How to Use The law of Attraction to Get Out of a Financial Rut

If you have found yourself in a financial rut, conscious use of the law of attraction could bring about a very profound shift for you. I’m sure you have already heard about the law of attraction, however applying it to your life in a systematic way is often needed

in order to see great change. There is a key process which needs to happen in order for you to go from financial distress to abundance. Without that process one would find themselves in a constant state of struggle without repair. Are you ready to make that shift? If you are, you must take the following process seriously.

The Quick Sand Effect

The quicksand effect is what happens to a person when they have gone through a very long period of financial battle. Because money holds a very crucial and important key in our physical reality, there is a great amount of emotional connection surrounding money more than anything else. We are often happy when we have money but greatly distress when we don’t. There are few other things in life which has that much of a command over our emotional state as much as money does.

The quicksand effect happens when we allow that emotional stress to infiltrate all areas of our life. Lack of money can put you in state of desperation, worry, anxiety and a host of other mental distresses. It doesn’t stop there, It infiltrates the relationships you have with your spouse, friends family and even the relationship you have with yourself.

As you can see not many things have that much power to impact the full range of your life.

From Rut to Abundance

When you are in a financial distress you are literally in a field of energy which stops you from being in the flow of receiving. Everything which comes to you brings you further into your financial struggle. After all the law of attraction is working to match the very atmosphere and frequency that you are uncased in.

Your goal should be to shift your perception and your relationship with money before you could ever do the work needed to attract more money to you. Anything that you do in order to create more money at this period of your life simply won’t work or won’t be as successful as you like it to be, because at the present point you are living in a field of energy which is built off of financial lack and emotional distress.

Give yourself at least 30 days to recondition your mind and your emotional connection with money. Only when you can shed that negative association with money will you be able to free yourself and move from financial struggle to abundance.

Shifting Your Money Perception

For the next 30 days the only thing one should concern themselves with is diving as deeply as possible in as much information as possible about manifesting and the law of attraction and the principles of attracting more money.

What that will do is help build your confidence and ready your mind for attraction. Shifting your mind from fear to possibility is necessary for shifting that field of energy that is saturated in fear, scarcity and financial poverty.

That 30 day period should be seen as a state for conditioning the mind and emotions. Shifting the mind and emotions about money will bring about a new field of energy where you may feel more hopeful, more empowered. And, that is the state where you go from blocking the flow to opening up and allowing the flow.

Hope Opens The Channels

When you are feeling hopeful it allows your creative energies to flow out into the universe and link the things that you are hoping to receive. However, when you are in a state of struggle and feeling dis-empowered it is like having your foot on the brakes while trying to drive a vehicle, in which case no movement will ever happen. It’s crucial that you understand that a conditioning state needs to happen first before you can proceed. We must recondition our field of energy from a magnetic field of struggle to one where we are in a hopeful allowing state which makes us more magnetic to attracting what we want.

Using the law of attraction to attract more money can be quite magical however we need to know the process and we need to understand that magnetic energy must be altered if we want to experience new things.


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