How to Use The Hypnotic Power of Seduction

How to Use The Hypnotic Power of Seduction

by Chris Hutchison

Seduction can be a very powerful tool or weapon depending on how you see it as well as how you use it. No matter how you use it, seduction can give you a huge edge in the dating world. It compels others towards you, without them even realizing that they are being led by your enticing energy.

Wikipedia’s definition: Seen positively, seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone—male or female—by an appeal to the senses, often with the goal of reducing unfounded fears.

When you understand the art of seduction you realize that the key to it is not just sexual. Seduction at its most powerful, goes beyond the sexual and takes you to a place that give you power over how others think, feel and what they are willing to do to secure you in their life.


Why is Seduction So Hypnotic

The reason why seduction can be so hypnotic is because it places the person who is being seduced into a state of feeling blissed out, fully immersed in a perfectly receptive atmosphere. The intensity of their desire can lead them to obsess over you.

This obsession can lead the person being seduced to have an overwhelming desire and need for you, your company, your love or just about any part of you.

The more the other person obsesses over you, the more desire for you, is created in their mind. As their desire grows for you, their mind begins to place you into a state of perfection. This desire supersedes, everything about you that you may think is imperfect.

You never have to hypnotize them in any special way as a hypnotist would. They are doing it all on their own.

The only part you play is being able to place them in the right state of being. The way you interact with them is key to getting them into the right frame of mind.

How to Use The Hypnotic Power of Seduction


Imagine walking into a room filled with people who are all hoping to find the right partner. Everyone appears at their very best. While everyone looks great, there is still lots of cut throat competition because everyone is anxious and be seen and received.

However, you walk into the room and while agreeably there are many great looking people, you possess a super power. You understand that all you need is just a few minutes to get the ball rolling in your favor.

You know that while looks count, you are in possession of something that others feel the moment they get near you. You also know that by communicating with them, you can further place them into the right state where they feel a connection with you. A connection that feels as if they have known you for a very long time.

The moment a person feels a connection or that feeling that they have known you for a long time, you remove the boundaries between you and them which allows you to get even close to them. This feeling of familiarity creates an even deeper connection. Of course, all this is based on various psychological and emotional triggers which works every time.

As you practice this, it gets easier to place others into this state of being wildly drawn towards you. You also learn that seduction is not basic. It’s a sense of power in getting others to dream about you, wish for you because you are the nectar of the fruit.

We are all looking for an edge in all areas of life. Knowing that you posses a super power that works to get others to want and desire you, gives you choices. It expands your choices as you will find more people into you than ever before.

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