Money is a byway to all the things that money can bring. It is not the end as so many people think.

What you chase runs away from you and money is no different. You are not magnetic when you chase however when you increase your center by becoming a stronger magnet your level of influence increases.

You must become a stronger magnet so what you want will come willingly and easily towards you.

Your mind is like a computer, it is highly programable.  Everything you are experiencing, lack, failure, fear are all programms.  The only way to achieve different results is to first be informated.  Thats what books are for.  However in order to master what you have come to understand, a new program must be created.   Audio/Meditaiton is one of the most powerful ways of going to the deepest level of your mind where change can occur.

You Are a Magnet
But What Sort of Magnet Are You?

While your thoughts do influence the law of attraction and create your reality, there is a quality behind your thoughts that make you a more effective magnet. Your thoughts create a field which draws what you desire towards you. However not all magnets possess the same strength. By applying one simple ancient technique you can increase the influence of the magnet to literally suck your desires towards you.

    • Discover a techniques that in only a few minutes a day will increase all the previous manifesting techniques you have been struggling with.
    • Learn how to increase your intention and how to see faster results with less effort.
    • Learn how to set a goal and put yourself through manifesting boot camp to see results in as little as a 10 days.

    The Mental Switch
    Creating a Mind Over Money Effect

    Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to use the law of attraction to manifest people and things but near impossible to manifest more money?  It is because we live in a world that has created a money consciousness which dominates your life.  As a result money controls you, it dominates your choices.  It influences what you think you can manifest and how great you will allow your life vision to become. Money holds you and you become a prisoner to it.

    It is hard for most people to shake themselves away from the money prison. So most people remain poor, unbalanced and unable to manifest fully.   There is a science to manifesting money.  Knowing the law of attraction by itself just won't do.  Manifesting money will become easier as you transcend the money consciousness.

    You can only control something when you have moved beyond it. Whenever you are desperately needing and wanting a thing that thing becomes your master and you become it's willing servant. Do you want to become a master of money or are you willing to remain a servant to money?

    There is a science to using the law of attraction to manifest money. It is easy once you know how to use it. You may have some manifesting ingredients but like anything in life having the ingredients does not mean that you have the perfect recipe.

    Manifesting money requires a formula. It requires the understanding of the universal laws along with the mental science.

    The Missing Ancient Link

    Many years ago before it became  popular, I studied and applied the law of attraction. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not.  I wondered what could be missing? It took me a long while and when I discovered the missing link I was shocked by how easily and powerfulyl it worked.

    In the beginning I tested it by choosing to use it at some times and other times not.  With time the answer was clear, the practice worked and worked like magic. When I used it, there was proof of lots of money flowing from all sources without rxtreme effort and everything else I wanted seem to flow magnetically towards me.  However when I stopped using the technique things took a dramatic turn where everything seemed like a struggle.  After many years of deep and long practice I know as you will also that these manifesting techniques are powerful beyond belief.

    This missing step is outrageously powerful, make no hesitation about it. It will dramatically change your ability to manifest what you want with intense power.

    Ancient Techniques for Modern Times

    While the first technique is extremely powerful this next technique is just magical.
    There is a Nobel Price winner who tested a theory which amplify's one's intentions to staggering levels of power. What he discovered shook up his colleges and the community of people who previously disbelieved. He was quoted as saying that the power was so great that it boarders on danger if it falls into the wrong hands.

    Can you imagine having access to the very tool which he spoke of?

    What he discovered has been an old and proven tool applied with a simple technique which has been used by shamans, and mystical teachers for centuries. The effects are absolutely outstanding.

    Many programs teach you the importance of keeping your thoughts positive but what if positive thinking is hard for you to do? Do you know that these manifesting techniques can effortlessly alter your thought patterns without struggle? Manifesting should never be a struggle and it won't be when you begin using these  techniques.

    As soon as you apply this knowledge to your desire they go off into the universe in a most outrageous way. You can literally amplify your intention by 300%. It does what visualization and affirmations alone simply cannot do.

    Here is What You Can Expect to Discover

    • Learn why the law of attraction is only the begining and what other laws you must apply to get maximum results.
    • Discover a 3 step technique to find your way to the source of money. Every successful person who becomes rich depends heavily on this. Learn what it is and begin using it immediatley, and no its not visualization its something else but just as important.
    • Learn why the development of certain mental techniqes must be done regularily to increase their effect.
    • Do you know how to visualize? Most people do not know the way to correctly visualize. Inefective visualization may be killing your goals.
    • Find out how much time you should spend visualizing to get maximum resutls. While many people spend a few moments a day this is insufficent to experience a magnetic breakthrough.
    • How to use a special technique with your visualization to suck in your attractions faster than ever before.
    • Discover the one secret tool that few teachers ever tell you about in their initial programs but later charge you hundreds of dollars to teach you.
    • Learn exactly what to do when you are absolutely stuck and can't seem to manifest what you want. This one step will give you a powerful shift in both your inner and outer state.
    • ou can find the perfect source of money waiting to be deliver to you every time, have people willing to give you money, joyfully. It's a little known secret that you should keep to yourself once you learn how it works.
    • This 184 page audio ebook comes with the exact practical steps on exactly what you need to do and for how long you need to in order to see resutls.

    Are you ready to go deeper?  Are you ready to make a shift and become someone who lives in abundance all the time?   Imagine being able to live comfortabily all the time because you have a new and more powerful command over money.

    Its not enough to read a book or get in infomation about manifesting.  Altering your inner mind at a deep enough level to where you can make a life shift is crucial to your over all success.   This is why the 5 meditation programs were created.

