How to Use The Most Powerful Manifesting Tool

How to Use The Most Powerful Manifesting Tool

You may already know that the most powerful manifesting tool is your ability to take control of your mental visions. A developed ability to visualize will greatly improve your results. Think of visualization as our ability to broadcast unto the sphere of the universe a clear signal of sight, sound, feelings and details of exactly what we want.

However, when you are not able to send out a clear signal, nothing happens. The image you are sending out is like a scattered, fragmented impression, which does not tell a true story of what you really want. What you may lack is mental concentration, which most people lack when they try to visualize.


Mental concentration works in tandem with visualization. Its what adds power and clarity behind what you are visualizing. Without strong mental concentration, what you send out would be like a weak signal out to the universe. It’s a bit like those old telephone lines back in the day, where you get a scratchy signal and have to keep repeating yourself because the other person can only hear static.

When your concentration is weak, it become hard to first hold a clear image in your mind. Second you cannot add power, life or command to the vision. That’s where you will find yourself visualizing or trying to visualize but not getting the solid results you are after. Most often when you visualize you find your mind drifting to all sorts of other things causing you to lose focus and concentration.

You may even find your mind flashing to your problems. You may recall what you had for breakfast or that you forgot to do something or the other. All these random thoughts are an interference into the creation process. They break your focus and cause the true desire behind your goal to become lost.

How to Master It

There are a few ways to master mental concentration. The following method, require that you dedicate a few minutes several times in the day. The reward you gain from increasing your mental concentration is so amazing that its worth the time to develop.

Grab an object.
Any object you can find. Place the object in your hand. Now run your eyes around every part of that object. Analyze the object in your mind. Think about its size, its shape, its color and so forth. Every time your mind wants to move off to something else, simply bring it back to the object.

At first analyzing the object may get boring fast. That’s because the mind always wants new stimulation. Knowing this, you won’t beat yourself up when your mind drifts. Just simply bring your mind back to that object and once again, keep your thoughts on the object.

Try to hold your thoughts on this object for 5 minutes straight. Place a clock where you can see it. Five minutes is a relatively short amount of time but for an exercise such as this, five minutes can seem like forever.

The key in this exercise is to break the control the mind has on you; the need to jump from one thing to the next. If you remind yourself that you are controlling the mind in order to build concentration then the exercise becomes more purposeful and a bit easier.

This simple technique will help you get into the right zone in order to control your visualization. It will help you in making a better connection with what you are visualizing, rather than having the mind jump around from one thing to the next.

Of course, if you find that you still need help to build concentration, you may also enjoy listening as you are guided on how to influence the mind to create more vivid visuals. You may also want to listen as you are guided into a special way of locking in a vision of what you desire and breathing life, command and purpose into it. If so then you may enjoy listening to Visualize It a Guide to Improve Your Ability to Visualize. Click Here to download and Listen.

The Key to mastering concentration
is in accessing that sweet spot where you lock down and control the mind. Its like finding a hidden switch, but once you find it, doing it again and again becomes easier. From the first time you do it, you will realize that you can hold the mind and lock it down where you want and you can expand your visualizations and add power to them. Increasing our concentration will so increase your power and influence over what you want.

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