How to Use the Law of Attraction Before Bed

How to Use the Law of Attraction Before Bed

Using the law attraction before bed can be one of the most effective practices for fast manifesting of the things that you want.

Before bed, is an optimal state for manifesting because the body starts to, naturally unwind, and moves into a more centered state. Tiredness forces this feeling and we are forced to tune out of our surroundings and get calm. It’s a natural process when the body gets low on energy and tired at the end of the day.

Before I tell you how to use the law of attraction before bed let me just show you some of the most powerful benefits of using law attraction just before bedtime.

1) Hard Time Meditating – Some folks find it difficult in carving out time to meditate. They find all sorts of distractions all around them every day making it very difficult to center themselves.  The benefit of meditating or consciously using the law of attraction before bedtime is that this is a time of the day that is quite peaceful. Your body is also already set to unwind and move into a deeply centered state. Its also easier to stick to a routine of getting ready for bed at least 30 minutes earlier.

2) Shifting State- During the middle of the day your mind is in a hyper active, stimulated state.  It can be quite a struggle to center the mind in the midst of all your daily activity. However, at the end of the day your mind also calms down, moving from a hyped beta state of awareness, where the mind is distracted by everything in sight.

As the body and mind gets tired, they both shift to a slower pace, moving to an alpha state of deep mental focus. Unless you are someone who is battling with some form of mental anxiety or depression your body and mind are naturally set to a more clam state.

This slow down state is the most conducive state for programming your mind to attract the things that you want.  Most often, you would need to do many different things to get your mind into a calm conducive state in which to effectively use the law of attraction. However, the time before bed your body is already moving into a natural rhythm based on an internal clock. And that internal clock puts you into a conducive State for deeper mental programing. 

Before sleep you don’t have to force the mind,  it is ready to receive programs and intentions you would like to put forth in order to attract what you want.

3) Soul Journeys –  Another huge benefit to the law of attraction before bedtime is that as you go off into a sleep state, your spirit continues the manifestation process.

Keep in mind that while your body is asleep your spirit is always awake.  As you program yourself before sleep, your spirit and consciousness continues the visualization process that you have already began, just before going off to sleep. It’s a bit like programming your night for a journey into your personal creation. It is far better than going off to sleep unconsciousness and without any direction, where your mind wastefully tunes in to all sorts of random things.

How to Use the Law of Attraction Before Bed

Now that you know the benefits of using the law of attraction before bed, Let’s tackle the best techniques to use to maximize the use of the law of attraction to achieve greater results.

1) Story Telling –  Some people have a very hard time visualizing or even getting into a quiet enough space to meditate.

One man I knew who had a very difficult time visualizing found a very effective method which worked for him. He got a notebook dedicated to the things he wanted to create. And what he did was to write out a story about the life he wanted to live. He made the story as detailed as he could and expanded on it every single day. He found this method much easier than simply sitting to visualize.
The key to successfully using this method, is to actively apply this in your life on a daily basis preferably before bedtime.

Some days you may find it hard to write anything, what you could do is to sketch or draw the things you want to manifest. This drawing doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be a master piece. The drawing should be symbolic of all of the things, people and circumstances which find themselves within the vision that you’re trying to attract into your life.

Make a collage with pictures. The key is to create as much stimulus. With each practice that you do, with each drawing, with each story, with each form of writing that you create, what you are doing is locking the mind into that state for what it is that you would like to attract.

2)  Invocation –  This step requires that you summon divine energies to assist you. Early morning, and evening before bedtime are the moments when you are most linked to your divine self.  When you are connected to your divine self, you have immediate access to divine energies which are eagerly waiting to support your vision.  You are always supported, however that support can only come when you connect with your divine center and your divine self. As your divine self you are linked with everything around you.

To invoke the divine energies in your favor you must ask. Make a strong command asking for assistance in what you need help on. Put no doubt in your mind. There must be no second guessing of your desires. There should not be any begging or pleading for what you desire. You need faith.

Make your statement more like a loving command. Give all the details of your request, such as where, how, when and all that comes with it.

After you have done so, let your mind drift off, allowing yourself to experience what it feels like to have your desire.

To successfully use the law of attraction before bedtime, you must practice these techniques every day until you find your physical life flowing effortlessly in the direction of your desires.

Using the law of attraction before bed, should become a daily practice in your life. Create a beautiful and calm environment where you can easily get centered, filled with things that make you feel happy, things that make you feel optimistic and filled with faith.


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