How to Use Your Intuition To Solve Your Biggest Problem Now

How to Use Your Intuition To Solve Your Biggest Problem Now

Your intuition is your biggest ally. It is there to give you a foresight on what is to come or what is presently happening that you are not aware off. When you are in touch with your intuition it gives you a massive edge over pretty much every area of your life. You only have to bring your mind to a particular situation and allow your intuition to give you a better understanding or a clearer picture of the situation.

The Opening Through Your Problems

One of the best times to learn to use your intuition is when you are faced with a pressing problem. When you are faced with a problem that really requires an answer from you, in those times you are more committed.

Even if you never took the time to learn about your intuition, at those times you are forced to go within yourself to get guidance. This problem may force you to over think, over worry and over process. You may feel as if you are replaying an old record and can’t stop. Without an understanding of your intuition you could miss those precious moments and loose the guidance in those moments.

How Your Intuition Speaks to You

Your intuition communicates to you through feelings. It is the basis to all forms of spiritual, psychic or human development work. If you know nothing else, you should know that inner pulsating vibe being generated in your solar plexus. It’s that spot above your navel.

The feeling is just the beginning. As you follow the feeling it leads you to even more “gut feeling” about a situation. You may not have all the answers. You may not have the full picture of what is happening. Yet, as you learn to trust the intuitive feeling first, beyond knowing the full story first, you realize that the intuitive feeling was right.

You may be faced with two choices. In all physical appearances they both look like great choices. However, every time you think of choice A, you get a weird, nauseas feeing in your gut. On the other hand, whenever you think of choice B, you feel happy, excited and over all great.

On paper choice A seems to be better than choice B. But, if you follow your gut everything feels right with B but now you are in a battle. As you create a connection with your intuition there would be no battle because you know that the gut feeling is never wrong.

Let’s just say you go against your intuition and pick choice A. Let’s imagine that this choice is a new house. After spending less than two months you realize that you have found yourself the neighbor from hell. Every day you are faced with what feels like imminent danger. That pit in your gut when you were trying to decide, was that warning. It was the alert telling you that this choice was not going to bring you peace.

When you ignore your intuition, you waste powerful guidance that could save you wasted time, maybe even save your life.

Use Your Intuition to Solve a Problem

When you have a problem, you may think about speaking to someone but this is a great opportunity to build a connection with your inner self. To help you solve this problem lets go through a process step by step.

Process Step #1 – Write Out The Problem

Get pen and paper for this step. Although you may think you know your problem or how you feel about it, writing it out will unearth layers that you did not even know was there. Keeping a journal and writing out your thoughts and feelings is an art. It also has a very rewarding side effect and that is the ability to get you deeper into your mind.

When you write out your problem you also give yourself the opportunity to purge out the weight of that issue. Writing can be very therapeutic.

Process Step #2 – What Are Your Choices

Now that you have had a chance to write out the problem, explore what your choices are. Although you already know that you have choices, you may not have allowed yourself to explore any of those choices.

Maybe due to fear of what could happen or maybe you felt that any choice you took could lead to an unhappy ending. There may be many reasons why you may not have explored your choices. Whatever the reason, force yourself right now to explore those choices.

If there is fear within you, quiet that fear and push through to as many choices as you can, then write them all out. No matter how silly or unimportant you may think a choice to be, honor it and write it down.

Process Step #3 – Letting Your Intuition Guide You

This is the step where you allow your intuition to guide now, now that you have laid out all the practical choices. Some people think that in order to work with their intuition they must throw out all forms of intellect, reasoning or being practical.

In an ideal state we all need to be balanced. We need the intellect to create a parameter by which your intuition can serve the choices you want.

Using your intuition isn’t about letting some other force govern you as you are just led by it. That would make you a passive participant in your life. Your intuition is here to serve you, not the other way around.

You made your choices based on practical reasons, now let your intuitive side fine tune your choices for which would work best for you.

In this part you want to set aside some quiet, private time as it will require you to get self-focused. As you sit in a quite comfortable spot, for this session you want to focus on the feeling. Everything is about the feeling, nothing else but the feeling.

Close your eyes, then calmly talk to yourself as you would a good friend. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” Pay attention to your emotional state. How are you feeling emotionally? Identify that emotion. Then ask yourself, how am I feeling physically? Are there any sensations going through your body? Identify those physical sensations.

Place your right hand on your solar plexus. Take a few deep breaths as you sink all of your attention into that one spot. Then ask yourself, how does it feel? Are you experiencing, calm, jitter, anxiety or just nothing at all?

Let these processes take a few minutes each. It takes time to first bring direct focus and then to allow your mind to sense what feelings already lives inside of you.

Now that you have established your own state, its time now to bring your mind to your problems and the issues you want solving. Using your power to visualize, bring your mind to each choice. Play around with the idea of you living inside of each individual choice.

Live it out in your imagination. For each one, pay attention to your feelings or sensations in your body. Those feelings could be emotional, they could be strange body twitches, noise, sounds or visions. Whatever you find, honor each and every single signal. Do not dismiss any thing as not important enough. In time you will realize that the seemingly unimportant, plays a very big role in the total picture.

When you are done, write everything down. As you do assess which choice made you feel the way you want to feel? Which choice made you feel great, elevated, happy and the possibility to grow?

Which choice made you feel hopeless or that things would not turn out in your favor? Be clear and definitive about your feelings regarding those choices. Often, we tend to ignore that intuitive guidance only to regret it. This method should help you in feeling as well as being more confident in your choices.




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