How to Use the Law of Attraction When You are Depressed

How to Use the Law of Attraction When You are Depressed

Using the law of attraction when you are depressed can be a bit tricky. Because the law of attraction matches your present state of being. So, attracting happier circumstances when you are depressed can be quite difficult.

Depression is an emotional state which sucks you in. When you are depressed, you are in a state of mind where you have very little control over your mental and emotional state.  Depression is a bit like quicksand. It has a way of drawing you into more negative circumstances, taking you deeper and deeper into an emotional pit. After all, you get what you think about most.

When you are depressed you may find yourself complaining constantly about what it is that is affecting you. The more you speak and complain about what is affecting you, the deeper your emotional state grows into a state of despair, hopeless and victim hood.

Naturally if your mental and emotional state is affecting your ability to attract the things you want; it would be safe to say that the first thing you need to work on is too shift your mental and emotional state first.

Tricking The Mind

  Using your mind to control your thoughts and emotions is the key to activating the law of attraction.  If you are unhappy with your present circumstances it is because you have maintained an emotional state of unhappiness which attracted your present situation.

Have you ever desperately wanted something when you were very unhappy only to receive it and realized that it didn’t make you happy, that you remained in that unhappy state even when you attracted the thing that you wanted most?

A little secret to note is this, you do not just attract an individual thing to yourself. You also attractive the vibration in which it was created in.  When you are happy things that you attract into your life will bring further happiness.  However, on the flip end of things when you are sad and unhappy the things you would attract into your life continue to bring further, unhappiness into your life no matter what it is. That is because the energy in which it was created was filled with unhappiness.
You attract not just the item or the experience you were craving but also the vibration in which you existed when it was created.

As you can see the key is to alter your emotional state to a state that feels as good as you possibly can.  One of the biggest mistakes which most people make is the belief that they need something first in order to feel good and happy. However, this is not the case you must feel good first before you can attract things which continue to make you feel good.
This completely kicks the victim mentality out the door. It means that you are always responsible for your happiness first and foremost and nothing outside yourself is really the reason or cause for your happiness as much as your wiliness to be happy in the moment.

If you can make yourself feel good regardless of what is happening around you, you can begin to shift not only your vibration but also what you attract into your life and how joyful it will make you feel.  This is the first step you should focus on when you are studying how to use the law of attraction when you are depressed.

How to Use the Law of Attraction When You are Depressed – Key Steps to Take Immediately

look for the light in every single situation you enter. Every situation you could possibly be in has both good and bad aspects of it. Even the things that you might admire about other people’s lives that you may consider to be good has an element of it which is destructive and negative but you are not able to see it. So you fantasize on someone else’s life believing that their life is perfect and happy while yours isn’t. There is good and bad in every single situation. 

  How many rich beautiful people have you heard of that were still depressed?  It is a common occurrence to find people filled with money, beauty friends and everything that other people would wish for, yet those people can still be riddled with depression.

It’s clear that things do not bring happiness and that happiness is a perception.  it is a willingness to see the good in every situation and to understand the meaning behind life experiences. 

What you see as a problem, might be the very thing needed to direct you in a different direction that may be better and greater for you.  In actuality there is no good or bad to say. There is just contrast the things that make you feel good and the things which make you feel not so good. Our ability to feel joyful or not joyful over situations is based on our knowledge of this reality and how it works as well as own personal perception of the things that we are going through.

A person who was able to feel joyful simply has the ability to perceive circumstances in a way that is more productive and meaningful.

While a joyful person has the ability to see the goodness in every situation, the person who is pessimistic, depressed and doubtful simply is incapable of seeing the light in their particular situation.  Their ability to be joyful has absolutely nothing to do with what they have. It has everything to do with how they choose to see the world.

  Command Joy

You really are more in control of your situation than you presently realize. Your mind is a waiting servant waiting to take instructions from you. Speak words of joy into your life. Begin to emphasize the things which make you feel wonderful, joyful and excited about living. Train your mind to see the things in the world that elevate your spirit.

Also tell yourself that you are feeling more and more joyful everyday.  Write statements and place them around your home, around your office or even on your computer, your phone, anywhere that you will be able to see them on a frequent basis.

Declare in those statements that you are already joyful. Make the statement that everything which comes into your life in the present moment is bringing you more and more happiness and more joy.

Make it your mission to seek out situations that will sustain that joy.  What will happen over time is that you will recondition your old way of being into a powerful stronger vibration of joy and happiness. This will help you to attract more things of joy into your life.

When you ask the question, how can I use the law of attraction when I am depressed, these are the messages you must use on a regular basis to recondition not only your mind and emotions but your vibration to attract more upliftment.


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