How Your Perceptions of Good and Evil Could be Holding You Back

How Your Perceptions of Good and Evil Could be Holding You Back

How you perceive experiences puts a label on them which removes the true dynamic aspect of that thing or experience. If you perceive something as good, no matter what anyone else tell you, that thing will be good for you. However, on the flip end of things what you perceive as evil will be evil for you no matter what good there may be in that thing.

Each person has their own perceptions and those perceptions influence each one’s personal reality. If you perceive something as working for you it will; as well If you think something is working against you it certainly will.

Everything just is. If you apply no judgement to an experience that experience can reveal many wonderful life lessons. The idea is to not label anything until it reveals itself.

Imagine that you are running through a forest, you are tired and thirsty but you have to keep along the path to get out. Then suddenly there is a small avalanche of boulders falling right along the path you need to get through.

You could become upset, angry and frustrated but you have no choice; you still must find another path around. Just as you proceed along the new path you find a small fresh spring with clean drinking water falling into a pool. Its exactly what you need in the moment to quench your thirst and a place to rest your sore body before you continue on again.

Life works in this way. An experience you may have judged as bad could be the very experience which came to mold you, teach you, inform you, guide and transform you. Again your personal perception of the experience will determine what it is for you. What is bad for one person, isn’t bad for the next.

How many times…

How many times have you seen children who have gone through very rough childhoods, grow into very different type of adults? Not everyone who has been influenced by the same conditions perceive those conditions in exactly the same way.

Social Perceptions

In reality we are bound to some degree by the rules of social perceptions. We are being conditioned to see things in the same way. Which leaves no growth for our personal perceptions to thrive. We are expected to think in the same ways, want the same things and co-exist as one mind.

All this is implicit, no one is verbally telling you that you should but we are marketed and programmed into a hypnotic submissive robot without even realizing that we are clones. We don’t question too much what is good or bad any more, we are told and we accept.

Social perceptions tell you that you must know what you want from your life by nineteen and twenty when you enter college. When that does not match with the perceptions you have for your personal journey, you would be declared a social nuisance.

If you don’t drive a certain car or have a certain amount of money in the bank by a certain age then you are viewed as a failure. So to get along, adapt and be a part of the group mind you take on the same ideals and perceptions.

Entering The Magical Flow By Altering Your Perception

In order to live within the flow to where life moves and dances with you and for you, there is something you must do. That something is releasing judgement on anyone and every moment. Nothing is good or bad except that you have declared it as such. If you choose to see everything working for you, soon enough everything will.

This process of altering your perception will take work. You have to dedicate time to reflecting on the way you view life and how you can begin to alter that view by seeing it in new ways. New ways which will bring about more success, joy and fulfillment.

Its also very important that you journal while you are working on altering your perception. Many beautiful life nuggets will come to you in your reflection time and you don’t want to forget any of it.


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