How to Use the Law of Attraction When You Don’t Know What You Want

How to Use the Law of Attraction When You Don’t Know What You Want

It’s quite common for a person to want to use the law of attraction when they don’t know exactly what they want.  You may know that you want a change in your life but you may not know what that change looks or feels like.

It can be quite frustrating because while you eagerly need and want to fix your problems you need help in figuring out what is the right fix for you.

Contrast – the key to using the law of attraction when you don’t know what you want

Anything which causes you stress and discomfort in your life serves as an opportunity to direct your focus to the opposite of that stress and discomfort.  What you can now do is make a list of the things in your life that you do not like.  Also, write down why you do not like those things in your life.

You don’t need to dwell on the reasons why you do not like those things. Reflecting on your inner most thoughts and feelings will help you get clear about what it is you really would rather have in your present life.

The next step is to write out what you would rather feel and what you would rather experience in direct relation to what you are presently experiencing that you do not like. The goal is to flip the script.  For everything on your list which does not please you, write the opposite of what it would take to make you happy.

As you dive into what would make you happy, you become clear and centered about choosing the experiences that you would like to manifest in your life.

Using the law of attraction takes time and preparation to become clear about the exact things that you would like to manifest in your life.  The only reason you are uncertain about what you really want is because you haven’t taken the time to center yourself and find out your heart’s desire.

Shifting Your Vibe- The Second key in how to use the law of attraction when you don’t know what you want

Let’s imagine that you are presently in a very difficult situation which you would like to change.  You may find yourself becoming anxious depressed, confused and a host of other crippling, negative emotional states.

When you are in those emotionally draining states, it is very hard for you to conceive of something positive.  The key in that case is to manifest joy.  Use the law of attraction to manifest feeling good, feeling wonderful, feeling abundant, feeling that you can achieve anything.

Even though you do not know what it is you want to attract physically, maybe you know how you want to feel. At the root of everything you want to attract in your life, is a feeling state. If you are depressed, naturally you would want to manifest feeling good, feeling joyful.

If you manifest feeling joyful you will find yourself attracting more and more situations which match the feelings of joy you have created, which will allow you to keep feeling more joyful.  

Remember, the law of attraction matches you to the state and conditions where you already exist. With the law of attraction, you get more of the things you already have and what you already are.

One of the ways to trick the law of attraction into bringing you more good things, is to shift the state of being where you presently are. Statements such as, “I’m I feeling more joyful, feeling more grateful, feeling more abundant,” will not only shift your state of being, you will find yourself attracting more things, people and situations to sustain that state of being.

If you manifest feeling more joyful everyday, you will naturally also attract more people, more things which help you to keep that state of joy you have manifested in you.

Calling it Out – The Key to Using the law of attraction when you do not know what you want

You live in a very intelligent field of energy. Not only is that energy capable of linking you with the people and circumstances that you would like to attract into your life, you can use it to get answers and guidance to lead you into the perfect situation.

When you have a deep desire to use the law of attraction but don’t know what you want, simply ask. Get clear within your mind and clear your space where you could be in a deep calm state for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

As you breathe deeply follow your breath and bring your mind back to a very centered state. Then repeat this affirmation 7 times. You can alter the affirmation to match your personal needs.

On the in breath, declare in a firm statement:  I trust my inner self to reveal the best path and the best choices to make. Connect me with the right circumstances, which fulfilled my deepest desire.

To personalize this affirmation simply state to yourself what your deepest desire is. Always making sure to include how you want to feel in this particular experience or with that particular thing that you would like to attract into your life.

Here is a Longer Meditation Technique for deeper More Pressing Issues

Imagine that you are above planet Earth floating into the most pristine, bright luminous, other worldly, heavenly environment.

Getting deep within yourself, repeat the affirmation, slowly and deeply: I trust my inner self to reveal the best path and the best choices to make.

Let each repetition of the affirmation take you into a deeply calm centered state.

When your mind has calmed, to where you are unaware of the distractions around you, use your creative imagination. Imaging a white Dove, with an envelope in its beak. You reach for the envelope and look inside.

As you take the envelope in your hand open it and pull out of that envelope a card.  On that plain white card, is an answer.

Whatever that answer maybe it’s important that you write it down. Get In the habit of using a journal. it’s important that you include these pieces in your journal. Often times the answers you get may not make sense to you right away. However overtime, signs will reveal that the answer that you received was in alignment with what you really needed at that time.

If you ever find yourself in the position where you are asking yourself, ‘how do I use the law of attraction when I do not know what I want? ‘this is a template you should use from this point forward.

First investigate your deepest feelings in conjunction with whatever it is that you do not presently like. Let it guide you to what you want.  Then seek to raise your vibration so that you could be a match for what makes you feel good, then seek guidance to lead the way.


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