    You can choose to get the Magic Money ebook/audio and stop right there or you can continue the entire program by recieving a Guided medtation program every 30 days which will not only expand your knowledge of your internal power but program you for even greater power.

    One of the biggest complaints many have is that, they understand the concept of manifesting but they are not able to put themselves into the right state of mind in order to produce meaningful results.

    Knowing is Not Enough We Must Apply.
    Willing is Not ENough We Must Do
    --Bruce Lee

    Becoming a More Powerful Magnet

    Here is the most common truth.  Many of you who know of and set out to use the law of attraction will either fail to attract what you truly desire and even if you do secceed a few times you will untimately meet with difficulty in doing it with ease.

    Why is that you may ask?   There are a few compelling reasons why this happens.  One reason is that we tend to forget.  How many times have you read a good book, so super excited for a few days only to forget everything you read, returning to the old ideas and practices?

    The second issue is our struggle to make our mind and beliefs function on a level that it has not been programmed to do.  This is the key most law of attraction teachers either dont tell you until much later adding it as a service to teach you later on.

    Think of your mind as you would the operating system on the computer.  There is no way you can get Windows 98 to function with the laterst apps and all the available services on Windows 10.  The very same is true for your own mindset.

    The reason why despite all this great information you are still not able to manifest amazing things, is because your mindset is programmed for exactly what you are prsently going through.  Without upgrading your own operating system, there are just certain things you wont be able to manifest.

    You must be able to know as well as see, that the world around you is working for you and through you.

    There are certain qualities one must have in order to be successful at manifesting on a consistant basis.  Many of you can attest to attracting something, but how many of you are so mentally strong and spiritually focus that you are able to manifest what you desire again and again?

    Because there are Key characteristics that one MUST have in order to be very good at manifesting what you want on a consistant basis, I created the following 5 meditaiton programs.

    Each meditaiton reveals a new secret and teaches you how to encoperate that key into your being so that its now a natural part of you.  A new you that is more mentally focused, a new you who understands the science of influence and has that power built inside so deeply that your life becomes more charmed, more harmanious and way more exciting.

    Because it takes approcimately 30 days for the mind to assimulate new patterns and beliefs give each meditation progarm a full 30 days of use.   Listen to it as the last thing at night before falling asleep and once again during the day whereever you can take a short break.  If you could commit to 30 days you will see and feel changes within your being that will give you increased power in manifesting your desires. Truly your results will be vastly different from anyone who does not understand how curcial it is to place themselves through an integral program.

    You cannot expect to produce new results with the same old mindset.

    Guided Meditation Programs


    Cosmic Resonance Meditation

    The Cosmic Resonance meditaiton is designed to increase your personal influence on the world around you. One of the biggest issues we have in manifesting is the feeling that everything is outside of you; that everything is independent and has power over you.

    Altering that believe system incorporates the God force power into your being. It is a technique which will help you let go of being powerless and increase your power of influence on all things.


    Manifesting With Light Meditation

    Light energy is creative power. As you work with light you increase your creative power and rid yourself of negative barriers which could hinder you. Light is magic, it accelerates your efforts 1000 more. Learn the secrets of how to encooperate light to expand your power.

    Money Magnetism Meditation

    Allow this Money Magnetism Meditaiton shift your old money program.  Enter into a strong magnetic field of money and abundance.  Discover the secret to creating a field of energy so strong  that you magnetically draw money as well as money opportunities to you constantly.   Discover the secret to real magnetism.

    Psychic Navigator Meditation

    The development of your psychic mind is key to new inspiration.  As you tune your inner all knowing mind it serves as a powerful guide in directing you into the right places, at the right time.  Synchronicities will bring an ease in placing you where you need to be.  The psychic mind is awken with a few powerful keys and you will learn what they are and how to access powerful ideas within minutes.

    Secret to Manifesting Faster Meditation

    The more you want something the harder it is to manifest it.  If you find yourself struggling to manifest what you want despite doing all the things you have been told is necessary to manifest you are not alone.

    Discover a little technique which moves you into over drive.  It is a practice you can use everytime you need to make an impactful shift.  This technique will take your manifesting into overdrive.

    Are you ready to go deeper?  -  Start the membership program.  Get the Magic Money ebook/MP3 and all the bonuses with it.  Including a powerful MP3 bonus Secret of Spiritual Selling, for $29.00  following by (5) monthly payments of $19.00 in which  you will be recieving a new Meditaiton program designed for a powerful shift.  Each meditation comes at a 30 day increment.

    $29.00  + $19.00 (5) monthly 
    Magic Money audiobook today
    followed by one guided meditaiton every 30 days for the next 5 months.



    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    You have absolutely nothing to fear beacause this program is backed by a 30 day no questions asked guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply send an email and you will recieve a full refund.  You may also cancel at any time in the membership.  If you no longer want to recieve the rest of the course program and you would like to stop anywhere along the way you can do so and receive no further information from us.  You will not be charged any more payments and no further information will be sent to you. Its all up to you.  You are in control of your membership.  Stop anytime you want.

    Disclaimer:  This product is for educational purposes.  Success is never guaranteed as each individual is unique.  The techniques in this program are powerful, however practice and application is an absolute necessity in order to benifit from this program.  For further questions or support please send all emails to youcreate88 @

    About Daniel Hinds  -  I have been teaching the principles of manifesting for over 15 years, long before it bacame wildly popular.  The Magic Money ebook bundle has also been on the market for over 12 years.  What I have done is significantly reduce the price and included the new powerful meditaiton programs as one package, keeping the price assessable for everyone.  The secrets wtihin this program will transform you, providing information on manifesting not commonly shared.